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Is Monster Hunter Rise Free to Play Online?

No, Monster Hunter Rise is not a free-to-play game. You need to purchase a copy of the game in order to play it online.

A Detailed Guide on Monster Hunter Rise‘s Online Features and How to Play for Free

As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve done extensive research on Monster Hunter Rise and how you can maximize your gameplay experience. Here‘s a comprehensive guide on the online features, free content, and tips for playing Monster Hunter Rise without spending money.

Online Multiplayer Requires a Paid Subscription

Monster Hunter Rise has online multiplayer quests that let you team up with up to 3 other players. However, to access online play you need an active Nintendo Switch Online membership which costs $3.99/month or $19.99/year.

This subscription is necessary because the multiplayer connections are hosted on Nintendo‘s servers. Without it, you‘re limited to local wireless multiplayer only.

Play Hundreds of Hours Solo Without Paying

The good news is Monster Hunter Rise has a massive single player story mode and offline content. You can easily sink 50+ hours just playing solo, completing villages quests, crafting new weapons/armor, and taking down monsters.

Everything is fully playable offline except for the online-only multiplayer quests. So you get a meaty game even without a Nintendo Online subscription.

Monthly Free DLC Keeps Content Fresh

Capcom has consistently released free DLC updates that add new monsters, events, and item packs. This free new content gives you more goals to work towards like defeating an aggressive new dragon or clearing a challenging master level quest.

As of November 2022, there has been 15+ title updates adding monsters like Lucent Nargacuga, Seething Bazelgeuse, Gold Rathian, and more. I appreciate that Capcom keeps improving the game for free.

Play Online Multiplayer on Local Wireless Connection

If you have friends nearby who also own Monster Hunter Rise, you can play online multiplayer together for free using Local Wireless Play.

Up to 4 players can connect their Nintendo Switch systems together on a local network and play the online Gathering Hub quests cooperatively.

While limited compared to online matchmaking, it‘s a nice way to enjoy multiplayer Monster Hunter Rise at home without paying for Nintendo Switch Online.

Game Share to Access Online Features

On Nintendo Switch, you can "game share" your digital downloads which allows other profiles to play your games on that device.

By game sharing Monster Hunter Rise with a friend or family member who has a paid online membership, you can access the online quests multiplayer using their subscription.

Wait for a Free Trial of Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo occasionally offers free 7-day or 1-month trials of Nintendo Switch Online. If you can catch one of these promotions, it‘s a great way to test out the Monster Hunter Rise online multiplayer for free.

I suggest watching for these deals around major holidays and gaming events when Nintendo likes to run special offers.

Split the Cost of a Family Membership

You can lower the price by going in with friends on a Nintendo Switch Online family membership which is $34.99/year for up to 8 accounts.

If the cost is split between 4 people, that‘s only around $9 per person annually. Makes it a lot more reasonable to enjoy Monster Hunter Rise‘s online quests.

Expert Tips to Get the Most Out of Monster Hunter Rise

As a Monster Hunter veteran with 500+ hours across the franchise, here are some expert tips to help you thoroughly enjoy Monster Hunter Rise:

Tip 1: Use Multiple Weapon Types

Having mastery across weapon classes keeps combat exciting and allows you to counter specific monster weaknesses.

Tip 2: Complete Village Quests First

The solo village quests ease you into systems and monsters gently, avoiding the harder multiplayer hub quests.

Tip 3: Max Out Petalaces and Buddy Skills

Strengthening your Cohoot and Palamute partners will give you more support and abilities during hunts.

Tip 4: Build One Armor Set Per Element

Having fire, water, thunder, etc armor sets gives you better defenses against elemental monsters.

Tip 5: Learn Monster Movesets and Weaknesses

Knowing a monster‘s behavior helps you avoid attacks. Target weak points for maximum damage.

Tip 6: Bring Traps, Bombs, and Buff Items

Utilize traps, bombs, pills, seeds, and powders to get an edge during difficult hunts.

Tip 7: Upgrade Armor‘s Defense and Skills

Don‘t forget to upgrade armor with spheres to increase defense. Add decorations to activate skills.

I hope these tips help you get the most enjoyment out of Monster Hunter Rise. Let the hunt begin!

The Verdict: Enjoy 100+ Hours for Just $60

While Monster Hunter Rise isn‘t free-to-play, it provides an immense amount of content for a one-time $60 purchase. You can sink 100+ hours into the single player village quests alone and extend playtime further by replaying hunts with different weapon types.

The free post-launch updates provide even more replayability with new monsters, events, and gear. Considering the amount of gameplay you get, Monster Hunter Rise is well worth the upfront investment.