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The Ultimate 2300+ Word Guide on Getting Free Pokémon Cards Online

Hey there! My name is Steven Erikson and I‘m a huge tech and gaming nerd who loves finding clever ways to get stuff for free online. I run a website called CoolFreePage where I share insider tips on streaming, gaming deals, and scoring free stuff. You seem interested in Pokémon cards, so I put together this ultimate guide just for you on how to get free Pokémon cards online. I‘ll share all my insider knowledge as a lifelong fan of collecting. Let‘s dive in!

How Can I Get Free Pokémon Cards Online?

Great question! There are actually quite a few methods you can use to score free Pokémon cards through the magic of the internet. I‘ll walk you through each one step-by-step. Here‘s an overview of what we‘ll cover:

  • Buying physical packs and redeeming code cards
  • Participating in local events and tournaments
  • Entering giveaways from official sources
  • Flipping and reselling duplicate cards
  • Completing surveys and offers for gift cards
  • Trading your less desired cards for new ones
  • Competing in online PTCGO tournaments
  • Grinding the daily ladder and completing quests
  • Asking for cards as gifts for special occasions

I‘ll also share some pro tips I‘ve learned for maximizing how many free cards you can add to your collection. So lace up your PokéShoes, grab your PokéBelt, and let‘s start catching ‘em all!

Buy Physical Booster Packs and Redeem Codes

Let‘s start with the easiest way to double your card acquisition power: buying physical booster packs and redeeming the code cards inside them. Here‘s the play-by-play for how it works:

First, head to your local hobby shop, comic store, supermarket, or big retailer like Target or Walmart and pick up some packs of the latest Pokémon TCG expansion sets. Right now, sets like Sword & Shield – Astral Radiance, Sword & Shield – Brilliant Stars, and Sword & Shield – Lost Origin have code cards inside the packs.

Once you‘ve got your physical booster packs, crack them open carefully. Dig through and find the code card inside. It will be white in color and have a QR code or text string printed on it.

Next up, download the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online app on your mobile device or visit the website on your computer. Create an account if you don‘t already have one. This is where you‘ll redeem your code cards.

Head to the redemption section in the app or website. Carefully enter the text or scan the QR code from the physical code card. Doing this will automatically open a digital booster pack containing the same cards you got physically!

It‘s a simple yet powerful trick for doubling your haul from every dollar you spend on Pokémon cards. Pay close attention to sales, deals, and clearance prices at local stores to maximize the value. For example, around the holidays major retailers will often discount Pokémon products way below MSRP.

Now let‘s look at even more ways to further multiply your free Pokémon card gains…

Attend Events and Tournaments for Promos and Prizes

Local gaming stores will frequently run Pokémon TCG events, leagues, and tournaments. Participating in these is hands down one of the most effective ways to score piles of free cards!

Events often provide special promo cards just for entering. Even if you don‘t win matches, you still get the promo card which could be worth money. Stores will also raffle off booster box codes and other digital loot to participants.

When you compete in tournaments, there is always incredible prize support in the form of booster pack codes, coins, tokens, etc. The bigger the tournament, the more valuable the payouts. If you manage to win or at least place highly, you can easily walk away with a mountain of free digital cards and packs.

Even if you don‘t care about competing, these events are the perfect place to meet fellow Pokémon TCG fans. Connecting with the local player community can lead to getting free cards through trades and giveaways.

I recommend checking Facebook for local Pokémon League and PTCG groups in your city. Game store owners will post event schedules and details there. Set reminders so you never miss one.

With the right preparation and deck building strategy, you can absolutely clean up on free cards from consistent event participation and smart prizing. Which leads us to our next freebie source…

Never Miss Giveaways From Official Sources

Giveaways offer some of the very best ways to score rare and valuable Pokémon cards for the glorious price of zero dollars. But you need to know where to find them. Here are the best places to hunt:

The Official Pokémon Website and Social Media Channels

This is giveaway central! Around big announcements like new sets, movie trailers, and major holidays, The Pokémon Company loves running promotions. Follow their website and social media profiles closely so you never miss one.

  • Twitter: @Pokemon
  • Instagram: @pokemon
  • YouTube:
  • and

They give away booster boxes, huge collections of code cards, special promos, and more. The online distribution means anyone can enter worldwide. I‘ve won many packs this way over the years.

