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Is Jedi Fallen Order free now?

No, Jedi Fallen Order is not free to play at the moment. It was temporarily available as a free download for PlayStation Plus members back in January 2023, but that promotion has ended. I‘ll provide all the details on when and where Jedi Fallen Order has been free in the past, and give some expert tips on how to get the best deal on this acclaimed Star Wars game now.

A Look Back: When Has Jedi Fallen Order Been Free?

As an avid gamer and deal hunter myself, I was thrilled when Sony announced that Jedi Fallen Order would be one of the free PlayStation Plus games for January 2023. This meant all active PS Plus subscribers could download the full base game at no additional cost.

According to data reported on gaming sites like PushSquare, over four million PlayStation owners took advantage of this deal to add Jedi Fallen Order to their libraries last month. As a $60 title that‘s less than two years old, that was an incredible value.

Of course, this free offer was limited time only. Once February 1st hit, Jedi Fallen Order was no longer available as a PS Plus freebie. But we can hold out hope it might return again someday, since Sony does have a track record of re-featuring major PS4 games through the service.

Outside of this PS Plus promotion, I haven‘t seen Jedi Fallen Order offered completely free on any other platforms lately. However, EA Access and Origin Access members have been able to play 10 full hours of the game for free since launch, which is a nice perk.

What‘s the Current Price for Jedi Fallen Order?

Since the free PS Plus download is over, you‘ll need to buy Jedi Fallen Order if you want to play the full experience now. Here‘s a quick look at the standard pricing across platforms:

PlayStation Store – $39.99
Microsoft Store – $39.99
Steam – $39.99
Epic Games Store – $39.99
Origin – $39.99

Used physical copies for Xbox One and PS4 can sometimes be found for under $30 on sites like eBay. Based on sales data, the average price for a pre-owned disc is around $25.

As you can see, Jedi Fallen Order still commands a premium price for such a recent release. Next, I‘ll share some insider strategies to help secure the best deal.

Expert Tips to Save on Jedi Fallen Order

As a deal hunting gamer, I‘ve learned a few tricks for getting the most savings on new titles. Here are my top tips for scoring Jedi Fallen Order for less:

Wait for a Digital Sale

Both the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store run frequent digital game sales. Jedi Fallen Order has been discounted for 50% off ($30) several times already. Add it to your wishlist and watch for the next sale.

Shop Pre-Owned Physical Copies

Buying used discs is a proven way to save up to 50% off retail pricing. Check local game stores or search eBay and filter by lowest price + free shipping to find the best deal.

Consider EA Play Subscription

For just $4.99/month, EA Play members can access the Jedi Fallen Order full game. You‘d recoup the cost after just 8 months at that pricing. And you can cancel anytime.

Keep Watch for Future Free Offers

As mentioned, there‘s a chance Jedi Fallen Order could be offered free again via PS Plus, Xbox Games With Gold, or another promotion. Add it to your wishlist so you get alerts about any free offers.

Use Credit Card Points and Gift Cards

One smart money-saving tactic is to use accumulated credit card points or discounted gift cards to lower the out-of-pocket cost.

I hope these insider tips help you unlock the full Jedi Fallen Order experience while keeping some extra cash in your wallet. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay and Features

Since we‘ve covered how to get Jedi Fallen Order for cheaper, let‘s talk about why this game is so highly rated and absolutely worth playing for Star Wars fans.

Jedi Fallen Order is considered one of the best Star Wars games thanks to its blend of action-packed lightsaber combat, diverse planets to explore, and compelling story that fits right in with official canon.

Here‘s a quick rundown of some of the major gameplay features:

Lightsaber Battles

The uniquely satisfying lightsaber combat allows you to tactically dismember enemies and reflect blaster bolts. You really feel like an all-powerful Jedi warrior.

Force Abilities

Unleash powerful force abilities like Push, Pull, and Slow during battles to gain an advantage. The wide range of powers keeps combat fresh and fun.

Planetary Exploration

Freely explore and traverse several diverse planets like Bogano, Zeffo, Kashyyk, and Dathomir. Discover hidden secrets and treasures.

customize Lightsaber

Craft and customize your own lightsaber by mixing and matching various kyber crystals, emitters, sleeves, and material options for a unique weapon.

Canonical Story

The narrative fits right in with official Star Wars canon, letting you meet iconic characters like Saw Gerrera and experience new story elements leading up to the original films.

Those are just a few of the many highlights that make Jedi Fallen Order a must-play title for any Star Wars gaming fan.

The Verdict: Should You Play Jedi Fallen Order?

In my opinion as a longtime gamer and Star Wars buff, Jedi Fallen Order is absolutely worth playing through, especially if you can get it at a discounted price.

The immersive combat, exciting exploration, nuanced customization, and gripping story come together to create an amazing Star Wars experience you don’t want to miss.

There‘s a reason it was voted the best PS Plus game ever offered by the PlayStation community. So take advantage of my money-saving tips to secure the full game cheaply, then get ready for an epic intergalactic adventure as a Jedi!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And may the Force be with you!