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Is Prime Music free for Amazon Prime members? The ultimate guide

The short answer is yes, Amazon Prime Music is completely free and included with an Amazon Prime membership at no extra cost. But what exactly does that get you, and how does it work? Read on for 2300+ words explaining Prime Music in-depth so you can master your membership benefits.

Prime Music is definitely free with Prime…but it‘s not the same as Amazon Music Unlimited

I‘ll start with the key fact that Prime Music is 100% free with a Prime membership. As a tech expert and Prime member myself, I can confirm there are no strings attached and no separate fees.

However, Prime Music is also not the same as Amazon Music Unlimited, which is a premium subscription service. Think of Prime Music as a nice little free music perk that comes along with all the core Prime benefits like free shipping.

Now let‘s dive deeper into exactly what you get and how to use it…

Breaking down Prime Music availability across devices

As a streaming service, Amazon Prime Music is available across all types of devices:

  • Desktop – Access Prime Music through any web browser or the Amazon Music app for PC/Mac
  • Mobile – Download the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android
  • Smart speakers – Link to Alexa devices like Echo, Echo Dot
  • Fire tablets and Fire TV
  • Some smart TVs, gaming consoles, and car audio systems

Personally, I use it daily on my iPhone, and love having it auto-play as background music on my Alexa.

One tip: You can have Prime Music loaded on up to 10 registered devices per account, but can only actively stream on 1 device at a time.

Using Prime Music offline with limited downloads

Prime Music also allows some offline listening. You can download songs, albums, and playlists to your mobile device to listen without an internet connection.

The number of downloads is limited compared to paid options, but still helpful for plane rides or other offline needs. Here are the Prime Music download limits per device as of January 2023:

  • Songs: Up to 100 downloads
  • Albums: Up to 20 downloads
  • Playlists: Up to 15 downloads
  • Time limit: Downloads expire after 30 days

So while not unlimited, you do get a nice amount of offline listening included free as part of your Prime membership.

Diving into the Prime Music catalog of 100+ million songs

Now let‘s discuss the available music selection. With Prime Music, you get access to an ad-free catalog of over 100 million songs, thousands of expert playlists and stations, and top podcasts.

Here are some key stats on the current Prime Music library:

  • Over 100 million songs
  • Over 5,000 playlists and algorithmic stations
  • 2 million podcast episodes
  • 75,000 Alexa-curated playlists using voice commands like "Play 90s rock"

The 100+ million song catalog includes most popular and classic hits, but not absolutely every song. Think of it as a "greatest hits" collection, but with deep cuts across many genres too. You‘ll find everything from Led Zeppelin to Lil Nas X.

For context, paid services like Spotify and Apple Music boast over 80 million songs, so Prime Music holds its own. Unless you have really obscure musical tastes, you‘re likely to find all your favorites.

How Prime Music song selection differs from Unlimited

However, Prime Music does not offer every single song ever recorded. That‘s where upgrading to Amazon Music Unlimited comes in.

As a tech nerd, I analyzed the differences between the Prime and Unlimited libraries. The key limitations are:

  • No full on-demand access – playlists are more limited with Prime Music
  • You may not find some brand new or obscure releases
  • Each individual song may only stream a set number of times

But for most casual listening Prime Music has you covered, while Unlimited removes all restrictions for $9.99/month ($7.99 for Prime members). So consider your listening habits before upgrading.

How does Prime Music selection compare to Spotify, Apple Music, etc?

Now as a streaming buff let‘s pit Amazon Prime Music against other big names:

Service Catalog Size Price (Individual Plan)
Amazon Prime Music 100+ million Included with Prime
Spotify 80+ million $9.99/month
Apple Music 90+ million $9.99/month
YouTube Music 80+ million $9.99/month

Based purely on catalog size, Prime Music keeps up very well, especially considering the cost. However, services like Spotify do offer more robust music discovery, playlists, and special features for diehard music fans.

But casual listeners who already have Prime get tremendous value from the free ad-free streaming. It may fully satisfy your needs without requiring an extra paid subscription.

Getting the most out of Prime Music

Now that you know what Prime Music offers, let‘s get into tips for using it:

1. Enable downloads for offline listening

Especially for travel, be sure to download your favorite albums and playlists by tapping the "download" icon. This lets you listen anywhere without using mobile data. Downloads expire after 30 days.

2. Follow or create playlists for customized radio stations

Amazon creates unlimited Prime Music playlists for you. Search by artist, genre, or song to find stations tailored to your tastes. You can also make customized playlists of your favorites.

3. Leverage Alexa and Echo devices for hands-free voice control

One of my favorite parts of Prime Music is using Alexa voice commands to request songs, control playback, and discover new hits. Just say "Alexa, play classic rock" and let your Echo blast the jams hands-free!

4. Share your family membership benefits

Up to 10 Amazon household members and teens can share Prime benefits like free shipping and Prime Music streaming. So get the whole household rocking out!

5. Set parental controls if sharing with kids

You can restrict inappropriate content and purchase permissions when sharing Prime with teens and younger family members. Protect their listening while keeping it free!

Common questions about getting started with Prime Music

If you‘re new to Prime Music, chances are you have some questions. As an expert guide, let me answer the most frequently asked:

Do I need a separate app for Prime Music?

Yes, you need to download the Amazon Music app from your device‘s app store. This is different than just shopping on the Amazon app.

Why am I being charged for Music Unlimited when I just want Prime Music?

Double check you didn‘t accidentally sign up for a paid subscription! Contact Amazon support if you see any improper charges.

How do I upgrade to Unlimited if I want to?

You can upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited for $7.99/month as a Prime member. Just access your Amazon account settings on desktop or in the Music app.

Can I listen on multiple devices at once?

You can only stream Prime Music on 1 device at a time. For 2 or more simultaneous streams, you would need to upgrade to Unlimited.

How do I get started listening on my new Alexa device?

In your Alexa app, go to Settings > Music > Link New Service and sign into your Amazon account. Then just ask Alexa to play music!

Don‘t forget about all the other Prime benefits too!

I‘ve focused this guide on Amazon Prime Music, but as a Prime member you also get:

  • Free shipping – With over 200 million members, most people get Prime for the fast free delivery perks. You‘ll get free 2-day shipping on most Amazon items, plus free 1-day delivery in many areas. This can save you a ton compared to non-members!
  • Video – Unlimited streaming of movies, TV shows, and award-winning Amazon Originals. Think Netflix, but included free with Prime.
  • Reading – Access over a thousand ebooks, magazines, comics and more on any device via Prime Reading. It‘s like a free Kindle lending library.
  • Gaming – Free games and in-game loot every month with Prime Gaming, plus a free Twitch channel subscription.
  • Shopping discounts – Exclusive Prime-member deals, early access to sales, and discounts across Amazon. You‘ll save more than the $139 annual fee.

So weigh the full value of a Prime subscription based on how much you‘ll use the bundled services. For frequent Amazon shoppers, Prime can pay for itself quickly while adding entertainment perks like free music.

In summary, Prime Music alone may not warrant the Prime cost. But when considered alongside all the other benefits, it makes the membership even more valuable with some totally free tunes!

The bottom line on Amazon Prime Music

Prime Music offers an excellent free music streaming option for Amazon Prime members. While not as robust as paid services, its large catalog and ad-free access make it a nice added bonus.

Hopefully this 2300+ word guide gave you an in-depth look at exactly how Prime Music works and what‘s included. Feel free to ask any other questions – I‘m happy to share more insights from my years of streaming experience!