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Is Nitro still free? The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Discord Nitro in 2023

Yes, Discord still offers new users a 1 month free trial of Nitro. However, after the trial period ends, Nitro will automatically convert to a paid $9.99 monthly subscription unless you cancel it beforehand.

This in-depth guide will break down everything you need to know about Discord Nitro in 2023 – the subscription tiers, how to get free trials, whether Nitro is worth it, and tips to maximize its value if you decide to subscribe.

An Introduction to Discord Nitro

Launched in 2017, Discord Nitro is a premium subscription service that gives paying members access to a variety of cosmetic perks and quality-of-life improvements. According to Discord, over 150 million users log into their service each month, of which millions choose to subscribe to Nitro.

Nitro comes in two separate tiers:

Nitro Basic ($2.99/month or $29.99/year):

  • 50MB file upload limit (from 8MB)
  • Custom emoji anywhere
  • Nitro profile badge
  • Expanded emoji limit to use outside your servers

Nitro ($9.99/month or $99.99/year):

  • Includes all Basic perks
  • Higher quality screen share (Go Live streams up to 1080p/60fps)
  • Animated emoji and profile banner
  • Two Server Boosts to unlock member perks
  • 100MB file upload limit

According to Discord’s 2021 transparent reporting, over 30% of their yearly revenue comes directly from Nitro subscriptions. As their user base grows, Nitro provides a steady income stream to fund operations and new features.

Breaking Down Discord‘s "Freemium" Business Model

Discord operates under a "freemium" business model, meaning core functionality is free but users pay for premium extras. This freemium model helped Discord grow exponentially since its launch.

According to co-founder Jason Citron, they wanted to avoid limiting access through paywalls. In an interview with VentureBeat he stated: "We wanted to get Discord in the hands of as many people as possible and then build premium features like games sell expansions and upgrades."

The freemium model allows Discord to court more casual users who may not want to pay a monthly fee. Nitro caters to serious users who spend more time on the platform. For example, a gamer may appreciate Nitro‘s streaming upgrades or a community manager could benefit from more emoji slots.

Analysts estimate less than 10% of active Discord users currently subscribe to Nitro, but even that relatively small number generates significant revenue thanks to the massive overall user base.

The Founding Team Behind Discord

Co-founder and CEO Jason Citron originally founded Discord as an alternative to existing voice chat programs. He previously founded the mobile gaming platform OpenFeint, which was acquired by Japanese company GREE in 2011 for $104 million.

Citron started Discord after becoming frustrated with the poor voice chat options while playing games with friends online. He assembled a team and launched Discord in May 2015.

Initially Discord focused on gaming but quickly expanded into an all-purpose chat community. Citron continues to lead Discord alongside co-founder Stanislav Vishnevskiy, who serves as CTO overseeing technology and architecture.

How Much does Discord Nitro Cost?

The two Nitro subscription tiers are priced as follows:

Nitro Basic

  • $2.99 per month
  • $29.99 per year


  • $9.99 per month
  • $99.99 per year

The annual plans offer a discount compared to paying monthly. There are occasional promotional offers like an extra month free for yearly plans.

Discord does not currently offer discounted student pricing or reduced rates for economically disadvantaged regions. Some users request cheaper plans to make Nitro more accessible worldwide.

Compared to competitor platforms like Slack ($8/month for standard paid tier), Discord‘s Nitro pricing is relatively standard for the premium features provided.

Nitro Yearly vs Monthly Cost Breakdown

Plan Monthly Price Yearly Price Savings vs Monthly
Nitro Basic $2.99 $29.99 $11.88 (33%) savings
Nitro $9.99 $99.99 $39.88 (33%) savings

The annual subscriptions provide a noticeable 33% discount compared to paying each month. You can cancel an annual plan at any time to avoid renewing the next year.

How to Get Nitro Free Trials

While you can‘t get Nitro indefinitely for free, there are a few ways to obtain temporary free trials and access:

  • New user 1 month trial – Anyone new to Nitro gets 1 month of the standard $9.99 tier for free.
  • Discord gift cards – Redeeming these can provide 1-3 months of Nitro depending on amount.
  • Giveaways – Various Discord servers and streamers distribute free Nitro codes as prizes.
  • Promotions – Discord occasionally partners to offer free trials, like the Epic Games Store Mega Sale.
  • Discord events – Joining special events like Discord‘s birthday may reward temporary Nitro.
  • Discord partners – Being a verified partnered server owner/streamer can provide Nitro benefits.

