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Is Modern Warfare 2 the Same on PS4 and PS5?

I know you‘re wondering whether Modern Warfare 2 plays the same on PS4 and PS5. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, let me give you the rundown so you can decide which version is best for you!

In short, MW2 is better on PS5 with improved graphics, performance, and faster loading

While MW2 is available on both consoles, the PS5 version provides a superior experience overall. You‘ll get higher resolution graphics, buttery smooth 120FPS gameplay, ray tracing, and much faster loading times when playing on PS5.

Now let‘s compare both versions in detail:

Visuals – PS5 shows off MW2‘s graphics at their full potential

On PS5, MW2 displays at a crisp, clean 4K resolution. Lighting, shadows, textures and other details are improved from the PS4 version. This gives the game much more realistic and immersive visuals on PS5.

The PS5 also has ray tracing support, which makes lighting effects and reflections look far more natural and true to life. Ray tracing isn‘t available on PS4 unfortunately.

Framerate – PS5 delivers up to 120FPS for incredibly smooth gameplay

Higher framerates make a huge difference for a fast-paced FPS like MW2. The PS5 gives you two options:

  • 4K 60FPS – Smoother gameplay at maximum resolution
  • 120FPS Mode – Up to 120FPS at 1440p for extremely fluid motion

PS4 is limited to 60FPS at 1080p. Don‘t get me wrong, 60FPS is very playable. But at 120FPS on PS5, everything feels lightning-quick and hyper-responsive. Once you try it, 60FPS will feel sluggish in comparison!

Loading Times – Get into matches in seconds on PS5

PS5 Loading Time PS4 Loading Time
8 seconds (MW2 match) 27 seconds (MW2 match)
12 seconds (Warzone 2.0 match) 33 seconds (Warzone 2.0 match)

As you can see, the PS5‘s super-fast SSD loads levels 3-4x quicker than the PS4‘s hard drive. You‘ll spend less time waiting and more time playing!

Game Size – Prepare for a beefy install on PS5

One downside of the improved assets is MW2‘s install size clocks in at a whopping:

  • PS5 – 151GB
  • PS4 – 72GB

The PS5 version is over double the size! Make sure you clear plenty of SSD space before installing.

Cross-Play Supported

Here‘s some good news – MW2 allows cross-play between PS4 and PS5! You can squad up with friends even if you‘re on different PlayStations.

Your progress and unlocks also carry over across generations thanks to Activision account integration. Upgrade guilt-free without losing your stats!

So is PS5 worth it for Modern Warfare 2?

In my opinion, absolutely! The upgrades PS5 brings to graphics, framerate, and loading times are immediately noticeable and make MW2 feel like a true next-gen experience.

MW2 on PS4 still looks great and plays fine. But PS5 unlocks the game‘s full potential for only $10 more with the cross-gen bundle. If at all possible, playing on PS5 is the way to go!

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to chat gaming and help a friend make the best choice.