Local Game Stores

Brick and mortar game shops need to drive foot traffic and sales, so in-store promotions are common. Follow and engage with your local stores. Here are some examples of what they give away:

  • Code cards for every $10 spent
  • Raffles and spinning prize wheels
  • Contests like trivia and costume competitions
  • Free promo cards for event participants

Gaming and Hobby Conventions

Whenever The Pokémon Company sets up shop at big pop culture conventions like PAX, San Diego Comic Con, and MCM London Comic Con, you better believe they come bearing freebies.

By visiting the Pokémon booth and tournament area, you can walk away with limited edition promo cards, coins, and booster packs that are only available to convention attendees. The bigger the convention, the more free stuff you get!

YouTube and Twitch Channels

Popular Pokémon TCG content creators on YouTube and Twitch love running giveaways and opening sponsorships. Subscribing to these channels and having notifications turned on is key.

When they announce a giveaway, you need to be ready to enter right away. Even small channels give away booster boxes and rare cards somewhat regularly. The more channels you follow, the more opportunities you have.

Retailers and Restaurants

Chain retailers and fast food restaurants often sponsor Pokémon promotions to drive sales. For example, Burger King may offer exclusive promo cards with kids meals. GameStop might hand out free booster packs with Pokémon pre-orders.

Follow Pokémon social media to stay on top of which retailers are participating. Then hurry to your local branch before supplies run out! Free cards make great side dishes for your extra value meal.

Online Forums and Communities

Dedicated Pokémon TCG communities like Reddit, Discord servers, and Facebook groups will sometimes crowdsource card giveaways. The community pools money to purchase sealed product and rare cards to give away to members.

Join a community hub like /r/PokemonTCG on Reddit or search Facebook for productive groups in your city. Then get engaged daily to qualify for surprise giveaways when they pop up!

Okay, let‘s keep this free card train moving. What else can we do?

Flip and Resell Your Duplicate Cards

As your physical and digital Pokémon card collections grow, you‘ll inevitably start accumulating duplicate copies of cards. Instead of letting those extras rot away in a forgotten binder page, you can resell them online to essentially exchange them for new cards.

When you open enough packs, you‘ll pull multiples of even rare cards. That‘s when it‘s time to cash in. Here are some tips:

  • Carefully catalog your duplicates and look up the current market value on credible Pokémon card pricing websites.
  • List the duplicates for sale individually or in lots on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, TCGPlayer, and other platforms. Always price just slightly below the going market rate for fastest sales.
  • Take high quality photos and write detailed descriptions of the cards‘ conditions to boost their perceived value in buyers‘ eyes.
  • After sales, take your profits and reinvest them into buying new booster packs, starter decks, or specific rare singles you need to complete sets.
  • Consider trading away duplicates directly for cards you want rather than selling. Online trading groups are great for this. More on trading later!

Flipping extra cards can almost be viewed as exchanging them for store credit you can put towards future Pokémon purchases. All it takes is some business and marketplace savvy to maximize your profit on each transaction.

Onwards! What other paths can we take to free card fortune?

Earn Gift Cards Through Surveys and Tasks

Now this method takes more effort, but it scores you redeemable Pokémon gift cards without spending any actual money. I‘m talking about completing online surveys, offers, and earning activities in exchange for gift card rewards.

Here are some legitimate websites I‘ve used successfully that offer Pokémon TCG gift cards in their rewards catalogs:


This is one of the most well-known "get paid to" sites. You earn Swagbucks points by taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more. Cash out your points for $5, $10, and $25 Pokémon Center gift cards.


Almost identical to Swagbucks. Complete online activities to earn points. Redeem your MyPoints balance for Pokemon Center, Target, Amazon, or Walmart gift cards to buy cards and supplies.


A vetted community for taking surveys, reading emails, watching TV, and online shopping. Cash out for Pokémon gift cards once you reach the redemption thresholds.


Features a large offer wall of surveys, downloads, games, and sign-ups focused on pop culture properties like Pokémon. The reward options include PTCG gift cards among other brands.


Another portal that lets you complete various online promotions for points. Redeem earnings for digital booster code cards or physical Pokémon products like Elite Trainer Boxes.

Obviously this method takes consistent effort over time. But it allows you to stack up gift cards for new Pokémon goodies without spending a dime of actual cash. Just be sure to stick to legitimate survey and rewards sites for safety.

Trade Away Unwanted Cards for New Ones

Trading cards with fellow Pokémon TCG fans is one of the most classic ways to turn unwanted cards from your collection into new cards you actually want. Here are some options for effective trading:

Local Meetups

Join local Pokémon Facebook groups, Discord servers, or forums to connect with collectors in your city. Arrange safe public meetups to trade cards with others in person. This allows each of you to get cards you need for your collections.

