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Is Sky Sport Free? Here‘s the Ultimate Guide on Accessing Sky Sports Streams Legally

Hi friend! As a fellow tech enthusiast, I know how frustrating it can be when you want to stream sports but don‘t want to pay an arm and a leg. So you‘re wondering: is Sky Sport free to watch online?

The short answer is: unfortunately, no. Sky Sports is a paid service, so you‘ll need an active subscription to access streams legally.

But don‘t worry! In this detailed guide, I‘ll walk you through all your options to watch Sky Sports on the cheap (or even free). Stick with me, and you‘ll be streaming sports in no time without paying full price.

Can I Legally Watch Sky Sports For Free?

Sky Sports is considered the home of sports in the UK and Ireland. They broadcast huge events like Premier League football, Formula 1, golf majors, and more.

Naturally, as the leading sports broadcaster, Sky charges premium pricing for access to their channels. A complete Sky Sports package costs around £30-40 per month.

Here are the limited ways you can legally watch some Sky Sports content for free:

  • Sky Sports News – Available on Freeview and Freesat with highlights and news.
  • Sky Sports Mix – Airs select events and highlights for free.
  • Sky Sports Mobile – The Sky Sports app provides some free highlights and shows.
  • Website streams – Sky offers occasional free live streams of big events.

But this free content is quite limited. To gain unlimited, 24/7 access to Sky Sports, a paid TV or streaming subscription is required.

According to Sky Sports themselves, around 70% of their content requires a subscription. So the free offerings only scratch the surface unfortunately!

What Are The Best Options to Stream Sky Sports For Free?

While the complete Sky Sports library requires payment, there are some ways to access limited live content for free online:

Now TV Sky Sports Day Pass Free Trial

Now TV provides Sky Sports access without a contract, starting from £9.99 for a day pass. One of the best parts about Now TV is they offer a 7-day free trial for new customers.

So you can signup and enjoy 24 hours of free Sky Sports streaming if you‘ve never tried Now TV before. This free day pass provides you access to all 11 Sky Sports channels too!

After the trial ends, you can cancel the auto-renew so you won‘t be charged. Just remember to cancel before the 7 days are up.

BBC Sport Website

Many major sporting events broadcast on Sky Sports are also shown live on BBC channels and their website. This includes sports like:

  • Formula 1
  • Golf (PGA Tour and majors)
  • Wimbledon Tennis
  • Commonwealth Games

During these events, you can go to and find free live streams. The video quality is usually great too.

So BBC is a good option to watch some sports typically found on Sky, without paying a penny.

Premier League Website

The official Premier League website offers select live matches streamed globally for free. These are mostly less prominent matches not chosen for TV broadcast.

While you won‘t find many blockbuster clashes, it‘s a nice free option for occasional soccer streams. You can access these by going to and looking for the "Live" section.

Sky Bet Free Streams

This is a cool trick! Sky Bet customers who have a funded account can sometimes access free Sky Sports live streams.

These promotions pop-up on the Sky Bet website and app around big events. For example, they previously offered free F1, golf, football and other streams to Sky Bet customers.

It doesn‘t work for every match, but keep an eye out for free stream promotions if you already have a Sky Bet account.

Can a VPN Let You Watch Sky Sports For Free?

When I first wanted to access Sky Sports streams abroad, my instinct was to try using a VPN service.

VPNs can change your digital location by routing your traffic through servers in different countries. So in theory, you could use a UK server to access UK-only streams from anywhere.

Unfortunately, using a VPN to watch Sky Sports free does not work reliably. This is because Sky has advanced geo-blocking measures in place to stop this kind of access.

While connecting to a UK server with a VPN, I found Sky Sports streams were very temperamental. They buffered frequently or stopped working entirely after a short time.

Sky seems very effective at identifying and blocking VPN IP addresses being used to bypass regional restrictions. So while a VPN can work briefly, it‘s far from a perfect solution.

The best way to access Sky Sports when travelling is to use the Sky Go app. This allows you to stream Sky when abroad, as long as you‘re an existing subscriber.

What Are The Cheapest Ways to Get Sky Sports Access?

While Sky Sports isn‘t free, there are some clever ways to pay far less than the standard pricing. Let‘s look at legitimate ways to get Sky Sports for cheap:

Use Now TV Sky Sports Passes

Now TV offers Sky Sports day, week and month passes without requiring a contract. For example, a weekly pass is just £14.99 compared to £30+ for a full monthly subscription.

You can also purchase a day pass for only £9.99 if there‘s a particular event you want to watch. Much more affordable!

Take Advantage of Sky TV Deals and Bundles

Getting Sky Sports as part of a Sky TV bundle deal is cheaper than subscribing individually.

For example, you can add the full Sky Sports package to a Sky TV bundle for just £25 extra per month – much less than the standard pricing.

It‘s also worth looking out for new customer promos and discount codes which can lower the monthly cost.

Share Sky Sports with Housemates on Multi-Screen

With Sky‘s multi-screen package, a single Sky Sports subscription can be shared across multiple devices in one household for no extra fee.

So by splitting the cost with housemates, you each pay a fraction of the standard price while sharing a Sky Sports subscription.

Cancel Sky Sports During Off-Season Periods

When less sport is being shown, you can suspend a Sky Sports subscription temporarily. Once the season of your sport restarts, simply resubscribe.

This avoids paying for months of limited content during off-season. You can save a chunk depending on the sport season lengths.

Consider Taking Sky Mobile With Sky Sports

Some of Sky Mobile‘s higher priced monthly plans include Sky Sports access as part of the deal. This can work out cheaper than paying for it as a standalone subscription.

Watch Out for Promotions and Offers

It‘s always worth monitoring the latest Sky Sports pass deals and flash sales around major events. Discounted day, week or month passes are sometimes offered for limited periods.

For example, they recently ran an offer giving 50% off two months of the Sky Sports Month Pass. Keep an eye out for promotions like this where you can save big!

What Are The Best Alternatives to Sky Sports?

If you want sport but don‘t fancy paying for Sky, here are some top alternatives to consider:

BT Sport

BT Sport offers similar content like Premier League football. The best part is it comes free with BT broadband packages (available from around £29.99/month).

For non-BT customers, you can add BT Sport for £25/month either online or via their TV box. There‘s also a BT Sport Monthly Pass for £25 with 30 days access via the app.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has exclusive rights to some live tennis and US Open golf coverage in the UK. American members can also access NFL games and baseball via Prime Video as part of their subscription.

BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer offers free catchup highlights of Premier League games and other sports shown on BBC channels. There‘s also occasional free live streams of big events.

Premier Sports

Premier Sports has La Liga, Serie A, EFL Cup and Pro14 rugby coverage. Plans start from £9.99 per month, much cheaper than Sky Sports.


DAZN has affordable boxing, MMA and football streaming from just £7.99 per month. It‘s slowly building an impressive sports library.

For casual fans, combining a few of these alternatives can give you coverage of most major sports for under £30/month – that‘s far less than a Sky Sports subscription!

Final Thoughts – Enjoy Sky Sports Streams for Less

While Sky Sports isn‘t completely free, I hope this guide has provided you with some creative ways to get access without overpaying.

Taking advantage of free trials, discounts and TV bundles can cut the standard pricing considerably. Splitting a subscription with others also saves big time.

And for occasional streams, you can tune into limited Sky content on sites like BBC Sport and Premier League when they provide free online coverage.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Happy (affordable) streaming.