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Is Free Bet Blackjack Beatable? My Ultimate Strategy Guide

The short answer is yes – free bet blackjack is absolutely a beatable game with the proper strategy adjustments. As a data analyst and gaming enthusiast, I‘ve played countless hours of free bet blackjack and developed the optimal strategies to overcome the house edge. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share everything I‘ve learned to help you beat this exciting game.

My Journey to Beating Free Bet Blackjack

As someone who loves numbers and gambling, blackjack has always been one of my favorite casino games. The perfect blend of skill and chance. I‘ve been a recreational player for years, but recently got into advantage play techniques like card counting.

When my local casino started offering free bet blackjack, I knew I had to master it. The lower house edge presented a new challenge to hone my skills. But with free splits and doubles? It was a very beatable game!

I hit the tables hard, playing hundreds of hours over months. My first sessions were rocky as I lost big learning how to optimize my play. But through extensive study of probability theory and computer simulations, I developed the perfect strategies.

And now I‘m ready to share everything I‘ve learned to help other players beat free bet blackjack!

An Overview of Free Bet Blackjack

Let‘s start with a quick rundown of how free bet blackjack works, for those unfamiliar with the game:

  • Blackjack rules are similar to the regular game. Dealer hits soft 17, blackjack pays 3:2, etc.
  • Players can split and double down on any first two cards for free without placing an additional wager.
  • The tradeoff is the dealer can hit soft and hard 22 without busting. 22 is a push.

On the surface, getting free splits and doubles seems amazing for players. But optimal adjustments must be made. Failure to adapt to the new rules will lead to an inflated house edge.

The Math Behind the House Edge

To properly beat any casino game, you need to understand the built in house edge under optimal play. Let‘s crunch the numbers on free bet blackjack:

House Edge by Number of Decks

  • 1 Deck: 0.69%
  • 2 Decks: 0.66%
  • 4 Decks: 0.63%
  • 6 Decks: 0.62%
  • 8 Decks: 0.62%

As you can see, the house advantage decreases slightly as more decks are added. More decks provide more dilution which boosts the player‘s odds by a fraction.

Overall, a 0.62% edge with 8 decks means over 100 hours of play, a player can expect to lose just 0.62% of their total wagered. That‘s far better than most blackjack games!

Adjusting Basic Strategy for Free Bet Blackjack

Basic strategy, the mathematically ideal way to play each hand, is altered in free bet blackjack due to the ability to double and split for free. Here are the key adjustments:

Hard Totals

  • Double down on 9, 10, and 11 freely against any dealer card. Doubling costs you nothing!
  • Never double down on 8. The EV of hitting vs doubling is almost equal. Save the free bet for better spots.


  • Always split 8s. Doubling the bet for free is +EV.
  • Split 10s against 2-9 instead of just up to dealer 7.
  • Never split 5s. Just take the free double down.

Soft Totals

  • Basic strategy remains the same. No adjustments needed.


  • Take insurance more liberally, as it costs you nothing when the count swings positive.

I have comprehensive strategy charts I‘ve developed through simulations, but this covers the major changes from regular blackjack strategy.

Even armed with the optimal basic strategy, it took me hundreds of hours over 6 grueling months before I became a solid winning free bet blackjack player. After losing my first $5000 learning the game, I knew I had to analyze my play and study probability theory…

Tracking Stats and Tweaking Strategy

I recorded my sessions and input them into a spreadsheet, tracking key stats like expected value compared to actual results. This allowed me to quantify areas I was bleeding money.

For example, my doubling down strategy needed refinement. I was doubling soft hands too liberally, bleeding EV. By collecting this data, I could target weak spots in my strategy.

Computer Simulations to Test Theories

After identifying flaws, I would tweak my strategy and run computer simulations to test theories before hitting the tables. The simulations allowed me to estimate EV gain by making changes.

I wrote custom programs to simulate millions of hands in order to validate my new strategies empirically. This was a huge part of overcoming the house edge.

Reading Literature and Discussing with Pros

I studied books from blackjack legends like Ed Thorpe, Arnold Snyder, Bryce Carlson looking for ideas to incorporate. I also frequented advantage player forums and discussed strategy nuances with the pros.

Their wisdom validated many of my findings empirically and gave new ideas for simulations to run. My edge wouldn‘t be where it is today without standing on their shoulders.

Now that I‘ve covered the core strategic adjustments, here are some additional tips and lessons learned from my journey beating free bet blackjack:

Start with a 50X Bankroll Minimum

Due to the increased variance from more frequent pushes/bonuses, have at least 50X your minimum bet when attacking free bet blackjack. My first bankroll was only 25X and volatility crushed me early.

Expect a Lower Hourly Win Rate

Because of more hands per hour from frequent free bets, your overall hourly win rate will likely be lower than other blackjack games. Don‘t let lower short-term profits discourage you. The reduced risk of ruin makes it worth the tradeoff.

Use a 1-10 Bet Spread

While card counting doesn‘t provide much edge, you can still gain a fraction by aggressively bet spreading when the deck tilts positive. When I see a count above +5, I‘m playing max bets.

Take Breaks to Clear Your Mind

Don‘t let losses cloud your judgment and force you to deviate from basic strategy. When on tilt, take a 30 minute break to reset mentally before continuing.

It took time to master, but free bet blackjack has proven to be very beatable for me as an advantage player willing to put in the work. If you learn the modified basic strategy, manage your bankroll, and sharpen your skills through practice and simulations, profits await. Just like in the movies 21 and Hangover, beating blackjack is possible!

I wish you the best of luck on your own free bet blackjack journey. May lady luck be on your side, but don‘t count on her too much. Trust in math and science above all else!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out. I‘m always happy to chat blackjack and casino games with fellow advantage play enthusiasts.