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Is the Stormblood Expansion for Final Fantasy XIV Free?

The short answer is no, the Stormblood expansion for Final Fantasy XIV is not free. Stormblood must be purchased separately in order to access its content. However, there are a few ways you can obtain it for free or at a reduced cost.

What is Stormblood and What Does it Offer?

Hey friend! As a fellow Final Fantasy fan, let me give you an overview of what the Stormblood expansion includes:

  • New zones – Explore lush new areas like Yanxia and the Azim Steppe.
  • Level cap increased from 60 to 70 – Progress your character further.
  • New jobs – Take up the katana as Samurai or rapier as Red Mage.
  • New raids – Face exciting new challenges like The Royal Menagerie.
  • New dungeons – Adventure through places like Shisui of the Violet Tides.
  • New trials – Overcome epic battles like The Jade Stoa.
  • New story – Continue the engaging and dramatic main scenario.
  • New features – Try out new systems like swimming and diving.

Stormblood adds a ton of great new content and is considered one of the best expansions by many players. It‘s worth picking up for the story alone! But let‘s look at some ways you can get it without paying full price.

Can I Get Stormblood For Free or Cheap?

Unfortunately Stormblood is not permanently free, but here are a few legitimate ways you can obtain it at no or reduced cost:

Buy Final Fantasy XIV Online Complete Edition

The Complete Edition bundles the base game plus all previous expansions, including Stormblood. It‘s frequently 50% off, so only around $30! That‘s the cheapest way to get everything.

Purchase Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker

If you buy the latest Endwalker expansion, you‘ll get Stormblood and the previous Shadowbringers expansion free! Endwalker on its own is only $40.

Free Login Campaigns

Square Enix sometimes offers free login campaigns that provide free access to inactive players, including expansions, for a limited time. It‘s unpredictable but keeps an eye out!

Wait for Stormblood to Become Free

Down the road, Stormblood may be rolled into the free starter edition. For now, the above are your best options for obtaining it affordably or completely free under the right circumstances.

Why Stormblood is Worth the Purchase

While not free, Stormblood adds so much excellent content that it‘s absolutely worth buying in my opinion. Here‘s a deeper look at why it‘s worth the money:

The Story Takes the Game to New Heights

Stormblood‘s story introduces compelling new characters like Lyse and Yugiri while ramping up the drama, intrigue, and epic scale even further. Without spoilers, it adds critical context about your character‘s origins and place in the world. I was gripped start to finish!

The New Zones are Strikingly Beautiful

Square Enix‘s artists and world builders outdid themselves with Stormblood‘s locations – they are visually stunning! The Azim Steppe is a lush grassland full of rolling hills and blue skies. Kugane is an intricate Japanese-inspired waterfront city. The Ruby Sea is a hauntingly beautiful ocean area. I could go on and on – you have to see them!

Samurai and Red Mage Add Exciting New Playstyles

Stormblood‘s new jobs change up combat in fun ways. As a Samurai, you‘ll slice up foes with your katana using hard-hitting combos. Red Mage provides a dynamic hybrid magic/melee style. I loved mastering both jobs – the visuals and animations are top notch.

The Trials and Raids are Clever and Thrilling

I had a blast taking down the new creatures and challenges Stormblood added like Lakshmi, Susano, and the Royal Menagerie. The devs continue upping the scale and spectacle. The new Omega 12 raid in particular blew me away with its flashy mechanics and visual flair. Extremely satisfying for raiders!

Between the story, new zones, jobs, and battles, Stormblood gives you hundreds of hours of exciting new adventures. If you‘re invested in FFXIV, it‘s money well spent.

Parting Thoughts on Stormblood

While not free, Stormblood is one of FFXIV‘s finest expansions, adding tons of enjoyable content to an already rich game. I highly recommend finding a way to pick it up affordably if you‘re dedicated to FFXIV. Keep an eye out for deals on the Complete Edition or Endwalker bundles.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I hope this guide gave you some helpful insight on getting Stormblood as cost effectively as possible. Happy adventuring, my friend.