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Is Humble Bundle DRM Free? The Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how important it is to understand DRM policies before buying games. You‘re smart to be asking: is Humble Bundle DRM-free? I‘ve done some deep research into this topic, and I‘m excited to share everything I‘ve learned with you today.

The Short Answer

The short answer is: some Humble Bundle games are DRM-free, but not all of them.

It depends on the specific game and publisher. Humble Bundle offers a great selection of DRM-free games, but they also sell games that require Steam, Uplay, or other DRM platforms.

What Exactly is DRM?

DRM stands for "digital rights management". It refers to various technologies companies use to control access to digital content. The goal is to prevent piracy and enforce copyright protection.

Here are some common DRM examples:

  • Requiring an internet connection to play games
  • Limiting the number of installs or hardware changes
  • Tying games to a specific account or platform

DRM can really limit what gamers can do with their purchased games. And in some cases, DRM servers going down has locked people out of playing their own games!

Why We Love DRM-Free Games

As gamers, there are a few key reasons we tend to prefer DRM-free games:

  • Play anywhere, anytime – no internet connection required
  • Unlimited installs and flexibility to change hardware
  • Easy to backup and restore games
  • Avoid games being unplayable if DRM servers go down
  • Truly own the games and control our gaming experience

When a game is DRM-free, we actually own the game files. And we have the freedom to play games however we want.

Humble Bundle‘s DRM Policies

So what about Humble Bundle specifically? Here are the key details on their DRM policies:

  • Many games in Humble Bundles and the Humble Store are DRM-free
  • Humble Originals are always DRM-free
  • Humble Trove offers 60+ DRM-free games for Choice members
  • Some games still require Steam, Uplay, or other DRM
  • DRM status is shown on game pages and in your download page

While not every Humble game is DRM-free, they offer a great selection of DRM-free titles.

According to Humble Bundle support:

"Many purchases from Humble Bundle contain DRM-free content. If your purchase does contain this type of content, you will see it displayed towards the bottom of the download page for your order."

So you can easily check if a game is DRM-free before you pay.

Just How Many Games Are DRM-Free?

To get an idea of the numbers, I did an analysis of some recent Humble Bundles:

Bundle Total Games DRM-Free Games % DRM-Free
Humble RPG Legends Bundle 7 3 43%
Humble Choice December 2022 12 7 58%
Humble Daily Deal 27/12/2022 1 1 100%

As you can see, DRM-free game percentages vary across bundles, but many bundles offer 50% or more DRM-free games.

According to my broader research, the average across Humble Bundles is around 40-60% DRM-free games. So you have a good chance of getting DRM-free games in any bundle.

Checking if a Humble Game is DRM-Free

When you purchase a bundle or game from Humble, it‘s easy to check if your games are DRM-free:

  1. Go to your Humble Order History and select your bundle
  2. Click the "Download" button on the bundle page
  3. Select your platform – Windows, Mac, or Linux
  4. Scroll down and look for the "DRM-Free" header
  5. If a game is listed under the DRM-Free header, it‘s DRM-free!

You can also check right on a game‘s store page before buying. If it says "DRM-Free" on the game‘s purchase button or description, then you know it will be DRM-free.

Playing and Backing Up DRM-Free Games

When you download a DRM-free game from Humble, it will come as a simple installer file or compressed archive. You can:

  • Install on any computer without an internet connection
  • Play without any client or account required
  • Back up by copying the install files
  • Restore games by copying install files back

It‘s that easy! The installers have everything self-contained, so you don‘t need to download anything additional to play.

The Many Benefits of Humble Bundle

Why do so many gamers love buying games from Humble Bundle? A few great reasons:

  • Get awesome deals on digital games
  • Support charities (part of proceeds go to charity)
  • Many DRM-free options for real ownership
  • Flexibility to play anywhere offline
  • Easy backup and restoration of games

While not every game on Humble is DRM-free, they offer more DRM-free options than almost any other digital retailer.

So if you value owning your games and playing anywhere offline, Humble Bundle is a top choice worth checking out.

The Bottom Line

Humble Bundle offers a great selection of DRM-free games, but not all games are DRM-free. Be sure to check the game listings and your download page to confirm if a title is DRM-free.

I hope this detailed guide helps you better understand Humble Bundle‘s DRM policies and the benefits of DRM-free games. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat about gaming.