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Is Shoot House Free to Play? The Ultimate Guide

To get right to the point – no, Shoot House is not a free-to-play map. It is only available as part of premium Call of Duty games that require purchase. However, there are some limited opportunities to access Shoot House for free temporarily, as we‘ll explore in this comprehensive guide.

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I‘ve put together an in-depth look at everything you need to know about playing this fan-favorite map for free. We‘ll cover when and where Shoot House appears, how to try it out during free events, tips to dominate the opposition, and plenty more. Time to lock and load!

What is Shoot House?

For those new to Call of Duty, Shoot House is a small, fast-paced multiplayer map first introduced in 2019‘s Modern Warfare. This training course-style layout features three high-traffic lanes and close-quarters buildings perfect for frantic gunfights.

According to Activision, Shoot House was one of the most popular maps amongst Modern Warfare players, with over 2 billion matches played on it in the first year!

The map later returned with a visual overhaul for 2022‘s Modern Warfare II, where it continues to be a fan-favorite. In my experience, Shoot House offers some of the most intense CoD gameplay around.

Where Does Shoot House Appear?

While extremely popular, it‘s important to know that Shoot House is not a standalone release. Here are the Call of Duty games it has appeared in so far:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) – Original debut
  • Call of Duty: Mobile (2020) – Mobile version
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (2022) – Remastered version

You cannot download or access just Shoot House itself for free. You need to own one of these titles to play it.

Can I Try Shoot House for Free?

There are limited-time opportunities to check out Shoot House for free before buying a Call of Duty game:

Modern Warfare 2 Free Access

The publishers periodically open Modern Warfare 2 for free multiplayer demo events. These usually last 3-5 days and allow fans to try maps including the new Shoot House.

The next free access trial is scheduled for March 30 – April 3, 2023. This offers a great chance to test out Shoot House and see if MW2 is worth buying!

Free Modern Warfare MP Events

Similarly, the original Modern Warfare received occasional free multiplayer weekends in 2020-2021. Players could access all maps, including Shoot House, for free during these events.

While less frequent now, it‘s possible Modern Warfare could have more free MP events that returning Shoot House to everyone for a limited time.

Call of Duty: Mobile

This popular free-to-play mobile title actually includes a version of Shoot House! It‘s a great option if you want to try the layout on your phone for free.

Getting Hands-On with Shoot House

If there aren‘t any free events active, don‘t lose hope yet! Here are a couple ways to experience Shoot House without buying anything:

Local Multiplayer

Head over to a gaming buddy‘s place who owns Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare (2019). You can play offline split-screen or LAN multiplayer with them on Shoot House for free! This is a classic way to try out maps and games your friends have.

Twitch Streams & Videos

Watching someone else play Shoot House is another good free option. Pull up a livestream on Twitch or view gameplay videos on YouTube to see the map in action.

Get a feel for the layout, weapons, and gameplay flow while waiting for your next chance to jump in yourself during a free event.

Pro Tips for Dominating Shoot House

When you do get hands-on with Shoot House again, here are my best tips for excelling on this intense map based on extensive personal experience:

Ideal Loadouts

Given Shoot House‘s close quarters, I suggest equipping a fast-firing SMG like the Fennec or shotgun like the Bryson. Fast mobility and ADS speed are crucial.

The FSS Hurricane SMG is ideal for quickly clearing rooms thanks to its high fire rate and drum magazine capacity.

Optimal Playstyles

This compact map rewards an aggressive playstyle. Be constantly moving and getting in opponents faces. Camping usually won‘t fare well here.

Equip Dead Silence to stealthily flank enemies by hopping through the side windows amidst the chaos. This maneuver can catch campers off-guard.

Specialist Strategies

Consider using specialist perks or bonus perks to equip both Dead Silence and Tracker or Spotter. This enhances your flanking capabilities.

Toss grenades through the second floor windows to clear out pesky corner campers and window snipers watching the map‘s central lane.

Expert Techniques

Mastering the slide cancel technique lets you zip across this tiny map much quicker. Sprint, slide, then cancel the slide by pressing crouch again to chain slides together seamlessly.

Learn jump spots like mantle boosting into the gray van to catch enemies exiting the 3-story tower off-guard and mount your weapon for accuracy against window snipers.

The Verdict on Free Shoot House

While Call of Duty: Shoot House itself is not a free map, new players can still experience this iconic layout during limited-time Modern Warfare 2 and Modern Warfare free access periods.

Occasional free demo events let you try out Shoot House and its adrenaline-pumping action before deciding to purchase those games.

For now, hone your skills by watching others dominate Shoot House on Twitch and YouTube. See you in the free access playlist soon, my friend!