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Is Gorilla Tag Free on Nintendo? The Ultimate Guide

No, unfortunately Gorilla Tag is not available for free on Nintendo Switch. Gorilla Tag is a virtual reality game designed exclusively for VR devices like the Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets. The Nintendo Switch does not support VR gaming at this time, so Gorilla Tag cannot be downloaded or played on the Switch.

Why Gorilla Tag Isn‘t On Nintendo Switch

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer free roam VR game where players take on the role of gorillas swinging through obstacle courses and chasing after each other to tag opponents. The fast-paced gameplay relies on motion controls and full roomscale tracking only possible in virtual reality.

As a VR enthusiast myself, I understand why many Nintendo Switch owners are eager to try Gorilla Tag. It‘s one of the most popular social VR titles with over 700,000 copies sold. But the immersive experience uses features not currently available on the Switch:

  • Roomscale Tracking – Gorilla Tag allows free movement around a playspace up to 5m x 5m, tracked by VR headsets.
  • Motion Controls – Players reach out and use their arms to swing like gorillas and physically interact.
  • Multiplayer Networking – VR platforms provide robust multiplayer support for up to 10 players.

Without a VR headset and controllers, it‘s impossible to deliver the full gorilla tag gameplay. The Nintendo Switch‘s standard Joy-Cons cannot provide the same level of tracking and control.

While there are hopes Nintendo may one day launch a VR headset for the Switch, allowing VR titles like Gorilla Tag to potentially be ported over, there has been no official indication this is in development.

How Gorilla Tag Leverages VR Technology

To better understand why Gorilla Tag remains locked in VR, let‘s look at how the game takes advantage of VR features:

Roomscale and Motion Tracking

The Oculus Quest and PC VR headsets use built-in cameras and sensors to allow 6 degrees of freedom motion tracking within a 5 meter square space. As you move around in real life, your virtual gorilla moves identically in the game world.

This lets you physically duck, jump, and swing your arms as if you were an actual rampaging gorilla. Gorilla Tag records your movements and reflects them in game for an unparalleled level of embodiment.

Intuitive Motion Controls

Instead of pushing buttons, in VR you interact naturally using your hands. The Oculus Quest controllers detect the position and movement of your hands with precision accuracy.

To swing in Gorilla Tag, you simply reach out and grab just as you would in real life. This intuitive control scheme makes the game easy to pick up, while enabling complex maneuvers.

Multiplayer Networking

Oculus and Steam have robust multiplayer frameworks that allow Gorilla Tag to connect up to 10 players together in a shared virtual space. As you physically run and duck in your own play area, those movements are synced across all players for seamless social interaction.

This multiplayer networking support is tuned for the demands of fast-paced VR titles like Gorilla Tag.

Immersive VR Graphics

The VR headsets provide stereoscopic 3D visuals filling your field of view for a full sense of presence. When you look around, the detailed city environments stretch out around you, increasing your feeling of existing inside the Gorilla Tag world.

Advanced graphics powered by gaming PCs or the Snapdragon processor in the Oculus Quest allow Gorilla Tag to run smoothly at the high 90fps frame rates required for comfortable VR play.

How Much Does Gorilla Tag Cost?

While Gorilla Tag is not available at all for the Switch, here‘s a quick breakdown of how much it costs on supported VR platforms:

Oculus Quest – Free (with optional in-app purchases for cosmetics)

Steam (PC VR) – $19.99 (includes bonus in-game currency)

I recommend Oculus Quest as the most affordable way to play Gorilla Tag for free. While you do need to purchase the $399 Quest headset, there are no mandatory fees to download and enjoy Gorilla Tag itself.

In contrast, Steam charges $19.99 but does provide bonus content. You need a compatible gaming PC and VR headset which can cost over $1000 total.

Alternative Multiplayer Tag Games for Nintendo Switch

While you can‘t swing like a gorilla on Switch yet, here are some fun alternatives providing great multiplayer tag gameplay:

Among Us – Free to play, this addictive deduction game has you uncovering the imposter via teamwork and betrayal. It captures the excitement of chasing down prey.

Fall Guys – Up to 60 players compete across chaotic obstacle courses and mini-games in this free battle royale game. Non-stop action as you tumble towards victory.

Freeze Tag – Simple, silly fun as you freeze or thaw out friends in this retro-style take on classic freeze tag.

TagPro – Outmaneuver opponents in this free capture the flag meets tag game. Works great as couch co-op or online.

I suggest Fall Guys as my top pick to get your tag fix on Nintendo Switch. The constantly shifting crazy challenges keep gameplay exciting and unpredictable. Plus it‘s free-to-play!

Will Gorilla Tag Ever Release on Nintendo Switch?

There‘s hope that one day in the future Gorilla Tag may swing over to the Nintendo Switch. Here are two possible ways this could happen:

1. Nintendo Launches a VR Headset

If Nintendo decided to follow Sony and release their own VR headset for the Switch, this would provide the technical capability needed to run Gorilla Tag. Nintendo could adapt their existing motion controls and Joy-Cons to provide roomscale tracking.

Recent patents do suggest Nintendo is exploring VR and a headset could attract new developers and titles to the thriving Switch platform.

2. Cloud Streaming Version

Cloud gaming services like Xbox Cloud Gaming have shown how graphically intensive games can be streamed over the internet. A cloud version of Gorilla Tag could potentially work on the Switch without needing the full power of a VR headset.

While quality may be reduced, streaming provides an avenue for supporting titles not possible natively on Switch hardware. Partnerships with companies like Microsoft could make cloud streaming more likely.

However, Nintendo has not officially announced plans for either of these possibilities. For now, Gorilla Tag remains confined to VR. But the developer has expressed interest in expanding to more platforms so I remain hopeful Nintendo Switch owners may someday get to swing through the city streets.

Expert Tips to Play Gorilla Tag

As a VR gaming expert and Gorilla Tag fan, I wanted to share some pro tips to help you get the most out of this wild game:

Adjust your height – Set your height correctly in the options so swinging and climbing feels natural.

Protect your playspace – Clear any hazardous objects and make sure you have room to move safely as you‘ll be moving rapidly.

Try the training area – Get used to swinging and climbing in the new player-friendly training zone before entering multiplayer.

Communicate – Gorilla Tag is most fun played socially, so join up with friends or make new ones!

Watch the veterans – Pick up advanced tips and tricks by spectating skilled players before your next round.

Report any issues – Help the devs by reporting glitches, bugs, and problematic players through the proper channels.

With hundreds of hours in Gorilla Tag, I hope these tips from a VR vet can help you enjoy all the wild fun this inventive game offers! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I‘m always happy to chat VR and help others learn the ropes.

The Verdict on Gorilla Tag for Nintendo Switch

While Gorilla Tag remains limited to VR devices only for now, I hope this guide has provided Switch owners with a comprehensive overview of why it‘s not on Nintendo yet, how much it costs on other platforms, and some solid alternatives you can play today for free multiplayer tagging action.

Who knows, maybe someday in the not too distant future we‘ll all be swinging joyfully through the city as VR-enabled gorillas on our Nintendo Switch! As a fan of both Nintendo and VR gaming, I‘m excited by that possibility and will be sure to provide any updates here if we do ever get official word of Gorilla Tag coming to Switch.