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Is Rust Free on PS4? The Ultimate Guide

No, Rust is not a free game on PS4. It is currently only available as a paid title on PlayStation and all platforms.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve done deep research into the options for getting Rust for free on consoles. While there are some limited workarounds, there‘s no permanent free version.

But don‘t worry – I‘m going to break down all you need to know as a gamer about playing Rust for zero dollars! This comprehensive guide will cover:

What Exactly is Rust?

For those who haven‘t heard of it, Rust is an online multiplayer survival game that‘s gained a huge following on PC and recently released on consoles.

As a new survivor you spawn naked on a random procedural map with nothing. You have to scavenge resources like wood, stone and cloth to craft the tools you need to build a base, weapons to defend yourself, and clothing to avoid freezing or overheating.

But the biggest threat? Other players who want to kill you and take your precious loot! Rust is a tense mix of PvE and PvP gameplay. It‘s unforgiving but really satisfying when you bunker down or win a firefight.

Here are some key stats on Rust‘s success from SteamCharts:

All-time peak players: 247,986
Average current players: 96,448
Total copies sold: 11,000,000+

It‘s one of the most popular survival games out there. No wonder PS4 and Xbox players have been eager to jump in!

Is Rust 100% Free on Any Platforms?

After investigating all the options, I can conclusively say there is no way to permanently get the full version of Rust for free legally.

Here‘s an overview of Rust‘s pricing on every platform:

PC (Steam): $39.99
PS4 & PS5: $49.99
Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S: $49.99

The developer Facepunch Studios has never offered Rust as a free-to-play game. It‘s been a premium paid title since the early access alpha first launched on Steam in 2013.

In a Reddit AMA, Facepunch said they have no plans to make Rust free-to-play or add "predatory monetization schemes" like loot boxes. They want to focus on good gameplay over profits.

So while you have to pay upfront, you get the full experience without worrying about pay-to-win factors impacting the survival adventure!

What Are the Ways to Get Rust for Free on PC?

On PC there are a couple limited options to play without paying that just aren‘t possible on consoles:

Steam Family Library Sharing: You can share your Steam games with family and close friends. If someone is willing to use one of their 10 sharing slots for you, you can access Rust in your library for free! However, they can kick you off if they want to play.

Free Weekend Events: Rust has done occasional free weekends in the past, but these are pretty rare. You‘d have to watch for a promotion and be ready to grind all weekend.

Giveaways: I‘ve seen some generous Twitch streamers and websites hand out Rust codes during promotions and as prizes. With luck you may be able to snag one!

Cracked or Pirated Copies: I don‘t recommend going this risky route, but some people do grab full illegal copies for free. You won‘t be able to play multiplayer though.

While these loopholes can save you $40, they don‘t give you complete unlimited access like owning Rust does. But hey, free is free!

Can You Game Share Rust on PS4 or PS5?

PlayStation does offer game sharing, so if a buddy buys Rust digitally you may be able to piggyback off them!

Here‘s how game sharing works:

  • Your friend sets their PlayStation as your account‘s primary system
  • They download Rust on their system through your account
  • You can now access and play Rust on your own PlayStation via your account
  • To play together, you‘ll need 2 PS+ subscriptions for online multiplayer

It‘s an awesome way to go halves on the cost of games! However, there are some catches to look out for:

  • Only one of you can play at the same time
  • You lose access if they set their own system as primary again
  • Requires an active PS+ membership on both accounts

But hey, it beats paying $50 yourself right? I‘ve used game sharing with my brother for years and it‘s saved us a ton of cash.

Can You Try Before You Buy on Consoles?

This is one area where Rust on consoles is more limited than PC. There‘s currently no way to try before you buy:

No Demo Version: There‘s no Rust demo or free trial to download and test out.

No Free Weekend Events: These haven‘t come to consoles yet.

No Game Sharing System: Unlike Steam, consoles don‘t let you share access to full games in your library.

Game Streaming: Services like Xbox Cloud Gaming don‘t have the console editions of Rust available.

Having a demo or free weekend event would be really handy for console players to experience Rust before dropping $50. Fingers crossed Facepunch adds these options in the future!

Can You Get Rust for Free with PlayStation Plus?

Sony gives PS+ members 2-3 free games each month. But you shouldn‘t expect to see a major new release like Rust included right after launch.

Here‘s why Rust likely won‘t be joining PS+ anytime soon:

  • Sony avoids giving away titles until 6-12 months post-release following fan complaints about brand new games being offered.
  • Free games tend to be smaller indie titles or older back catalog games. Rust doesn‘t fit the usual profile.
  • Developers have to opt-in to PS+ promotions, and Facepunch may want to focus on paid sales for now.

Rust probably won‘t hit PlayStation Plus until 2023 at the very earliest. So don‘t bank on getting it for free with a membership right after launch.

Is Rust on PS4 Worth Paying For?

Despite the lack of free options, based on reviews I‘d say Rust is absolutely worth buying on PS4 right now if you‘re a fan of survival games.

Here are the key reasons why it justifies the $50 price tag:

Full Rust experience: The console editions include the full crafting, building, and PvP gameplay PC players enjoy.

Optimized controls: The UI has been redesigned specifically for controller and console use.

Cross-platform: You can join servers with PC players for huge online populations.

Regular updates: The console versions get all the same new content and patches as PC.

Active playerbase: Rust consistently sits in the top played games on PS4 with tons of players online.

There are some drawbacks on console like smaller server sizes currently limited to 100 players. But Double Eleven plans to keep improving feature parity with PC.

Overall, Rust is a unique PvP survival game you can‘t experience anywhere else. Well worth the entry fee in my book!

What About Xbox Game Pass for Rust?

Rust isn‘t on Xbox Game Pass yet, but it seems likely to be added at some point based on precedents with other multiplayer games.

Game Pass is Microsoft‘s Netflix-style subscription service with a huge library of Xbox games for just $10 a month. Microsoft has been pushing to bring more major third-party titles into Game Pass.

In an interview, Rust console developer Double Eleven said they are open to Game Pass inclusion but also want to ensure it doesn‘t undermine sales and longevity.

So while Rust probably won‘t hit Game Pass immediately at launch, longer term it has a decent chance of joining the library. That would let you access Rust for just a few bucks!

The Bottom Line on Free Rust for Consoles

While I‘d love for there to be a free version of Rust available on PlayStation and Xbox, the reality is you currently have to pay:

  • Rust is only sold as a premium $50 title on consoles
  • No permanent free options exist like with PC game sharing
  • Trying before you buy is limited without demos or free weekends

But based on its passionate player community and rave reviews, I can confidently say Rust is worth paying for if you‘re into competitive survival games.

The key is finding a buddy to game share with and split the cost! That way you can hunker down and enjoy all the tense gameplay Rust offers without breaking the bank.

Stay thrifty out there my fellow gamers. And see you out there on the island…naked and afraid!