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Is Genshin Impact fun without spending money? The Ultimate F2P Player‘s Guide

The Short Answer – Absolutely Yes!

As someone whose played Genshin Impact for over a year completely free to play, I can tell you with full confidence that Genshin is an amazing game that does not require any money to enjoy to the fullest. With smart play and focus, you can get through all of Genshin‘s challenges and have an awesome time without spending a cent. Genshin is extremely fair to free players and some of my best gaming memories come from conquering the endgame as an F2P. So dive in and enjoy the amazing world of Teyvat freestyle!

Strong Free Characters Are Plentiful

One great thing about Genshin is that many of the free characters given through the main story and events are top tier options that can carry you deep into the endgame. For example, Xiangling who you get for free during Abyss floor 3 is an absolute monster DPS character who shines even more than some 5 star carries!

Here are some of my favorite free characters you should invest in as a new F2P player:

  • Xiangling – Obtain for free at Abyss floor 3 clear. One of the top damage dealers in the game. Build her as a pyro DPS carry.
  • Xingqiu – Earn through Starglitter shop. Incredible hydro sub DPS who enables vaporize reactions.
  • Bennett – Appears on Paimon‘s Bargains and some banners. The best healer and attack buffer in Genshin.
  • Beidou – Get free from event. Strong AOE electro DPS and shielder.
  • Fischl – Given out for free at some events. Great electro sub DPS who passively deals damage.
  • Noelle – Beginner Wish guarantee. Solid geo healer/shielder that can DPS at C6.

As you can see, you have tons of strong options accessible without wishing at all! I remember when I first started, I used Xiangling, Xingqiu, Beidou and Barbara to explore most of the game. Four free characters that steamrolled everything!

Progressing Your Adventure Rank as F2P

Your Adventure Rank (AR) gates a lot of content in Genshin, so you‘ll want to raise it steadily. Here are some tips from my experience on gaining AR exp as efficiently as possible as a free player:

  • Always use your resin before it caps out (160 max)
  • Prioritize limited time events that give huge AR exp rewards
  • Do your daily commisions for consistent XP
  • Unlock teleports and statuess of the seven for one-time AR boosts
  • Collect all the oculi in each region to offer to the respective statues
  • Questing is your friend! Complete the main story and all side quests.
  • Each chest, particularly precious/luxurious ones, provide small AR exp
  • Don‘t forget the Adventurer‘s Handbook. Work on completing challenges that award AR.
  • Make use of EXP bonuses like the Well Fed buff from eating dishes.

If you focus on being resin efficient, diligently complete events/quests, and explore thoroughly, you can hit AR 45-50 within 2-3 months pretty comfortably. From there you can focus on artifacts and talent levels to really power up your characters and take on the endgame!

Optimizing Your Primogems as F2P

Primogems are the crucial gacha currency you‘ll rely on as free player to get new characters and wishes. While paid players can whale for all the primos they want, we have to be smarter in gathering and spending our limited supply. Here are my tips:

  • Explore thoroughly! One-time chests and quests give tons of free primogems.
  • Participate in every event. They are a big primogem income source.
  • Don‘t spend on the standard banner. Focus character event banners only.
  • Save up for characters you really love rather than wishing randomly.
  • Buy out the monthly fates from Paimon‘s Bargain shop using stardust.
  • Max out character/statue acquaint fates each month. They build up over time.
  • Craft condensed resin and use resin efficiently to earn primogems from Abyss.
  • Check in daily for 60 primogems from commissions. They add up!

In my experience, following the above tips allows me to have enough primogems to guarantee the characters I really want as F2P. Saving for 2-3 patches lets me hit pity a couple times per version. Some restraint and patience goes a long way!

Weapons, Artifacts and Progression

Two key ways to strengthen your characters are weapons and artifacts. As an F2P player, I get most of my weapons from gacha, crafting, and event rewards. Here are some great F2P weapon options:

Weapon How to Obtain Good For
Prototype Rancour Craftable Bennett, traveler
Iron Sting Craftable Anemo supports
The Catch Fishl event reward Xiangling, Raiden
Favonius Weapons Gacha Battery supports
Whiteblind Craftable Noelle, Itto

For artifacts, focus on getting decent main stats first, don‘t worry about perfect substats. Prioritize farming sets like Viridescent Venerer that are versatile across characters rather than individual pieces. Co-op domains can help overcome tough ones early on.

Take your time exploring and leveling up. There‘s no rush to blast through content as F2P. Enjoying the journey is part of the fun! Eventually you‘ll have powerful teams built up to take on any endgame fight.

Spiral Abyss is Completely F2P Viable

The biggest endgame challenge in Genshin is the Spiral Abyss – a series of floors with various combat challenges that reset twice per month. The coveted 36 star clear that earns you the full rewards is completely achievable as a free player.

While it may take more time and effort compared to paying players with stacked 5 star characters, F2P heroes have conquered the Abyss using skill, strategy and perseverance. Here is one example from redditor Zakharon:

"I am fully f2p and just 36 star cleared the abyss with no 5 stars and only one constellation across all characters. Honestly just keep playing and enjoying the game, you will get there eventually."

This shows with dedication and practice, F2P players can overcome any challenge Genshin throws at them. You don‘t need money to conquer the Spiral Abyss!

Why I Enjoy Genshin as a F2P Player

After playing Genshin Impact for over a year without spending money, I can say it has been an extremely enjoyable experience! Here are some of the key reasons:

  • Finding hidden chests and exploring the beautiful world is just as fun without wishing.
  • Overcoming tough fights with the characters I earned for free is deeply satisfying.
  • Slowly earning primos from events and quests to get new characters is exciting.
  • Team building and experimenting with new combos keeps combat engaging.
  • The music, story and lore are top notch to experience as a free player.
  • Cooperating and chatting with other F2P players is a warm community.
  • Being creative and succeeding at the hardest content using only free characters is a badge of honor!

While spending can provide advantages, nothing compares to the sense of adventure and the thrill of the unknown exploring Teyvat as a wanderer taking in all the sights and sounds. This is the true heart and magic of Genshin Impact, free for all to enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact provides an incredible open world and gacha experience even without spending any money. If you decide to go the F2P route, hopefully the tips and perspective I provided after playing for over a year will help you smoothly progress and get the most out of the game. Focus on the characters and weapons you can obtain for free, be smart with your limited resources, utilize co-op to overcome challenges, and most importantly, enjoy the journey. You‘ll be 36 starring the Abyss in no time! Let me know if you have any other F2P questions, I‘m happy to help guide new wanderers through this magical world. Enjoy your time in Teyvat!