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Is Project Keystone Still a Possibility for Microsoft?

Recently leaked documents from the ongoing FTC vs. Microsoft trial have revealed new information about upcoming consoles, controllers, and games. One of the leaked slides includes a breakdown of projects that have been funded internally by Microsoft, and at the top of the list is Project Keystone, also known as the Cloud Console.

It was reported over a year ago that Microsoft had decided to shelve the development of Project Keystone due to high production costs. The console was said to be a simple device bundled with a controller, designed to connect to Xbox's Cloud service. Microsoft's Phil Spencer mentioned that the console would have cost between $99 to $129.

However, despite the initial shelving of Project Keystone, Microsoft never explicitly stated that it would be permanently shut down. In a statement, they mentioned that they would be pivoting away from the current iteration of the device and focusing on a new approach that would allow them to deliver Xbox Cloud Gaming to more players in the future.

The leaked documents suggest that Project Keystone may still be a possibility. It is listed in the “funded” section of a pyramid matrix that showcases internal funding allocation at Microsoft. Alongside it are Project Brooklin, which is believed to be the new Xbox Series X, and Project Sebile, the new Xbox controller. Additionally, the section in which Project Keystone is listed is aimed at breaking down goals leading up to 2030, further indicating that it is back on the table.

While it is uncertain whether Project Keystone will become a reality, its inclusion in the funded section suggests that there is still a possibility for its development. As a small, lightweight, internet-dependent Xbox Cloud Gaming console, it could offer a unique gaming experience for those interested in a more portable gaming solution.

Source: The Verge