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Is the Next-Gen Nintendo Switch on the Horizon?

Rumors about the next-generation Nintendo Switch have been circulating for years, but it seems like there might finally be some solid evidence that it's in the works. According to recent reports, Activision's CEO and other executives met with Nintendo last December to discuss the next-gen Switch. Although many details were redacted, the documents suggest that the new console will have performance capabilities similar to the PS4 and Xbox One. This aligns with Activision's interest in developing games for the system.

The leaked documents also indicate that Microsoft was considering bringing a future Call of Duty game to a next-gen Nintendo console. While it's unclear if this deal would actually come to fruition, it suggests that Nintendo's upcoming hardware is generating interest from major game developers.

It's been speculated that Nintendo is planning to launch its next console in 2024. The fact that dev kits are already in the hands of developers and executives were briefed on the new system as far back as 2022 provides further evidence to support this claim. If all goes according to plan, we could potentially see the next-gen Switch as early as next spring.

In the meantime, Nintendo fans have plenty to look forward to. The latest Nintendo Direct stream announced exciting new games like Mario RPG, the Princess Peach Showtime, and a remake of Paper Mario. Additionally, holiday bundles and the Mario Red Edition Switch OLED console were recently released.


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