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Is the Project Nova Fortnite Mod Safe?

Fortnite is a constantly evolving game, with major changes to the map and gameplay mechanics each season. However, some players may still yearn for the days of past seasons and the nostalgic feel of the game. That's where the Project Nova Fortnite mod comes in. This third-party client allows players to relive older seasons of Fortnite, from map layouts to weapon and skill rotations, including the use of classic skins.

While the mod offers an opportunity for players to experience previous versions of the game, there are concerns regarding its safety. Installing the Project Nova Fortnite mod requires players to disable certain settings on their antivirus software, which can be risky, as it involves downloading a .exe file. It is generally recommended not to download random .exe files to avoid potential malware or other harmful files.

These safety concerns were raised on Reddit, with some users reporting encountering malware after installing the mod. One user discovered a redirect malware in their PC after downloading the game, while another found various Trojans, including malware and ransomware. However, there are also players in the thread who claim to have had no issues with the Project Nova Fortnite mod.

Considering the risks involved in turning off antivirus software and downloading .exe files, as well as the violation of Epic Games' Terms of Service, it is advisable to exercise caution when considering using the Project Nova Fortnite mod. If players are looking to experience older Fortnite maps, there are other options available, such as remakes on the UEFN (Unreal Engine Fortnite Network).

– Epic Games' Terms of Service