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Is Genshin Impact Worth Playing in 2023? Yes, Here‘s Why

The short answer is yes, Genshin Impact is absolutely still worth playing in 2023. With its high quality open world exploration, frequent new updates, stellar music and Japanese voice acting, engaging combat system, and F2P friendly progression – Genshin Impact stands out as one of the top free action RPGs you can play right now.

While the gacha monetization and lack of competitive endgame hold it back from being truly flawless, Genshin Impact has earned its reputation as a must-try anime styled RPG. Here‘s a more in-depth look at why it‘s worth your time:

Massive Popularity and Revenue

Let‘s start with some key statistics that demonstrate Genshin Impact‘s immense popularity:

  • Over 50 million downloads worldwide across all platforms as of March 2022.
  • Made over $3 billion revenue in its first year – more than any other mobile or console game in history in one year.
  • Has over 2 million concurrent players on major update launches.
  • Top 5 viewed game on Twitch in 2022.
  • #1 most discussed game on Twitter in 2021.

These metrics show that Genshin Impact has struck a chord with gamers worldwide. There‘s a reason it‘s become a cultural phenomenon beyond just being a "Breath of the Wild clone".

AAA-Quality Open World for Free

At its core, Genshin Impact offers a beautiful AAA-quality open world that you can explore for free. The fantasy regions like Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma are filled with picturesque vistas, intriguing lore, fun puzzles, and engaging quests.

Few other free games can match the production polish and scope of Genshin‘s world. Breathtaking environments and music make exploration a treat rather than a chore. Detailed cities and wilderness areas hide plenty of secrets.

There‘s satisfaction in collecting every oculus, unlocking the full map, finding precious and luxurious chests, completing side quests, and just taking in the scenery. Teyvat becomes a relaxing second home worth revisiting.

Why Combat Feels So Fun

Genshin‘s dynamic real-time combat also hits a sweet spot between brainless button mashing and overly complex systems. Here‘s why it feels so fun:

  • Responsiveness – Actions feel fast and impactful thanks to great sound and visual effects.
  • Elemental Reactions – Chaining pyro, hydro, electro skills creates big numbers and cool animations.
  • Bursts – Epic cutscenes accompany uniquely flashy ultimate abilities.
  • Shared Cooldowns – Swapping party members frequently feels necessary and strategic.
  • Progression – Unlocking stronger talents, weapons, artifacts provides clear growth.

This core combat loop stays engaging even after hundreds of hours. New characters and enemies help keep things fresh.

Why the Gacha System Is Fair for F2P

Genshin Impact uses a gacha monetization system for acquiring new characters and weapons. But as a F2P player, it‘s less punishing than other predatory gacha games for 3 key reasons:

  1. You can experience 99% of content with free characters like Xiangling, Fischl, Kaeya etc. Top tier premium characters are luxuries, not necessities.
  2. Guaranteed pity system lets you obtain 5-star characters/weapons every 80-90 wishes reliably. Planning and saving as F2P makes getting favorites possible.
  3. Duplicate copies aren‘t required. Getting a character once is enough to unlock their full potential. Constellations are just bonuses.

Yes, spending money accelerates progress enormously. But staying fully F2P in Genshin is viable and you‘ll acquire plenty of strong characters over time through grinding.

Frequent Major Updates

Another huge advantage of Genshin Impact is the consistent 6 week update cycle that constantly injects fresh content:

  • New Regions – Whole new areas like Chasm and Sumeru add tons of exploration.
  • Story Chapters – Archon quests reveal more exciting lore.
  • Characters – New 5-star and 4-stars get introduced and bring unique abilities.
  • Events – Time-limited activities provide primogems and unique rewards.
  • Quality of Life – Smaller patches improve convenience based on feedback.

This regular cadence of meaningful updates keeps the game feeling alive versus stagnant. There‘s always more to anticipate on the horizon.

Social and Co-Op Elements

While Genshin Impact is mostly a single player experience, it does offer some fun social features:

  • Co-op Domains – Playing dungeon challenges with up to 4 players provides a refreshingly different experience and opportunity to test character synergies. You can strategize in real-time rather than rely only on AI.
  • Teapot Realms – You can visit other players‘ personalized teapot realms to get inspiration and share your own creations. Seeing how creative others get with the decorating system is neat.
  • Community – Genshin Impact has fostered a vibrant fan community across Reddit, Discord, Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, etc. Interacting with fellow fans enhances the experience.

So in summary, yes Genshin Impact is absolutely still worth playing in 2023. The reasons above are why it‘s one of the top F2P game options currently available and sets the gold standard for anime styled open world RPGs. Just temper expectations on lack of PvP and endgame, and it‘s easy to enjoy a hundred hours or more exploring the high quality world of Teyvat. Give it a try and see why it resonates with so many. You might just get hooked!