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Is the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Free to Play?

No, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 campaign is not free to play. You must purchase the full Modern Warfare 2 game to access the single player campaign mode.

MW2 Campaign Overview

Let‘s take a deeper look at what the MW2 campaign entails and why fans are excited about it:

  • Continues the story of Task Force 141 from the original Modern Warfare trilogy.
  • Globe-trotting missions across Mexico, U.S., UK, Netherlands, and more exotic locales.
  • Play as series icons Captain Price, Ghost, Soap, and Gaz.
  • Blockbuster moments like chasing a missile through city streets.
  • Slick motion captured animations and photorealistic next-gen graphics.
  • 6-8 hours of thrilling gameplay that feels like an interactive action movie.

As a Call of Duty expert myself, I can confidently say MW2‘s campaign delivers the bombastic set pieces and polished combat the series is known for in spades. The gameplay diversity, like stealth oil rig infiltrations or all out gun battles, keeps the pacing fresh too.

Ways to Get MW2 Cheaper

I know the $70 price tag feels steep to some players. Here are a few tips to get Modern Warfare 2 more affordably if you‘re primarily interested in the campaign:

  • Buy a discounted physical disc copy instead of digital
  • Choose the Standard $69.99 version over the pricier Vault Edition
  • Purchase pre-owned to save significantly over new copies
  • Wait for an inevitable holiday sale around Black Friday
  • Use cashback sites for a few dollars back
  • Split the cost with a buddy who also wants to play the campaign

The brand new MW2 campaign experience will cost you real money. But paying full price ensures you can dive in and enjoy it right away during peak excitement!

Campaign Early Access Recap

There was a way to play Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign about a week early by pre-ordering digitally. But that promotion ended on October 20th.

Here‘s a quick recap on campaign early access:

  • Pre-order early access ended Oct. 20th
  • Current pre-orders don‘t grant campaign early play
  • No free campaign trials available
  • Game Pass and PS Plus don‘t include campaign
  • Waiting for a sale is the only way to potentially get it free

So unfortunately no shortcuts for access at launch. Purchasing MW2 is required to experience the thrilling campaign as soon as it releases worldwide on October 28th.

Does Buying MW2 for the Campaign Make Sense?

For players mostly interested in the multiplayer or DMZ modes, buying Modern Warfare 2 just for the 6-8 hour campaign may seem steep. But here‘s why it can still be worth it for solo players:

  • Provides an epic first person Hollywood blockbuster movie experience
  • Showcases the next-gen graphics and technology better than multiplayer
  • Perfect for fans of military storytelling and characters like Price
  • Complements the MP enjoyment with some context and lore
  • Campaign replayability to find collectibles, achievements, etc.
  • Watching playthroughs lacks the full immersive experience

I believe the campaign alone provides strong value, especially experiencing the jaw dropping set pieces yourself. But it depends on your personal interests and budget.

Will MW2‘s Campaign Eventually Be Free?

Based on Call of Duty history, I expect Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign will never be released as a standalone free download.

Here‘s why it‘s very unlikely to go free:

  • Older CoD games get delisted as new ones launch annually
  • Free CoD experiences like Warzone are limited, without full campaigns
  • Some discounts over time, but rarely goes completely free
  • They want players to pay to access new premium campaign content

While anything is possible down the road, clearly don‘t count on Activision handing out the MW2 campaign for free. Paying for it now is the only way to guarantee campaign access anytime soon after launch.

The Verdict: Is MW2‘s Campaign Worth Buying?

In my opinion as a dedicated Call of Duty fan, Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign absolutely delivers enough stunning visuals, heart-pumping action, and blockbuster moments to satisfy.

The gameplay innovations like loading straight into missions keep the pacing tight. Varied missions like defending a cartel mansion and stealthily infiltrating an oil rig provide awesome diversity.

For those excited about the campaign, MW2 is a must buy. The experience of controlling those cinematic moments yourself feels unmatched. Price of admission feels high but worth it.

Even players more focused on multiplayer or DMZ have plenty of reason to dive into the campaign too. It‘s some of the best casual first person gameplay out there and shows off the new tech beautifully.

So in summary, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2‘s campaign earns its premium status. All fans of military FPS storytelling should absolutely grab their copy!