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The Ultimate Guide to The Shattered Throne Dungeon in Destiny 2 – Is it Free?

No, The Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2 requires owning the Forsaken DLC expansion. It is not free-to-play content.


Hey there! My name is Wendell and I‘m a huge tech and gaming enthusiast who loves discovering helpful tips and tricks. Recently, I‘ve been getting deep into Destiny 2 and had a lot of new player friends ask me – is The Shattered Throne activity free or does it require a purchase?

As someone who has played all of Destiny 2‘s expansions, I wanted to create the ultimate guide to answer this question and share my insight into whether you should buy Forsaken pack for The Shattered Throne. Let‘s dive in!

What is The Shattered Throne?

For those new to Destiny, The Shattered Throne is a 3-player dungeon activity that was added in the Forsaken expansion in 2018.

It‘s located in an eerie, corrupted part of the Dreaming City destination. The Shattered Throne features challenging enemies and platforming sections leading up to exciting boss encounters.

Completing this activity unlocks special weapons, armor, and cosmetics themed around the ominous dungeon. It‘s considered one of the coolest and most rewarding pieces of content added in Forsaken.

Dungeon Lore & Story

According to Destiny lore, The Shattered Throne is an ascendant realm that the Awoken Queen Mara Sov used as a prison for the most dangerous Taken enemies.

When you play through, you‘re traversing this foreboding dungeon all the way to the final boss – a deadly Hive wizard named Dul Incaru. Defeating her is the ultimate challenge of this activity!

Does The Shattered Throne Require Forsaken?

The short answer is yes – you need to own the Forsaken expansion in order to access The Shattered Throne dungeon in Destiny 2.

It originally released as part of that paid DLC and is not available as free-to-play content for all players.

Specifically, you need the Forsaken Pack which provides the expansion‘s story campaign, Tangled Shore destination, Exotics, Last Wish raid, and The Shattered Throne dungeon itself.

Has The Shattered Throne Ever Been Free?

Previously, Bungie made the Forsaken campaign and Tangled Shore destination free to play for a couple months prior to it getting vaulted. However, The Shattered Throne dungeon itself has never been made free.

Occasionally, Bungie provides limited-time free access to expansions like The Witch Queen to promote new releases. But so far there‘s never been a free promotion for Forsaken or its dungeon specifically.

So in short – you need to purchase Forsaken Pack if you want to play through The Shattered Throne dungeon. Let‘s look at what content Destiny 2 offers for free.

What Can You Play in Destiny 2 Without DLC?

While the major expansions are paid content, there is a decent amount of free Destiny 2 activities for new players:

  • New Light introduction campaign and tutorial missions
  • Core playlists like Vanguard Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit matches
  • Free roam patrol on select destinations like Cosmodrome, Europa, Moon
  • Prophecy dungeon
  • Vault of Glass raid
  • Seasonal events like Festival of the Lost, Solstice of Heroes

So new free-to-play Guardians can experience story content, endgame activities like raids and dungeons, as well as regularly updated seasonal content.

But the major story expansions, destinations, exotic quests, and certain endgame activities are locked behind DLC purchases. Let‘s look deeper at what you get with Forsaken.

What do you Get with the Forsaken Expansion?

Here‘s an overview of the major content included with the Forsaken Pack:

  • Forsaken Story Campaign (~15 hours of missions)
  • The Tangled Shore destination to explore
  • Over 20 new Exotic weapons and armor
  • The Shattered Throne 3-player dungeon
  • Last Wish 6-player raid
  • New Crucible maps, Vanguard Strikes

I put together some data to showcase the major additions Forsaken brought to Destiny 2:

Story Missions 13
Strikes 3
Destinations 1
Raids 1
Dungeons 1
Exotic Weapons 21

As you can see, the Forsaken expansion added a ton of great content to Destiny 2. You get new places to explore, challenges to take on, and loot to earn.

Is Forsaken Worth Buying?

Based on the amount of content you get, I‘d say Forsaken is very much worth buying, especially if you‘re enjoying Destiny 2.

The campaign alone provides 15+ hours of story missions and quests. The Tangled Shore is a unique new destination to patrol and take on public events.

And the Shattered Throne dungeon plus Last Wish raid offer challenging endgame content that can be repeated weekly for exclusive new gear.

Finally, collecting the many new exotic weapons and armor pieces added in Forsaken gives you fun new builds to try out.

Should You Buy Forsaken for The Shattered Throne?

If you specifically want to play The Shattered Throne dungeon, buying the Forsaken Pack is 100% required.

While the campaign has now been vaulted, the dungeon and raid from that expansion are still playable. So buying Forsaken gives you access to The Shattered Throne along with other endgame content.

And honestly, if you really enjoy dungeons in Destiny 2, picking up Forsaken for The Shattered Throne alone is worth it.

It‘s one of the coolest, most unique dungeon experiences in Destiny with awesome bosses and loot. I‘d highly recommend buying Forsaken if you want to play it.

In Summary

Let‘s recap the key points:

  • The Shattered Throne is a 3-player dungeon added in Destiny 2‘s Forsaken DLC
  • You need to purchase Forsaken expansion to access The Shattered Throne
  • Owning Forsaken gives you the dungeon, Last Wish raid, and Forsaken Exotics
  • I highly recommend buying the Forsaken Pack if you enjoy challenging PvE content
  • The Shattered Throne offers an awesome dungeon experience you won‘t want to miss!

I hope this detailed guide helps explain whether The Shattered Throne dungeon is free or not, and provides a complete overview of what you get with the Forsaken expansion. Let me know if you have any other Destiny 2 questions!