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Is McMMO a Mod or a Plugin?

To answer directly – McMMO is a plugin, not a mod. As an avid Minecraft player and server admin for over 5 years, I can explain in detail the difference between mods and plugins, and why McMMO falls into the plugin category.

Mods vs Plugins – A Technical Deep Dive

Before we dive into McMMO, let‘s look at what exactly mods and plugins are from a technical perspective:

What are Minecraft Mods?

Mods (short for modifications) directly alter Minecraft‘s core code and game files. They add new content and functionality by changing the main Minecraft JAR file.

To work properly, mods require Forge or Fabric modloaders. These inject the mod code into the base game. Here are some examples of popular mods:

  • OptiFine – Improves performance and adds visual enhancements.
  • Twilight Forest – Adds a new dark forest dimension with bosses.
  • IndustrialCraft – Expands technology with machines, power generation etc.

Mods change how Minecraft plays at a fundamental level. You must install them on both server AND client to work. They alter terrain generation, add blocks/mobs, introduce new game mechanics etc.

What are Minecraft Plugins?

Plugins are different – they run on top of the base Minecraft server JAR. Bukkit, Spigot and Paper servers allow plugins to hook into the game.

Plugins only need server installation. They don‘t modify the main game files. Plugins add functionality through the server API without changing core gameplay.

Developers can use Java or other languages like JavaScript, Python, C++ to code plugins. Popular server platforms like Spigot have thousands of free plugins available. Examples:

  • WorldEdit – Advanced in-game world editing tools.
  • EssentialsX – Chat, homes, warps, kits and more.
  • GriefPrevention – Claim land and prevent destruction.

So in summary, mods require both client and server install, while plugins only need server install. Now let‘s look at mcMMO specifically.

McMMO – Origins and Features

History of mcMMO

The mcMMO plugin was initially called McMyAdmin Mod, developed by Nossr50 in 2011. Despite the name, it‘s not actually a mod per se – mcMMO has always been a Bukkit/Spigot plugin.

Some key events in mcMMO‘s evolution:

  • 2011 – First release, adds XP and leveling system.
  • 2012 – Party system, new skills, leaderboards added.
  • 2013 – Big combat update, new abilities like Serpentine Strikes.
  • 2016 – Complete rewrite to support latest Minecraft versions.
  • 2019 – Abilities and leveling reworked. Still under active dev.

mcMMO Features

What does mcMMO add to the game? It brings RPG-style mechanics to Minecraft survival multiplayer:

  • Skills – Level up by performing actions like mining, woodcutting, fighting etc.
  • XP – Gain experience points to unlock higher skill levels.
  • Abilities – Special skills like Tree Feller, Giga Drill Breaker, and Berserk.
  • Parties – Team up with other players for PvE and PvP.
  • Leaderboards – Check who has the highest skills on the server.
  • Hardcore Mode – Increased penalties for death and ability loss.
  • Item Stats – Weapons/armor can gain bonuses like lifesteal, durability etc.
  • PvP Options – Enable friendly fire, control theft penalties, and more.

So mcMMO introduces classic RPG mechanics into vanilla Minecraft gameplay, without altering any base content itself.

Why mcMMO is a Plugin, Not a Mod

Now based on the technical differences covered earlier, we can clearly understand why mcMMO is a plugin, not a mod:

  • It only requires server-side install, not client.
  • Runs on Bukkit/Spigot platforms using the Java plugin API.
  • Does not modify any core game files or code.
  • Adds functionality without changing underlying gameplay.
  • Provides configuration options via config files.
  • Uses ChunkManager and per-player data rather than hardcoded changes.

Version Support

Further proving it is a plugin, mcMMO supports multiple Minecraft versions:

Minecraft Version mcMMO Compatibility
1.19 ✅ Fully Supported
1.18 ✅ Fully Supported
1.17 ✅ Fully Supported
1.16 ✅ Fully Supported
1.15 ❌ No Longer Supported

If it was a mod, mcMMO would rely on specific Forge/Fabric versions and be constrained from supporting across multiple Minecraft versions easily.

Installing mcMMO on a Server

Since mcMMO is a plugin, installation is very simple. Just drop it into the /plugins folder!

  1. Download the latest mcMMO plugin JAR file from
  2. Upload the JAR file into the /plugins folder of the Spigot/Paper server.
  3. Restart the Minecraft server.
  4. mcMMO will be automatically enabled!
  5. Adjust configuration as needed in plugins/mcMMO/config.yml.
  6. Restart again if you changed config values.

That‘s it! The plugin will now hook into the server and add all its RPG features seamlessly into gameplay. No client mods needed at all.

mcMMO vs Alternatives

There are a few alternatives that provide similar RPG-style systems, such as Heroes, InfinityLib, SkillAPI, and PremierRPG. However, mcMMO is arguably the most popular and full-featured choice.

Key Advantages of mcMMO

  • Polished and stable – Time-tested, having been around since 2011.
  • Active development – Regular updates with new features and bug fixes.
  • Customizable and lightweight – Easy to configure, doesn‘t lag servers.
  • Supports latest versions – 1.19, 1.18, 1.17, and 1.16.
  • Open source – Code available on GitHub.
  • Community support – Large player base and discussion forum.

Final Verdict – Why mcMMO is a Plugin

So in conclusion, the detailed technical analysis proves definitively that mcMMO is a plugin, not a mod. By enhancing multiplayer survival servers without altering base Minecraft, mcMMO delivers a true RPG experience.

As a server admin and plugin developer myself, I highly recommend mcMMO for adding new depth and mechanics to survival gameplay. The skills system rewards dedication, while still retaining balance.

With minimal performance impact and easy setup, mcMMO is a must-have plugin for any Minecraft 1.19, 1.18 or 1.17 survival server!