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Is Pluto TV 100% Free? The Ultimate 2300+ Word Guide

Yes, Pluto TV is 100% free! As a seasoned cord-cutting enthusiast and streaming expert, I can definitively say that Pluto TV does not have any hidden fees or require a paid subscription.

With hundreds of free live TV channels and thousands of free on-demand movies and shows, Pluto TV is a must-try service for anyone looking to cut the cord and save money on entertainment. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll give you an in-depth look at everything Pluto TV has to offer, how it works, what you can watch, and whether there‘s a catch.

How Does Pluto TV Offer So Much For Free?

As a fellow deal-seeker, I‘m sure you‘re wondering how Pluto TV offers such extensive content without charging viewers a dime.

The answer is a simple one: advertisements.

Pluto TV is an ad-supported service. It displays commercials periodically during programming, similar to traditional cable TV.

This is what allows Pluto TV to offer unlimited access to over 250 live channels and thousands of on-demand titles without any subscription fees. The ad revenue generated from the commercials helps pay for all that great content.

According to Pluto TV‘s parent company Paramount, the service plays roughly 7-8 minutes of advertisements per hour of content watched. This is on par with the ad load on cable networks.

While some on-demand movies and shows are ad-free, most programming will have commercial breaks. But that‘s a small price to pay for unlimited free entertainment!

Now let‘s dive into everything Pluto TV has to offer.

Pluto TV‘s Free Live TV Channel Lineup

Pluto TV has over 250 live TV channels spanning a wide variety of genres – rivaling even the channel lineup of many paid cable and streaming packages.

Here‘s a sneak peek at some of the great live channels available for free on Pluto TV:

Entertainment & Lifestyle:

  • MTV
  • VH1
  • Comedy Central
  • Paramount Network
  • Logo
  • CMT
  • TV Land
  • BET Her
  • American Gladiators
  • Unsolved Mysteries
  • Forensic Files
  • Pluto TV Reality
  • Pluto TV Weddings
  • Pluto TV Pets
  • Pluto TV Travel

Movies & TV:

  • Paramount Movie Channel
  • Action Movies
  • Crime Network
  • Comedy Central Pluto
  • Drama TV
  • Classic TV
  • Reality TV
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Black Cinema
  • Frontdoor
  • Stories by AMC
  • The Asylum
  • The Pet Collective
  • FailArmy

News & Business:

  • CBS News
  • NBC News Now
  • CNN
  • Bloomberg TV
  • Cheddar News
  • TYT Network
  • Sky News
  • Newsmax TV
  • RT America
  • WeatherNation
  • Fox Business
  • CNET


  • NFL Channel
  • MLB
  • PGA Tour
  • Stadium
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • Fight
  • Impact Wrestling
  • WWE
  • MLS
  • Outside TV
  • Surf Channel
  • Ski Channel

Kids & Family:

  • Nick Pluto
  • TeenNick Pluto
  • Nick Jr. Pluto
  • NickRewind
  • Cartoon Network
  • Anime All Day
  • BabyFirst TV
  • Kabillion
  • The Pet Collective

Spanish Language:

Pluto TV also has over 40 dedicated Spanish language channels such as Pluto TV Cine Drama, Pluto TV Cine Terror, Pluto TV Novelas, and Pluto TV Peliculas in addition to dubbed versions of popular English programming.

This is just a sample of the diverse lineup available for free on Pluto TV. They add new channels all the time across news, sports, comedy, drama, reality TV, movies, and more.

Just How Much Free On-Demand Content Is There?

In addition to the live TV channels, Pluto TV grants you free access to thousands of on-demand movies, TV show episodes, and viral videos spanning every genre imaginable.

At last count, Pluto TV has over 40,000 hours of on-demand content available to stream whenever you want. And the on-demand library expands every week with new additions.

You‘ll find popular movies like the Mission Impossible series, Transformers, The Matrix, Million Dollar Baby, The Ring, and many more. Iconic TV shows on demand include Baywatch, Survivor, Hell‘s Kitchen, Unsolved Mysteries, 21 Jump Street, and thousands of episodes more.

For the kids, Pluto TV offers a treasure trove of free on-demand content from brands like Nickelodeon, Mattel, Hasbro, and LEGO. We‘re talking Dora the Explorer, Bob the Builder, Thomas & Friends, Caillou, and many more classic kids‘ series.