Mail Trades

Find trade partners through online Pokémon trading groups. Coordinate what cards each of you will send, then mail them securely using tracked shipping and sturdy packaging. This opens up your possibilities beyond local players.


This paid service facilitates worldwide trades by mail. You catalog and list cards you‘re willing to send to other members. When someone purchases them, you mail the cards and earn credit usable for buying cards you want.

Bulk Submissions

Websites like CoolStuffInc allow you to mail in bulk unwanted cards for store credit. The amount depends on quantity, rarity, and condition grades. Use the credit to buy new sealed product or singles.

Smart trading maximizes value from less desired sections of your collection by essentially converting them into store credit. It‘s also extremely helpful for finishing off tricky sets.

Grind Online Tournaments for Rewards

Pokémon TCG Online constantly runs Theme Deck tournaments with tradable booster pack prizes going to top performers. Playing online offers reliable free card payouts with practice. Here are some tips:

  • Build budget competitive decks for Standard or Expanded format. Search "budget deck lists" for proven formulas.
  • Study the most played meta decks and tech your list to counter them.
  • Learn to play quickly and effectively. Faster match wins let you complete more events.
  • Carefully manage the in-game timer and pace yourself. Rope burning is for losers!
  • Play in as many tournaments as your schedule allows each week. Volume is the key to maximizing rewards over time.

The more you participate, the more packs you‘ll win to then trade away for the specific cards you want. That‘s how you turn time into tangible collection value.

Complete Daily Activities for Rewards

Simply logging into Pokémon TCG Online every day allows you to accumulate rewards through daily challenges and login bonuses. Here are tips for maximizing this freebie grind:

  • Never miss completing your daily challenge for rewards like coins, tokens, and tradable packs.
  • Save up earned coins to join theme deck tournaments – they are cheaper and easier to consistently win.
  • Build a fast budget deck that can rapidly complete "win X games" daily challenges.
  • Don‘t waste time on unwinnable games. Just concede and move to the next match.
  • Reroll difficult challenges by tapping the X icon until it swaps to an easier one.
  • Make sure you complete all 3 tiers of each multi-stage challenge for max rewards.
  • Check login bonuses for free coins, cards, and other digital goodies.

Daily grinding efficiently converts your play time into meaningful collection growth. These small gains really add up over time!

Ask For Cards as Gifts

Don‘t underestimate the power of simply requesting Pokémon cards as gifts for special occasions like your birthday and holidays. As kids, many of us got our start in the hobby this way!

Even as an adult collector, you can score free sealed product and rare singles by letting friends and family know what you want. Here are some tips for hinting:

  • Gift ideas are especially effective around your birthday, holidays, and other gift-giving occasions.
  • Provide links or lists of exact booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes, and specific rare singles you need for your collection.
  • For family members, suggest a trip to pick up Pokémon products together as an experience gift. Offer to cover shipping costs if buying online.
  • For practical friends, propose pre-ordering upcoming playable accessories like deck boxes, sleeves, and playmats featuring your favorite Pokémon.
  • Craft an Amazon Wish List with your most desired Pokémon products and share it so people can pick what to get you.

When loved ones ask what you want, tell them openly! Some will happily oblige with Pokémon freebies that will make your inner child smile.

Bonus Tips for Maximizing Free Cards

We‘ve covered a ton of ground, but I have a few final tips and tricks for squeezing out every last free Pokémon card possible:

  • Check discount and clearance stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall‘s for heavily marked down Pokémon TCG items. You can sometimes find booster boxes and collections 50% off or more!
  • Sign up on the official Pokémon Trainer Club website to receive free digital code cards randomly delivered to your inbox.
  • Enable notifications from Pokémon TCG social media accounts. Giveaway announcements always hit there first when they spontaneously appear.
  • Check retail clearance sections and scan discount book/movie racks for Pokémon deals. Store employees may also hold back stock to give away if you ask nicely.
  • Buy used Pokémon TCG lots on eBay or Craigslist to acquire huge bundles of cards from others‘ collections at extreme bulk discount. Sort through them to find gems.
  • Ask hobby shop owners if they have any donated bulk cards they‘d be willing to give away for free. It never hurts to ask!
  • Before purchasing any Pokémon product online, quickly search Google for active coupon codes and cashback offers to save extra.

If you stay vigilant in your hunt for free cards, they will add up quicker than you expect. Now go catch ‘em all! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy collecting!

Your PokéPal,