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Is retro ball on Android?

Retro Bowl, the massively popular retro-style American football management and gameplay experience from New Star Games, is available as a free-to-play downloadable app for Android devices like smartphones and tablets. With its accessibility, polish and strategic depth, Retro Bowl has become a phenomenon on the Google Play Store amassing over 5 million downloads. This guide covers everything you need to know about downloading, setting up and mastering Retro Bowl on your Android phone or tablet.

The Appeal of Retro Bowl on Mobile Platforms

Retro Bowl distills the football management sim and gameplay loop into an addictive, bite-sized package perfect for gaming on the go. Matches unfold in focused 5 minute bursts with streamlined controls. Squad building, trades, upgrades and multiple seasons of franchise progression provide depth. The pixel art aesthetics run smoothly on mobile hardware while evoking nostalgia. Since launching on iOS and Android in 2020, Retro Bowl has been downloaded over 18 million times across all platforms. In reviews, players praise the polish, simplicity and “just right” balance that makes it so hard to put down.

Downloading and Playing Retro Bowl on Android

Retro Bowl can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store for Android 5.0 and up. The game only takes up a mere 30MB of space. After installing, simply launch the app and touch the screen to begin. You’ll be prompted to enter your name for a new profile before starting your first franchise. Main menu options include starting a new season, continuing an existing save, viewing standings and stats, and entering the upgrades store. You can stretch Retro Bowl across multiple devices by creating an account to sync your profile.

Retro Bowl Gameplay and Controls

Matches in Retro Bowl take place in 5 minute quarters with simplified touchscreen controls:

  • Tap players to pass them the ball on offense
  • Swipe up or down to juke and dodge tackles
  • Swipe forwards to sprint for extra yards
  • Swipe backwards to stop or step back
  • Tap defensive players to change control and tackle the opponent

Gameplay is snappy and optimized for short bursts of football action – perfect for killing time waiting in line or during a commute. Games end quickly but the compelling franchise mode will have you playing season after season.

Retro Bowl Features Deep Franchise Progression

While matches are breezy pick up and play affairs, the expansive franchise mode offers plenty of strategic depth. As coach, you are responsible for:

  • Handling weekly press conferences and player interactions
  • Signing free agents to improve your roster
  • Making trades with other franchises
  • Upgrading your stadium, team facilities and amenities
  • Customizing playbooks, depth charts and gameplans
  • Monitoring players stats and growth over multiple seasons
  • Achieving a winning record to reach the Retro Bowl championships

Balancing these responsibilities while aiming for a championship dynasty is addictively fun. The flexibility to shape your team’s identity through trades and upgrades provides strategic choice.

The Base Game is Free with Optional In-App Purchases

Retro Bowl can be downloaded and played for free on Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch. The core Retro Bowl experience features:

  • 60+ team franchises with 2000 real life players
  • Full campaign/franchise mode
  • Local multiplayer support for 1v1 competitive matches
  • Stat tracking and leaderboards for seasons
  • Cloud save support to transfer progress across devices

There are unobtrusive ads between matches. A $1-3 in-app purchase unlocks the unlimited version with extra coaching credits and no ads. Players can also buy credit packs for boosts if desired, but they aren‘t required to fully enjoy the game.

Retro Bowl Recaptures the Pixel Perfect Football Nostalgia

Retro Bowl utilizes a nostalgic pixel art aesthetic that recalls classic 16-bit era sports games like Tecmo Bowl, making it perfect for football fans feeling nostalgic. The retro audiovisual presentation sets it apart from more modern looking mobile sports titles. From the simplistic player animations to the chiptune sound effects, Retro Bowl nails its throwback personality. Addictive gameplay hooks have made it an underground hit. Since blowing up on mobile, Retro Bowl has accrued over 43,000 reviews on the Google Play Store with an impressive 4.6 star average rating.

Total Downloads 18 million+
Google Play Store Rating 4.6 stars
Number of Franchises 60+
Business Model Free-to-play (with ads)

The Best Retro Football Gaming Experience on Mobile

While more complex football management sims exist, none capture the addictive magic of Retro Bowl‘s gameplay loop quite like it does. Matches are snappy, controls are simple and the franchise mode has shocking depth. For fans of retro gaming or football looking for a great mobile sports fix, Retro Bowl is a must play. The free-to-play approach lets anyone try it out. Additional coats of polish and features make the premium unlimited version worth the minor unlock fee. If you have any interest in American football or sports games, don’t hesitate to download Retro Bowl for a fun, easy-to-learn and hard-to-put down experience you can play anywhere on your Android device.