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Is Rainbow Six Siege Free to Play on PlayStation?

Hey friend! Steven here, your gaming guru and tech specialist. As an avid Siege player myself, I know this is a hot question many PlayStation gamers have. Let‘s dive in and I‘ll give you the full low-down.

The short answer is: unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege is not a free game on PlayStation. It remains a paid title you must purchase to play the full version.

However, there are discounts and deals that make Siege more affordable. As your gaming insider, I‘ve got all the details you need to score R6 at the best price on PS4 and PS5!

What is Rainbow Six Siege?

For those new to the scene, Rainbow Six Siege is a 5v5 tactical shooter from Ubisoft. Two teams face off:

  • Attackers – Tasked with infiltrating a location and completing objectives like securing hostages or defusing bombs.
  • Defenders – Aim to stop the attackers by fortifying and guarding the location.

Operators are the playable characters, with unique gadgets and abilities. Destruction is a key element – walls and floors can be busted open to create new sightlines and routes.

Siege first released in 2015 and has grown a huge following, with over 85 million registered players as of September 2022. Let‘s check out how to score this hit shooter on PlayStation.

Rainbow Six Siege Editions and Pricing

There are a few different versions of R6 Siege available on the PlayStation Store:

  • **Standard Edition** – $19.99
  • **Deluxe Edition** – $29.99
  • **Ultimate Edition** – $99.99

The Standard Edition simply includes the base game. The Deluxe unlocks Year 1 and 2 operators. Ultimate packs in all Year 1-4 operators and bonus cosmetics.

Here‘s a pro tip: Watch for PSN sales where these drop 50-70% off! The Standard Edition can get as low as $8.

PlayStation Player Base

Even years after launch, Siege has a very healthy player base across PlayStation platforms:

  • **PS4** – 28% of the total R6 player base
  • **PS5** – 12% of the total R6 player base

This totals an impressive 40% of the Siege community on PlayStation! You‘ll have no trouble finding matches.

Can You Play Rainbow Six Siege for Free?

Unfortunately, unlike popular shooters like Fortnite and Apex Legends, R6 Siege is not a free-to-play game. You must purchase one of the paid editions above to play the full version on PlayStation.

However, there are a few limited ways to access Siege for free, if only for a short time:

Free Play Weekends

For special events and milestones, Ubisoft runs free play weekends for R6 Siege. During these promotions, anyone can download and play the full game for free! All progress is lost when the event ends though.

The last free weekend was during Rainbow Six Siege‘s 5 Year Anniversary event in December 2020. Keep an eye out for the next one!

Ubisoft+ Classics

This is a catalog of Ubisoft games free for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium members. It included Rainbow Six Siege from June to July 2022.

Subscribers could play the full version of Siege free during this period. Unfortunately, it has since been removed from the catalog. But there‘s hope it may return in the future!

Does PS Plus Include Rainbow Six Siege?

PlayStation Plus is Sony‘s subscription required for online multiplayer gaming on PS4 and PS5. It also gives members free monthly games.

Rainbow Six Siege has never been one of the monthly free PS Plus games. So a subscription alone does not get you access to R6.

However, PS Plus is required to play Rainbow Six Siege online on PlayStation. So you need an active PS Plus membership on top of purchasing one of the Siege editions above.

How Does Rainbow Six Siege on PS4/PS5 Compare to Other Platforms?

One major advantage of R6 on PlayStation is full crossplay and cross-progression with PC and Xbox!

All players can matchmake together across platforms. Your stats and unlocks carry between them. This unified ecosystem keeps the player base strong.

In terms of pricing and availability:

  • **Xbox** – Same paid structure as PlayStation. Also regularly discounted.
  • **PC** – Only paid versions on Ubisoft Connect and Steam. Goes on sale often.
  • **Xbox Game Pass** – R6 Siege is included free for Game Pass subscribers here, but not on PlayStation.

So the PlayStation versions remain highly competitive with other platforms in features and pricing.

Will Rainbow Six Siege Ever Go Free to Play?

This is the big question! While not confirmed, industry trends suggest a free-to-play shift could happen.

Major franchises like Call of Duty and Halo now have free-to-play titles. Rainbow Six Siege already has elements of a live service game:

  • Frequent post-launch updates and seasons.
  • Mostly cosmetic-only microtransactions.
  • Huge player base accustomed to ongoing content.

Transitioning to a free-to-play model could open Siege up to millions more players. But for now it remains paid on all platforms.

Insider Tips to Save on Rainbow Six Siege

If you‘re looking to pick up Rainbow Six Siege as cheaply as possible, here are some pro gamer tips:

  • Watch for PSN sales – base version can drop to $8!
  • Buy pre-owned physical copies on sale.
  • Start with Standard Edition, then upgrade with DLC operators later.
  • Team up with a friend who owns the game to try Buddy Pass.
  • Choose PS Plus Extra/Premium in case Siege returns to Ubisoft+ Classics.

Patience and sharp sale hunting will pay off. Within no time, you‘ll be breaching and clearing with the best of ‘em for a fraction of the cost!

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy gaming my friend 🙂