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Is MultiVersus Going to Stay Free? Yes, 100% Free!

The short answer is – Yes! MultiVersus will remain a completely free-to-play game when it fully launches out of open beta. As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve done some deep research into MultiVersus‘s monetization approach and can confirm the core gameplay will stay free. Keep reading as I‘ll provide all the details!

MultiVersus is a fresh take on the platform fighter genre developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games. Bringing together iconic characters like Batman, Shaggy, Bugs Bunny, and more to duke it out in 2v2 team battles, it has quickly garnered a dedicated player base with over 20 million players in the open beta so far.

As someone who loves discovering free entertainment like games, music, and movies, I couldn‘t wait to jump into the MultiVersus open beta myself. But I wanted to be sure that the game wouldn‘t eventually become pay-to-win.

After analyzing all the available information and developer statements, I‘m happy to report MultiVersus is staying free! Here‘s a comprehensive look at how MultiVersus will monetize when it fully launches while keeping the core experience free.

MultiVersus Monetization Model

MultiVersus utilizes a "games as a service" model with various in-game purchases and battle passes, but all characters and gameplay content can be unlocked just by playing according to the developers.

No upfront cost – There is no purchase price required to download and play MultiVersus. It is free to install and get started playing immediately.

No pay-to-win characters – All playable characters can be unlocked using in-game gold earned from matches. You never need to spend real money to gain access to new fighters.

Cosmetic-only purchases – The only purchases that require premium currency (Gleamium) are cosmetics like character skins, profile icons, taunts. These do not affect gameplay.

Free and premium battle pass – There will be both free and paid versions of a seasonal battle pass system to earn cosmetic rewards. Premium provides access to exclusive cosmetics.

Founder‘s Packs – These early access packs are no longer available. They were temporary offerings during the closed alpha and open beta testing periods.

This approach means MultiVersus remains fair and accessible for all players regardless of how much money they spend. Skill and practice are the only factors that determine success in matches.

Open Beta Transition to Full Launch

MultiVersus initially launched in Open Beta on July 26, 2022 as a way to test the game at scale and gather player feedback early before full release.

Here are some key details on the Open Beta and transition plans:

  • 20+ million players – Over 20 million players have joined the Open Beta as of September 2022.
  • June 25, 2023 – The Open Beta period is scheduled to end on this date unless extended.
  • Early 2024 – The full 1.0 launch of MultiVersus is targeted for early 2024 according to the developers.
  • Ranked mode & new content – The full launch will include new features like ranked competitive playlists, additional characters, and more stages.
  • Carry over progress – Any items, gold, Gleamium, characters, or BP levels earned in Open Beta will carry over at full launch.

The Open Beta has already been a huge success in terms of driving interest and providing a testing ground for MultiVersus tournaments. The full launch in 2024 will take the game to the next level with more polish and sought-after features like ranked competitive modes.

Will MultiVersus Have a Battle Pass System?

Yes, MultiVersus will include a Battle Pass system that lets players earn cosmetic rewards by playing matches and completing in-game challenges over a set time period.

Based on details the developers have shared so far, here is how the Battle Pass is expected to work:

  • Free and premium – There will be both a free track and paid premium track for the Battle Pass.
  • Earn XP to progress – Playing matches earns Battle Pass XP which unlocks rewards as you progress through tiers.
  • Premium has exclusives – The premium paid track will offer exclusive cosmetic items not available on the free track.
  • Time-limited – Battle Passes will last for set seasons, likely 2-3 months long based on other games.
  • Never miss out – If you miss a Battle Pass, those cosmetics could return in the future or be obtainable by other means.

The Battle Pass system rewards players just for playing the game while offering cool hero skins and profile cosmetics. Paying for premium access simply speeds up reward unlocks.

Who Are the Best MultiVersus Characters?

One of the most exciting parts of MultiVersus is the diverse cast of iconic playable characters. Here are some quick tips on the current top-tier fighters based on the Open Beta:

  • Superman – Extremely strong with great mobility, damage, and knockback. Easy to pick up and play.
  • Bugs Bunny – Fast and agile fighter with great projectiles. Strong attack and combo game.
  • Finn – Quick assassin-style character. Has reflect ability to counter projectiles.
  • Reindog – Ranged zoning and projectile game makes Reindog tough to pin down.
  • Shaggy – High damage tank who overwhelms enemies with brutal combos.

The great news is that all 20+ launch characters are viable in the right hands. No need to pay to unlock fighters, just play whoever you find most fun!

Will MultiVersus Support Couch Co-Op?

Local multiplayer is limited at launch unfortunately. While you can play couch co-op with a friend against bots, there is currently no option for local split-screen versus in online matches.

However, the developers have acknowledged demand for true local multiplayer. We may see it added post-launch if there is enough community interest. After all, platform fighters originated as local couch competition!

For now, the only way to play online MultiVersus with a friend is to team up remotely from separate devices/consoles. But the gameplay is so addictive that you‘ll be battling it out in no time.

Final Verdict: MultiVersus Stays Free!

After taking a deep dive into everything we know so far about MultiVersus, I can definitively say the core game will remain free-to-play. WB Games and Player First Games have committed to keeping the roster of fighters earnable just by playing.

While the game will include optional paid cosmetics and battle pass tiers, the gameplay and content updates will always be free. For budget-conscious gamers like myself, that is fantastic news!

So gather your crew and start practicing your 2v2 combos. See you in the arena for many epic crossover battles when MultiVersus officially launches out of Open Beta in early 2024!