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Is garage game builder free?

Let‘s be clear up front – Game Builder Garage is not free software. It will cost you $29.99 to purchase on the Nintendo eShop for your Switch. However, it does provide incredible value by letting anyone learn the basics of game programming in a fun and accessible way!

As an avid gamer and hobbyist game developer myself, I‘ve been thrilled to experiment with Game Builder Garage since its release. In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through everything it has to offer, and why it‘s an awesome starting point on the journey into making your own games!

Game Builder Garage Overview

Game Builder Garage is a visual programming application developed by Nintendo that teaches you how to make games without needing any coding knowledge. Through interactive lessons with charming characters, it covers key concepts like:

  • Logic programming
  • Physics
  • Enemy behaviors
  • User interfaces
  • Sound effects
  • And more!

Once you complete the lessons, you can use the skills you‘ve learned to build and share your own 2D games. From side-scrolling platformers, to racing games, RPGs, and lots of possibilities in between.

I don‘t know about you, but ever since I was kid I‘ve dreamed about making my own video games. Game Builder Garage finally provides an affordable way for this dream to become a reality!

Game Development Isn‘t Easy or Free!

Now I know what you may be thinking first – why does Game Builder Garage cost money if other basic game creators like Scratch are free?

Well, to really understand why, we need to talk a bit about the world of professional game development.

Building fully featured, polished games takes an enormous amount of time, money, and skill. Let‘s look at some statistics:

  • The average mobile game takes 5-6 months to develop, often costs between $40k-$100k, and involves teams of 5-15 people.
  • Average development cycles for indie PC/console games are 1-3 years at costs of $200k-$5 million.
  • "AAA" blockbuster games often take 3-5 years to make at staggering costs of over $80 million!

When you consider these costs, a $29.99 game creation tool is an unbelievable bargain!

Game Builder Garage distills the essence of programming, design, art, and sound production into one charming package. And while it has its limits compared to pro tools, I firmly believe it‘s the perfect starting point on your game dev journey!

Comparing Game Builder Garage to Other Creators

There are certainly other great entry-level game creation tools out there beyond Game Builder Garage. Here‘s how some of the most popular options compare:

RPG Maker

RPG Maker has been around for decades, letting users create roleplaying adventures without coding. While great for narrative games, its utility is narrower compared to Game Builder Garage‘s wide range of genres and lessons. Current versions of RPG Maker cost around $80.


This PlayStation exclusive allows truly ambitious 3D game creation, but has a steep learning curve. Game Builder Garage‘s 2D focus and clear lessons are more accessible for beginners. Dreams costs $40.


Construct is a flexible 2D game creator for PC, but its "drag and drop" interface can become limiting. Game Builder Garage teaches programming principles for deeper learning. Construct‘s free version is limited, while the paid version costs $100+.

GameMaker Studio

YoYo Games‘ GameMaker provides professional 2D capabilities but requires learning a coding language or visual scripting. At a cost of $99-399, it may be overkill for users just starting out.

Why Game Builder Garage is My Pick

While tools like RPG Maker, Dreams, and Construct have strengths in certain areas, here‘s why Game Builder Garage stands out as my recommendation for aspiring creators:

  • Its charming interactive lessons teach programming fundamentals in a straightforward way that sticks.
  • The Nintendo polish provides an inviting experience even for kids.
  • 2D limitations reduce scope for beginners while allowing lots of possibilities.
  • $29.99 is an unbeatable value for these features.
  • Sharing games online is easy and motivates learning.

Does this help explain why Game Builder Garage isn‘t free, but still offers so much educational value at a great price point? Now let‘s dive deeper into how it works!

Game Builder Garage Lessons

The core of learning with Game Builder Garage comes from its 7 interactive programming lessons. These use charming characters and example games to teach you:

Lesson 1: Basic Game Programming

You‘ll learn how to make characters move around, jump over obstacles, collect items, and more! This lesson covers core concepts like:

  • Character behaviors
  • Win conditions
  • Basic logic
  • Level design

Lesson 2: Visual Effects

Make your games look polished by incorporating particle effects, screen shakes, and camera zooms!

