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Is Fallout 1st Free with Game Pass?

The short answer is – yes, Fallout 1st is free with Xbox Game Pass, but only for Ultimate subscribers. You can get 1 month of Fallout 1st for free as an exclusive perk.

As a gaming enthusiast, I was excited to find out I could get this premium membership without paying extra. In this guide, I‘ll give you all the details on how to claim your free month of Fallout 1st with Game Pass Ultimate.

What is Fallout 1st?

For those not familiar, Fallout 1st is a paid subscription service for Fallout 76 that gives you some sweet bonuses and upgrades. I‘ve been playing Fallout 76 since launch, and Fallout 1st really improves the experience.

Here are some of the key benefits you get with a Fallout 1st membership:

  • Private Worlds – Play in your own private server where you control who can join.
  • Unlimited Scrap Storage – Hoard crafting components without limit.
  • Exclusive Cosmetics – Unique outfits, camp items, emotes and more.
  • Atoms – Get 1650 Atoms monthly to spend in the Atomic Shop.
  • Survival Tent – Fast travel point with stash access.
  • Monthly Gifts – Free in-game items delivered each month.

So with all these sweet perks, being able to get it free for a month is awesome.

Fallout 1st Normally Costs $12.99 per Month

A standard Fallout 1st membership costs $12.99 per month, or you can save a little by paying $99.99 annually.

Considering everything you get, the subscription cost is pretty reasonable in my opinion. But still, being able to test it out for free first is ideal.

You Need Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Now here‘s the important part – the free Fallout 1st offer is only for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.

The standard Game Pass subscription won‘t work. It must be the Ultimate plan, which gives you Game Pass on console, PC and cloud gaming.

Ultimate costs $14.99 per month, or $44.99 for 3 months. So it‘s pricier than regular Game Pass, but still a great deal considering all you get.

Here‘s a comparison of the Game Pass tiers:

Membership Monthly Price Features
Game Pass $9.99 100+ games for console only
Game Pass Ultimate $14.99 Game Pass for console, PC and cloud gaming

So if you want to claim the Fallout 1st perk, be sure you have the Ultimate subscription.

How To Get Your Free Month of Fallout 1st

Claiming your free month is super easy if you‘re already an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member:

  1. Open the Xbox app on your console, PC or mobile device.
  2. Go to the Perks section.
  3. Find the Fallout 1st perk and click to claim it.
  4. You‘ll get a code for 1 month free.
  5. Redeem the code on your Microsoft account.

Once redeemed, Fallout 1st will be activated on your Xbox Live account for 1 month.

The Fine Print

The Fallout 1st perk isn‘t always available to claim. It seems to rotate in and out. So if you don‘t see it, check back another time.

Also note it‘s only valid for new Fallout 1st subscribers. So unfortunately if you‘ve had a paid membership before you can‘t get another free month.

But definitely jump on it if you see the perk offered and you haven‘t tried Fallout 1st yet.

What Happens After Your Free Month?

This perk gives you 1 month of full Fallout 1st access for free. But what happens when the month ends?

Well, the membership will automatically renew to a paid subscription after the free period. So if you want to avoid being charged, you‘ll need to cancel before the renewal date.

To manage your membership and turn off auto-renew:

  1. Go to Account > Subscriptions in your Xbox settings.
  2. Select your Fallout 1st membership.
  3. Turn off auto-renew.
  4. Cancel the membership if you don‘t want to continue.

I recommend disabling auto-renew as soon as you redeem the free month code, just to be safe. That way you don‘t forget and get charged.

But if you try Fallout 1st and decide you love the benefits, you can let it renew to keep your membership going. Up to you!

Should You Upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

If you don‘t already have Ultimate, is it worth upgrading just to get the free Fallout 1st trial? That depends.

Here are some pros and cons to weigh:


  • Try Fallout 1st for free and save $12.99.
  • Get Game Pass on console, PC and cloud gaming.
  • Online multiplayer requires Ultimate anyway.


  • Ultimate costs $5 more per month than standard Game Pass.
  • You might forget to cancel Fallout 1st and get charged.
  • Don‘t care about Game Pass for PC or cloud gaming.

So it really comes down to how much value Game Pass Ultimate provides for you personally. Try out the 1 month free trial first to help decide.

For serious Xbox gamers though, I think the Ultimate subscription is well worth it. Access to 100+ games on console and PC for one affordable monthly price is outstanding.

Is Fallout 1st Worth Keeping?

After testing it out for free, you may be wondering if it‘s worth paying to keep Fallout 1st. Here are my thoughts as a longtime player:

Best for Dedicated Fallout 76 Players

If you play Fallout 76 daily or weekly, the benefits are extremely nice to have. I love jumping into my private world and going on looting runs without interference.

The unlimited scrap box alleviates inventory hassles. And the monthly Atoms let me get Atomic Shop goodies for free.

So if you‘re invested in the game, Fallout 1st is easily worth $12.99 per month in my opinion.

Occasional Players Can Skip It

However, if you only play Fallout 76 casually or once in a while, Fallout 1st probably isn‘t necessary.

As a bonus though, when you do login you‘ll have some free Atoms waiting from your accumulated monthly allotment. So that‘s a nice perk.

But bottom line – if you aren‘t logging serious hours in Appalachia, don‘t worry about continuing the membership after the free period.

The Verdict: Totally Worth Claiming

Being able to try premium benefits free for a month is an awesome perk for Game Pass Ultimate members.

I highly recommend Xbox gamers claim the Fallout 1st offer whenever it‘s available. Take full advantage of your membership!

You have nothing to lose by trying it out. Just be sure to turn off auto-renew if you only want the 1 month free trial.

I hope this guide gives you all the essential details on getting your month of Fallout 1st through the Xbox Game Pass perks program. Let me know if you have any other questions!