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Evaluating Golden Frieza‘s Power Against SSB

The short answer is yes, Golden Frieza is stronger than SSB in raw power alone. However, his massive stamina deficiency makes long-term victory challenging against the resilient Saiyans. Now let‘s analyze their powers in-depth so you can fully grasp the nuances.

Frieza‘s Forms and Power Levels

Frieza has undergone staggering transformations over the years. Here‘s a quick guide to his known forms and PLs:

First Form – 530,000 PL

Frieza‘s base state, he effortlessly conquered worlds in this form. His full power far outstripped Namek Saga Super Saiyans.

Second Form – Over 1,000,000 PL

Frieza unveiled this against Piccolo. While much stronger than before, it was still easily beaten by Super Saiyan Goku.

Third Form – Over 2,000,000 PL

A hulking shape focused on raw strength. Frieza only used this briefly before transforming again.

Final Form – 120,000,000 PL (Full Power)

Frieza‘s iconic look – sleek and FAST! At full power, he nearly killed SSJ Goku.

Mecha Frieza – ~150,000,000 PL

After Namek, Frieza was rebuilt with cybernetics. This boosted him above Namek levels.

Golden Frieza – Over 3,000,000,000 PL

Frieza‘s ultimate form unlocked via intense training. It grants god-tier power.

Breaking Down Super Saiyan Blue

Let‘s quickly recap SSB and where it ranks compared to other Super Saiyan forms:

Form Power Level Estimate
SSJ1 150,000,000 PL
SSJ2 2x SSJ1
SSJ3 4x SSJ2
SSG 100x SSJ3

As this table illustrates, SSB offers a gigantic boost beyond the standard Super Saiyan forms. By mastering god ki, Goku and Vegeta broke their limits.

Comparing Golden Frieza‘s Power Output to SSB

During their epic Resurrection F clash, Golden Frieza‘s attacks initially packed much more punch than SSB Goku‘s. Some key metrics:

  • Speed – Golden Frieza‘s combat speed exceeded Goku‘s reactions.
  • Striking Force – Frieza easily damaged Goku with melee blows.
  • Ki Blasts – Frieza‘s death beams and energy waves overwhelmed Goku‘s.
  • Durability – Frieza took minimal damage from Goku‘s strikes.

Frieza‘s new form afforded phenomenal output, blitzing and battering Goku with ease. However, two crucial weaknesses undermined this:

Golden Frieza‘s Stamina Drain

As we saw on Namek, extreme power transformations drain Frieza‘s stamina. Golden Form worsens this – Frieza burned through his power incredibly quickly. This granted Goku a chance to outlast him.

Goku‘s Growth During Battle

As they fought, Goku continuously adjusted to Golden Frieza‘s speed and power. He eventually matched Frieza enough to wear him down through sustained combat.

Could Golden Frieza Defeat Beerus?

This is tricky. During Battle of Gods, SSJ3 Goku proved no match for Beerus. Golden Frieza would clearly overwhelm SSJ3 Goku based on his performance against SSB. However, Beerus almost certainly has not yet displayed his full capabilities.

For Golden Frieza to definitively defeat Beerus, he would need to not only increase his power, but also massively improve his endurance. Given enough training, it‘s conceivable he could surpass Beerus for a period. But without fixing his stamina weakness, Beerus‘ vast divine mastery would eventually triumph.

How Does Golden Frieza Stack Up Against Ultra Instinct, SSBKK, and More?

Let‘s compare Golden Frieza to other elite modern techniques:

Ultra Instinct

No contest here. UI Goku completely eclipses Golden Frieza. The autonomous defense/attack of UI is the perfect counter to Golden Frieza‘s raw offense.

SSB Evolution

Achieved by Vegeta in the Tournament of Power, this enhanced SSB variant likely exceeds Golden Frieza in all areas. It has no notable stamina drain and sustains incredible power.

SSB Kaio-Ken

By combining SSB with Kaio-Ken x10 or x20, Goku can match or overwhelm Golden Frieza temporarily. But like Golden Form, this burns through Goku‘s stamina rapidly.

Piccolo‘s Regeneration

An interesting matchup! Piccolo could heal any damage instantly, outlasting Frieza. But he couldn‘t match Golden Frieza‘s output, making victory unlikely before tiring.

How Could Frieza Improve Golden Form?

For you power scaling fans, let‘s theorize! If Frieza trained to minimize his stamina drain, he could sustain his full power far longer. Further compressing/perfecting his golden ki would amplify his capabilities even more. With enough training, who knows – he may one day match Lord Beerus after all!

Could Any Fighter Still Challenge Golden Frieza?

While many heroes can‘t match Golden Frieza‘s overwhelming offense, some have abilities that give them a chance:

  • Jiren – His passive barrier could potentially block Golden Frieza‘s attacks.
  • Hit – Time skip and vital point strikes make him dangerous, despite lower raw power.
  • Moro – Magic and life-force absorption let him grow stronger during a fight.
  • Whis – As an Angel, Whis has divine techniques exceeding mere strength.

The combination of extreme combat skill and unique powers can compensate for disadvantages in raw power.

For the time being, Golden Frieza remains Frieza‘s ultimate form, affording him godly might that exceeds Super Saiyan Blue after his intense training. However, his glaring stamina issues prevent him from truly surpassing Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, and other elites on an enduring basis. If Frieza remedies these deficiencies, he could yet reach even greater apexes of power in the future!