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Is Poppi Caffeine Free? A Detailed Look at Poppi and Olipop Sodas

The short answer is: some Poppi flavors contain a small amount of caffeine, while others are completely caffeine-free.

Specifically, Poppi‘s Classic Cola and Doc Pop have 32mg caffeine per 12oz can. This caffeine comes from green tea extract. All other Poppi varieties, including orange, lemon lime, strawberry, and root beer contain zero caffeine.

Now, let‘s do a deep dive into Poppi and caffeine. As a data analyst and gaming/streaming enthusiast, I‘ve researched this extensively to find the stats and facts. My goal is to provide a comprehensive, insider perspective on Poppi, Olipop, and caffeine content.

Poppi‘s Caffeine Content

According to Poppi‘s website, only two of their nine soda flavors contain caffeine:

  • Poppi Classic Cola – 32mg caffeine per 12oz can
  • Poppi Doc Pop – 32mg caffeine per 12oz can

This caffeine comes from natural green tea extract.

How Does 32mg Caffeine Compare?

To put Poppi‘s 32mg caffeine in context:

  • A 12oz can of Coca-Cola has 34mg caffeine
  • An 8oz cup of green tea has about 28mg caffeine
  • An 8oz cup of black tea has roughly 47mg caffeine
  • An 8oz cup of coffee has around 95mg caffeine

So Poppi‘s caffeinated varieties have approximately the same caffeine as a can of Coke. The 32mg caffeine equals about 1/3 a cup of coffee.

Health authorities recommend limiting caffeine to 400mg or less per day. A single can of caffeinated Poppi provides around 8% of that daily upper limit.

Poppi‘s Caffeine-Free Flavors

Importantly, 7 out of Poppi‘s 9 flavors contain no caffeine whatsoever:

  • Orange Poppi
  • Strawberry Poppi
  • Lemon Lime Poppi
  • Root Beer Poppi
  • Grape Poppi
  • Pineapple Poppi
  • Raspberry Poppi

So if you‘re sensitive to caffeine or prefer to avoid it, these caffeine-free Poppi varieties are excellent options.

Olipop‘s Caffeine Content

Unlike Poppi, Olipop sodas are completely caffeine-free across all of their flavors.

According to the company, Olipop uses natural stevia leaf extract to sweeten their drinks. Stevia plants do not contain any caffeine. Therefore, caffeine is not present in any Olipop sodas.

Their caffeine-free flavors include:

  • Orange Cream Olipop
  • Classic Root Beer Olipop
  • Strawberry Vanilla Olipop
  • Ginger Lemon Olipop
  • Cherry Vanilla Olipop

For those wanting to strictly avoid caffeine, Olipop provides a delicious prebiotic soda option.

Prebiotic Soda Pros and Cons

As a fan of data, I want to outline the potential benefits and downsides of prebiotic sodas:

Potential Benefits

  • Contain apple cider vinegar, which provides prebiotic fiber to feed gut bacteria
  • May improve digestion and reduce bloating
  • No artificial sweeteners or ingredients
  • Taste better than straight apple cider vinegar drinks
  • Provide probiotic benefits without excessive caffeine

Potential Drawbacks

  • Higher in sugar and calories compared to plain water
  • Could cause gastrointestinal issues if over-consumed
  • Expensive compared to traditional soda brands
  • Limited long-term research on health impacts

In my opinion, enjoying the occasional Poppi or Olipop provides prebiotic benefits without the high caffeine content or artificial additives found in many sodas. But plain water remains the healthiest beverage for daily hydration.

Poppi vs. Olipop Comparison

As a data geek, I wanted to directly compare Poppi and Olipop. Here‘s a quick nutrition rundown:

Calories and Sugar

Beverage Calories Sugar (g)
12oz Orange Poppi 20 5
12oz Orange Cream Olipop 50 5

Olipop tends to be higher in calories while Poppi is lower. Both contain 5g total sugars per 12oz serving.


Poppi uses both stevia and organic cane sugar to sweeten their drinks. Olipop relies solely on stevia leaf extract.

Both sodas contain apple cider vinegar but no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors. They‘re made with minimal, natural ingredients.

Caffeine Content

As discussed earlier, two Poppi flavors contain 32mg caffeine while Olipop is 100% caffeine-free.


Poppi costs around $2.50 per 12oz can. Olipop averages $3.00 per 12oz can, making it the more expensive choice.

However, both offer online subscription options to save up to 15% on the per can cost.

The Bottom Line

As a fellow streaming/gaming fanatic, I hope this detailed breakdown helps explain Poppi and Olipop‘s caffeine content.

The key takeaways are:

  • Only two Poppi flavors contain caffeine (32mg per can)
  • All other Poppi and all Olipop varieties are caffeine-free
  • Olipop uses only stevia, while Poppi uses both stevia and organic cane sugar
  • Olipop is higher in calories and price compared to Poppi
  • Both offer potential prebiotic benefits when consumed in moderation

In the future, I‘m excited to see more research on these drinks‘ impacts on energy, focus, and digestive health. But for now, my advice is enjoy Poppi and Olipop as occasional treats, not daily drinks. The gaming marathon awaits!