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Is Far Cry 6 free trial the full game?

The short answer is no – the Far Cry 6 free trial is not the full game. While the free trial does provide access to the majority of the content and features in Far Cry 6, there are some limitations compared to the full version:

What you DO get in the Far Cry 6 free trial

  • The entire open world of the first island to explore freely
  • Story missions, side quests, and activities
  • Character and weapon customization systems
  • Co-op and multiplayer modes
  • Photo mode and benchmark mode
  • Stranger Things crossover mission

So in terms of core gameplay and content, the free trial gives you access to a large portion of what the full game offers. You can experience the open world, story, quests, customization and multiplayer without restriction.

What you DON‘T get in the Far Cry 6 free trial

  • Progression capped at Rank 12
  • No access to the later islands in the game
  • No access to end-game content and expeditions
  • Cannot unlock later skills in the skill tree
  • No access to DLC expansions

So while the free trial does offer a generous slice of content, there are some limitations. Your character progression is capped, limiting access to late-game islands, skills and content. The three DLC expansions are also not playable during the free weekend.

A detailed look at what‘s included in the Far Cry 6 free trial

Now let‘s take a more in-depth look at exactly what you can experience during the free trial event:

The full first island open world

Far Cry 6 takes place across several islands, but the free trial gives you free reign over the entire first main island of Yara. This is a huge open world, filled with lush jungles, beaches, rural farmlands and urban city areas to explore. You can uncover hidden locations, find collectibles and take part in side activities without limits.

Story missions and side content

You can play through the main story missions following Dani Rojas‘ guerilla revolution against the tyrannical Anton Castillo. These introduce the core gameplay loop and characters. You can also take on side quests provided by key NPCs along with ambient activities like anti-aircraft guns, treasure hunts and bases to liberate.

There are around 20 story missions and 50 side quests playable within the limitations of the free trial, offering hours of content.

Character and weapon customization

A staple of the Far Cry series, you can customize your character‘s appearance and outfit to your liking. The full wardrobe and transmog systems are available. You can also modify and upgrade your weapons using attachments and skins to create the perfect loadout. Many options are viable within the Rank 12 limit.

Co-op and multiplayer

After going solo in Far Cry 5, co-op is back! You can team up with a friend and explore Yara together. All story and side missions support two-player co-op. You can also take on unique co-op missions for special rewards.

Competitive multiplayer is also included, with the option to battle against other players in intense 12v12 matches across 3 modes – domination, control and deathmatch. Crossplay between platforms is supported to ensure healthy player counts.

Stranger Things crossover mission

An unexpected crossover, the free trial provides access to a special Stranger Things-themed mission. You can team up with fan-favorite character Steve Harrington to investigate mysterious portals appearing across Yara. This mission showcases the tone and style of the popular Netflix series within Far Cry‘s sandbox.

Photomode and benchmarking

Far Cry 6 offers an excellent built-in photomode for capturing stunning in-game photos. You can fully utilize photomode during the free trial to compose cinematic shots. Benchmarking is also available, letting you test your PC hardware with built-in benchmark runs and metrics.

How many hours does the free trial provide?

Based on user reports, you can expect around 15-20 hours of content in the Far Cry 6 free trial if you focus on the critical story path. Pursuing side activities and full exploration extends this to 30+ hours.

So there‘s ample content given the 4 day free period. But expect to hit the Rank 12 progression cap before seeing absolutely everything the full game offers.

Should you buy the full game after playing the free trial?

Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to purchase Far Cry 6 after sampling the free trial:

  • Did you enjoy the core formula of exploring, shooting and taking over outposts? The full game offers more of the same, so if you liked the gameplay loop, you‘ll get more value from the complete experience across multiple islands.
  • Do you care about story and character progression? The free trial only covers a portion of the complete narrative and character arcs, leaving things unresolved.
  • Are you interested in end-game content and expeditions? These intense challenges are only available later on, providing replayability.
  • Do you want to play the DLC expansions? These add substantial extra content not accessible in the free trial.
  • Are you motivated to reach max level and fully upgrade your gear? You‘ll need the full game to reach the level cap and max out your equipment.

So in summary, if you really enjoyed the free trial but want more content, a complete story, and to see max level gameplay, purchasing the full version is recommended. But if you were feeling a bit tired of the formula already, you may feel satisfied with just the free trial.

Verdict – should you play the Far Cry 6 free trial?

In closing, the Far Cry 6 free trial gives you access to a large portion of the overall game for zero cost. You can experience the beautiful open world, fun gameplay and tons of activities for several hours without restrictions.

While not the full package, it‘s an excellent opportunity to sample the latest entry in Ubisoft‘s popular FPS franchise before deciding on whether to purchase. If you‘re on the fence about Far Cry 6, the free trial lets you make an informed decision while enjoying Yara‘s revolution.