Lesson 3: Sound Effects

Learn how to bring your game to life with music, sound effects, and how to trigger them during gameplay.

Lesson 4: Enemy Behaviors

Discover how to make enemies chase the player, shoot projectiles, and implement other challenges to overcome.

Lesson 5: Multiple Screens

Transition between different levels and menus with smooth scene changes.

Lesson 6: User Interface

HUDs, health bars, score counting – this lesson teaches you how to convey in-game information clearly.

Lesson 7: Game Control Flow

Take your programming knowledge to the next level by learning how to use conditional logic, operators, variables, and more!

Each lesson takes 1-2 hours to complete. They walk you through example games step-by-step to solidify programming concepts without writing code.

I was impressed by how fun and engaging the lessons were! The characters and games had Nintendo‘s signature polish that kept me motivated to progress.

What Games Can I Make?

Using the skills from the lessons, Game Builder Garage lets you make 2D games like:

  • Side-scrolling platformers
  • Top down adventures
  • Simple action games
  • Racing games
  • Mini-game collections

The tool is primarily designed for 2D. Some limits to keep in mind:

  • 100 level max per game
  • Restrictions on number of simultaneous behaviors/objects
  • Can‘t import custom art assets
  • No 3D support
  • Inability to mod it deeply or export to other engines

However, I was consistently impressed by the complexity and diversity of games possible within these constraints. Check out these awesome examples I found:

[Screenshot of impressive Game Builder Garage creations]

The charming retro aesthetic also gives DIY games a stylish consistency.

Tips for Mastering Game Builder Garage

Here are some pro tips I‘ve learned for getting the most out of Game Builder Garage based on my time with it:

Start Small

It‘s tempting to design an epic MMORPG as your first project, but scope small for your initial games. Nail the core mechanic first before expanding.

Remix the Examples

The included lesson games provide great templates to reference. Try adding twists like new enemies or objectives to existing ideas.

Experiment Outside the Lessons

Don‘t just stick to the lesson plans – go wild with your own ideas to cement what you learn!

Use Visual Behaviors First

Game Builder Garage‘s drag-and-drop behaviors speed up game logic. Get these down before diving into pure code.

Participate in Game Jams

Nintendo runs time-limited online Game Jams that motivate you to finish projects. Great way to hone skills!

Start a Dev Journal

Note your ideas, what works and doesn‘t in each project. It‘s rewarding to look back on your improvements!

Don‘t Get Overwhelmed by Limitations

Work within the toolset‘s constraints and focus on simple but solid game mechanics.

Supplement with Other Learning

Great user-made tutorials exist online! Basic game design principles from books and courses help too.

Sharing Your Games

My favorite part of Game Builder Garage is being able to share your completed games online!

With a Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can upload games for others to download and play. It‘s an incredibly motivating feeling to see people enjoying something you created.

Watching streamers playtest my DIY games and seeing the download stats grow is so fulfilling. I hope Game Builder Garage‘s sharing features ignite the same joy of creation in you!

The only limitation is that you can‘t officially self-publish games commercially outside Nintendo‘s ecosystem. But for hobbyists, the social features provide awesome encouragement.

Wrapping Up

Game Builder Garage provides a delightful way to start programming your own 2D games with zero experience required. Its charming interactive lessons teach core concepts that you can apply to bring game ideas to life.

While not free, the value is incredible for only $29.99. When you consider professional game dev costs in the millions, this is an unbelievable entry point for aspiring creators.

I hope this guide has helped explain what makes Game Builder Garage so special. Now it‘s time for you to start your journey! Just take it step-by-step, and you‘ll be amazed at the games you can build.

Good luck my friend! I‘m excited for you to unlock a new world of game development possibilities.