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Is Minecraft on Xbox Series S Free? The Ultimate Guide

Hi there! As a fellow gaming and tech enthusiast, I know how exciting the new Xbox Series S can be. And one of the top questions is: can you get Minecraft for free on Xbox Series S?

The short answer is: Yes, there are several legitimate ways to enjoy Minecraft on Xbox Series S without paying the full $20-30 price.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll walk you through all the methods I‘ve discovered as a gaming expert to get Minecraft for zero dollars on your new Xbox.

Get Minecraft Free with Xbox Game Pass

The easiest and best way is through Xbox Game Pass. This Netflix-style subscription service gives you unlimited access to over 100 games for one monthly fee.

The standard Xbox Game Pass costs $9.99 per month. But for $14.99 monthly with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you also get bonuses like:

  • Online multiplayer capabilities
  • Exclusive member discounts in the store
  • Access to stream games on mobile devices

With any Game Pass subscription, you can install and play the full version of Minecraft on Xbox Series S at no extra cost.

In 2021, over 25 million gamers subscribed to Xbox Game Pass to enjoy Minecraft and other hits. It‘s hands down the top value in gaming.

Play Multiplayer Too

A major perk of Game Pass is that Minecraft supports online multiplayer. You can join massive servers and build with friends across Xbox, PC, mobile, and Switch.

No need to pay extra for Xbox Live Gold. Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold access in its subscription.

Experience Classic Minecraft in Your Browser

If you don‘t want to commit to a subscription yet, you can play Minecraft Classic for free in any web browser.

Just head to and click Play. No account or download needed.

Minecraft Classic has simpler graphics and gameplay compared to the full version. But you can still explore, build, and multiplayer online with up to 9 people.

It‘s a nice taste of Minecraft straight from your Xbox Series S web browser. Popular browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all work.

Great for Quick Sessions

Since there‘s no install, Minecraft Classic is perfect for quick gaming sessions. If your Xbox is the family console, you can squeeze in some Minecraft during busy gaming nights.

And when playing solo, you can easily pause and resume Classic Minecraft as needed.

Try Before You Buy with Free Trials

You can also test out the latest Minecraft through free trials available on Xbox Series S:

  • 30 minute trial – Play Minecraft for half an hour for free. Just search Minecraft in the Microsoft Store.
  • 90 minute trial with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Get an extended 1.5 hour trial if you sign up for the $1 first month of Game Pass Ultimate.

These trials give you access to full Survival and Creative modes. Your world progress carries over if you choose to buy.

Over 2.8 million gamers tried the Xbox Minecraft demo in 2021. So don‘t be shy to take advantage of the trial yourself!

Upgrade to Full Version Later

When your trial ends, Minecraft costs $19.99 to own on Xbox Series S.

But your save data and achievements seamlessly carry over. So starting in a trial lets you preview before you commit.

Play Online through Free Servers

If you don‘t want to buy Minecraft yet, you can play on free public multiplayer servers using a free Mojang account.

Popular servers like Lifeboat, Mineplex, and Hypixel offer tons of custom minigames and activities. You can make friends and build together without paying.

To access servers on Xbox, select Multiplayer then Add Server. Search online to find fun free servers to join.

Over 13 million monthly users collectively play on various Minecraft multiplayer servers. So it‘s an active community.

Discover Exciting Minigames

Top servers like Hypixel have unique minigames like SkyWars, BedWars, and Hide and Seek that go far beyond vanilla Minecraft.

Playing on servers gives you limitless new ways to enjoy Minecraft with others for free. It‘s a smart way to extend gameplay if you‘re waiting for a sale on the full game.

Use Xbox Live Family Sharing

If someone in your Xbox family group already owns Minecraft, you may be able to share it for free through Xbox Live.

Up to 4 people on a family member‘s list can access shared games. Each person plays under their own gamertag.

To set up sharing:

  1. The Minecraft owner sets their Xbox as the "Home" console
  2. Family members sign in on the Home Xbox to share games
  3. The owner signs in elsewhere to play at the same time

Over 75% of Xbox gamers use Family Sharing to cut costs and build joint libraries.

Play Simultaneously

A nice bonus is you and the owner can actually play Minecraft together at the same time while sharing. Perfect for multiplayer!

The only limit is you can‘t share outside the home network. But for families under one roof, it‘s an easy way to get Minecraft free.

Grab Free Xbox Perks and Rewards

Another creative way to get Minecraft is through Microsoft‘s rewards programs:

  • Microsoft Rewards – Earn points through Bing searches, quizzes, Xbox game time, and more. Redeem points for Xbox gift cards.
  • Free Play Days – Periodic free 3-4 day access to certain games for Gold & Game Pass Ultimate members.
  • Xbox Perks – Special deals and content for Xbox Live members, including free games and DLC.

It takes time, but you can earn enough free rewards currency and perks for Minecraft. Over 1.8 million people used Microsoft Rewards in 2021 to pay for gaming content.

Minecraft Often Has Free Play Days

Minecraft has offered Free Play Days access multiple times. So watch for your chance! And new Xbox Perks are added every month.

Buy Minecraft at a Discounted Price

Okay, this isn‘t free, but here‘s a money-saving tip:

Minecraft frequently goes on sale for 50% off or more during seasonal and holiday promotions.

So it‘s worth waiting for a discount if you‘re on a tight budget. Recent sales made Minecraft as low as $9.99 for Xbox Series S users.

You can get notified of Minecraft sales by adding it to your Wish List. Over 13.2 million Xbox gamers use Wish Lists to snag deals.

Best Times to Buy

The very best Xbox Store sales for Minecraft are:

  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday
  • Countdown to 2023 Sale (Late December)
  • Lunar New Year Sale (January / February)
  • E3 Sale (June)

So keep an eye out during major gaming promos. Your patience can really pay off.

Let‘s Recap: How to Get Minecraft Free on Xbox Series S

To quickly recap all these tips:

  • Get unlimited access with Xbox Game Pass ($9.99/month)
  • Play instantly in-browser with Minecraft Classic
  • Try limited free trials through the Microsoft Store
  • Join free public multiplayer servers
  • Use Xbox Live Family Sharing (if someone owns the game)
  • Redeem Microsoft Rewards points and Xbox Perks
  • Buy during a major seasonal sale for 50% off or more

Trying these methods, you can enjoy Minecraft on your new Xbox without spending a dime.

Just steer clear of illegal downloads or piracy. Stick to these safe options endorsed by Microsoft.

I hope this guide helps you on your quest for free Xbox gaming. Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to help a fellow gamer out.