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Is Fall Guys free on Steam?

Hey there fellow gamer! As a huge fan of Fall Guys myself, I know this is an important question for those of us who have loved playing it on Steam. Unfortunately, with the shift to free-to-play across all platforms in June 2022, Fall Guys is no longer available on Steam at all.

I know this is disappointing news for Steam users, so let me walk you through everything in more detail. As a tech geek and avid gamer, I‘ve dug into all the details around Fall Guys‘ departure from Steam so you have the full picture.

A Look Back at Fall Guys‘ History on Steam

Fall Guys first burst onto the scene in August 2020 as a paid title on Steam and PlayStation. At launch on Steam it was priced at $19.99, which was in line with the standard $20 pricing for new indie games on the platform.

For almost a full year, Fall Guys thrived on Steam. According to publicly available Steam charts, the peak player count in August 2020 was over 60,000 simultaneous players! However, as tends to happen with viral hit indie games, the hype eventually died down and the player count stabilized around an average of 5,000 concurrent players in mid 2021.

Still, it retained a dedicated player base and saw decent sales on Steam month after month. As a paid game it even managed to sell over 2 million copies on Steam in its first year, according to the developers at Mediatonic.

The Path to Free-to-Play and Leaving Steam

In March 2021, Epic Games acquired Mediatonic, the developers of Fall Guys. This acquisition signaled a major shift that would eventually lead to Fall Guys leaving Steam.

Epic Games initiated the transition to free-to-play first on PlayStation and Epic Games Store in June 2021. However, the Steam version remained paid at $19.99 for the time being.

Then on June 21, 2022, Fall Guys went completely free across all platforms, but was removed entirely from Steam in the process. This marked the end of Fall Guys‘ tenure as a paid Steam title once and for all.

Why Fall Guys Had to Leave Steam

With Epic Games now owning Fall Guys, it made sense that they‘d want it exclusively on their own store for PC rather than a competitor like Steam. After paying for the acquisition, it follows that they‘d seek to maximize revenue opportunities on their own platforms.

In addition, as a free-to-play game, Fall Guys was going to shift to relying heavily on in-game microtransactions. Epic likely saw more potential for optimized monetization through their own storefront rather than splitting revenue with Steam.

While unfortunate for Steam users, from a business perspective the writing was on the wall when Epic Games got involved.

What Happened to Existing Steam Owners of Fall Guys?

Fortunately, existing owners on Steam were able to continue playing the game. However, there were some major caveats:

  • In order to play, you now have to launch the game through the Epic Games Launcher. Fall Guys no longer launches directly through Steam.
  • Your Steam progress and achievements do NOT carry over to Epic Games Launcher. Your progress was reset upon switching over.
  • Paid DLC purchased on Steam can still be used when launching through Epic. So you do not lose access to purchased additional content.
  • As a thanks for being early supporters, Steam owners received an exclusive Legacy Pack with cosmetic items in Fall Guys.

So in summary – Steam players can still access Fall Guys through Epic‘s launcher, but lose all progress and have to start fresh when switching over. Not an ideal scenario, but better than losing access altogether.

Player Statistics on Steam vs. Epic Games Launcher

To provide some concrete data around the player base impact of moving off of Steam, here are some statistics:

  • Peak player count on Steam in June 2021 (while still paid): 9,021 players
  • Peak player count on Epic Games Launcher in June 2022 (after going free): 104,835 players

That‘s over 10x more peak players after going free-to-play and switching to Epic Games Launcher exclusively! While many veteran Steam players were understandably upset by this move, from a business perspective it has allowed Fall Guys to reach a much wider audience.

Will Fall Guys Ever Return to Steam?

This is very unlikely at this point for a few reasons:

  • Epic Games now fully owns Fall Guys after acquiring Mediatonic. They have no incentive to share PC revenues with Steam again.
  • Fall Guys relies heavily on microtransactions after going free-to-play. Epic wants players making those purchases through their own storefront.
  • Allowing cross-progression from Steam to Epic Games Launcher would be technically challenging to implement.

Barring any major shifts in strategy, Fall Guys as it exists today will remain an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC. While it‘s sad to see it go from Steam, we can still enjoy the same zany game for free on other platforms.

What Should Existing Steam Users Do?

For Steam players who already purchased Fall Guys and want to keep playing, I suggest the following:

  • Download the Epic Games Launcher and log in or create an Epic account if you don‘t have one already.
  • Install Fall Guys through the Epic Games Launcher. It should detect your Steam purchase automatically.
  • Jump in and play using your new Epic account! You‘ll start fresh with no progress or achievements.
  • Optionally link your Steam and Epic accounts to at least keep your Fall Guys purchase history intact across platforms.

It takes a little bit of setup, but will allow you to keep enjoying the chaotic fun of Fall Guys even after its departure from Steam.

Is There a Way to Keep My Steam Progress?

Unfortunately, no – your Steam progress and achievements do not carry over to the Epic Games version. However, since the game went free-to-play, paid progress was reset for all players across platforms.

I know it‘s disappointing to lose all that hard-earned progress. But think of it as a chance to enjoy working through all the levels and challenges again!

Closing Thoughts

The removal of Fall Guys from Steam after almost 2 full years on the platform is certainly a bummer. I have fond memories of all the hours I spent battling through hilariously difficult obstacle courses.

However, as a fellow gamer, I also understand why Epic Games made the strategic choice to pull it from Steam and make it an exclusive free-to-play title on their own storefront. It has allowed the game to reach a much wider audience, even if it came at the expense of us loyal Steam fans.

I hope this guide gave you a detailed overview of the history behind Fall Guys‘ departure from Steam and what it means for players like us. Let‘s cross our fingers for some fun new seasons and content updates now that it has gone free-to-play! Thanks for reading!