Leverage these opportunities to test Nitro for at least a month at no cost before deciding to subscribe long term. But beware of sketchy "free Nitro generators" or unauthorized apps – stick to legitimate sources.

Maximizing the Value of Your Nitro Subscription

If you choose to continue your Nitro subscription beyond the free trial, follow these tips to get the most value from the perks:

  • Utilize server boosts to unlock member benefits and stand out.
  • Take full advantage of 100MB uploads for uncompressed images and videos.
  • Create custom animated emoji for faster expressive communication.
  • Stream game or activity footage at up to 1080p/60fps using Go Live.
  • Change your profile banner and tagline to showcase your identity.
  • Give boosted servers Priority Speaker permission for uninterrupted chatting.
  • Upload the highest quality image avatar without compression.
  • Share HD video content seamlessly without lag or downscaling.

Based on your usage patterns, prioritize the perks that would benefit you most. For example, gamers can focus on using server boosts and HD Go Live streaming, while active chatters may prefer custom emoji and banners.

Choosing Your Optimal Nitro Tier

When selecting a Nitro tier, consider your budget and these differences:

Nitro Basic Nitro
– Custom emoji slots – Animated emoji & banners
– 50MB uploads – 100MB uploads
– Basic badge – 2 Server boosts
– Standard voice & video – HD Go Live streaming

Casual users may find Basic sufficient, while hardcore gamers and streamers gain more from the extras provided by standard Nitro.

Is Discord Nitro Worth the Money?

Whether Nitro is "worth it" depends heavily on your Discord usage patterns. For hardcore users, Nitro can be well worth the money to unlock perks like:

  • Lag-free HD streaming at 1080p resolution
  • 100MB file uploads for crisp images and videos
  • Custom animated emoji for faster communication
  • Standing out via banners, boosted servers, and badges
  • Improved server management with 2 free boosts

For users who only occasionally chat or lurk, Nitro is likely not worthwhile. You can access Discord‘s core chat features for free without subscribing.

Based on anonymous polling of r/Discord users, approximately 60% felt Nitro was worth the cost based on how frequently they use the platform and wanted additional perks. However, nearly 30% of casual chatters saw little value versus just using free Discord.

Conduct your own personal cost-benefit analysis based on your financial situation and Discord usage to determine if $9.99 per month fits into your budget. Take full advantage of the 1 month free trial to experience Nitro before paying.

What Happens if You Cancel Nitro?

Canceling Nitro immediately cuts off access to new perks, but you retain what you already paid for until your current billing cycle ends.

For example, if you cancel midway through an annual plan, you‘ll continue enjoying Nitro until that year is up. You won‘t be charged again when the access period you already paid for concludes.

Any server boosts, custom emoji, banners, etc. associated with your account will revert to default once your subscription ends. You do not lose any content, just the Nitro enhancements.

Who is Nitro Good For?

Based on common use cases, Nitro provides the most value for:

  • Streamers benefiting from HD Go Live and expanded emoji.
  • Gamers wanting lag-free streaming and voice chat.
  • Artists seeking lossless image uploads.
  • YouTubers needing expanded file uploads for videos.
  • Server owners using boosts to unlock community perks.
  • Active chatters wanting custom emoji and profile options.

For casual 1-on-1 chat or just occasional large server activity, free Discord already provides solid functionality. Nitro becomes more beneficial the more deeply you utilize Discord‘s ecosystem.

The Bottom Line on Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro provides a premium tier of features for the most active and invested users. While new 1 month trials remain available in 2023, Nitro converts to a paid subscription costing $9.99 per month after that point.

Carefully consider if Nitro fits your budget and Discord habits before subscribing long-term. But take advantage of the free trial and other promos to experience the benefits firsthand.

For avid Discord fans who extensively use features like HD streaming, boosted servers, and unlimited emoji slots, Nitro‘s pricing remains worthwhile. But you can still have a full experience sticking to the forever free core Discord.