And since I know you gamers will appreciate this – Pluto TV has over 1,000 hours of gaming content on-demand from IGN, GameSpot, and Ginx covering everything from walkthroughs to esports tournaments and gaming news.

Here‘s a snapshot of some of the on-demand categories available on Pluto TV:

  • Action Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Drama Movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Sci-Fi Movies
  • Crime TV Shows
  • Reality TV
  • Classic TV
  • Home + DIY
  • Geek + Gaming
  • Extreme Sports
  • Made in Spain
  • Narco Novelas
  • Anime
  • Kids TV
  • Family
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Pets
  • Food + Cooking
  • …and many more!

As you can see, Pluto TV truly offers an endless amount of free movies, shows, and viral videos spanning every genre imaginable.

Just How Many Devices Can I Stream Pluto TV On?

Another excellent perk of Pluto TV – it‘s available on a ton of devices!

Pluto TV has free apps for:

  • Roku devices – It‘s in the Roku Channel Store
  • Amazon Fire TV – Download from Amazon Appstore
  • Apple TV – Get it from the App Store
  • Android TV – Install free from Google Play Store
  • Smart TVs – Pre-installed on many LG, Vizio, Samsung smart TVs
  • Game Consoles – Apps available on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X/S
  • iOS devices – Free app in the Apple App Store
  • Android devices – Free app in Google Play Store
  • Web browser – Can be accessed at without registration

So no matter what devices you own – smart TV, streaming stick, game console, tablet, phone – you can enjoy Pluto TV on them 100% free.

Pluto TV is highly accessible since it doesn‘t require you to purchase any specific streaming gadgets or hardware (I‘m looking at you, Apple TV+). All you need is an internet-connected screen!

Here‘s the Catch: You‘ll Have To Watch Ads

As the saying goes, nothing in life is free. Since Pluto TV doesn‘t charge subscription fees, it has to generate revenue through advertising in order to pay for all that content.

You can expect commercial breaks during programming around every 15-20 minutes on average. Some channels and on-demand content are completely ad-free, but most of the live channels do have periodic ad breaks.

Here‘s a comparison of the ad load on Pluto TV vs. cable TV and other ad-supported streamers:

Service Avg. Ad Minutes/Hr
Pluto TV 7-8 minutes
Cable TV 8-12 minutes
Hulu 9 minutes
Tubi 4-5 minutes

So Pluto TV‘s ad frequency is very comparable to traditional cable. And it‘s longer than some competitors like Tubi or Freevee.

But in my opinion, the amount of ads is completely reasonable given the unlimited access to 250+ live channels and thousands of free on-demand titles.

If ads really bug you, Pluto TV does offer a $4.99 per month Ad-Free plan that eliminates all commercials. But the base free tier will always have ads.

Pluto TV Offers Incredible Value As a Free Streaming Choice

When you tally up everything Pluto TV has to offer – hundreds of live channels, thousands of free on-demand movies and shows, broad device support, free sign-up – it really is an unbeatable free streaming option.

The amount of quality live and on-demand content you get access to for $0 a month is incredible. Pluto TV has great channel variety spanning entertainment, news, sports, movies, TV shows, kids, and more.

While competitors like Tubi, Xumo, and Freevee also offer free on-demand movies and shows, they simply can‘t match the sheer volume of live TV available on Pluto TV. And services like Sling TV that offer live channels start at $40 per month.

For cord cutters seeking a cable TV-like experience on a budget, Pluto TV comes the closest to replicating traditional TV without any subscription fee.

Could the library be deeper? Sure. Are the ads a bit annoying? Sometimes. But the amount of free entertainment Pluto TV provides is undeniably an incredible value.

The service serves as an ideal supplement to paid streamers like Netflix or Hulu, providing even more movies, TV shows, live channels and viral videos to enjoy for $0 extra.

I highly recommend all cord cutters and streamers give Pluto TV a try. It‘s a must-have free streaming option.

The Bottom Line: Pluto TV is 100% Free

So in summary – yes, Pluto TV is completely free! They do not charge any fees or require a paid subscription.

You simply download the app or go to their website to start watching unlimited live TV, on-demand movies and shows immediately. The only catch is you‘ll have to sit through some periodic commercial breaks.

Given the massive content catalog at your fingertips for $0, I‘d say it‘s more than worth it. Pluto TV is a great free streaming choice for all cord cutters and any budget.

So what are you waiting for? Start streaming 100% free entertainment now on Pluto TV!