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Is The Witch Queen Dungeon Free in Destiny 2?

No, The Witch Queen dungeon called Duality requires purchase and is not free. There are two options to gain access – buying The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition or the separate Dungeon Key available on the Eververse store for 2000 Silver.

Let‘s Break Down The Witch Queen Expansion

Hey friend! As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know it can get confusing figuring out what content comes with each Destiny 2 expansion and season. I‘ll walk you through exactly what you get with The Witch Queen DLC and how to access that awesome new dungeon – Duality.

Released in February 2022, The Witch Queen takes players to Savathun‘s Throne World destination with a new campaign, weapon crafting, Glaive weapons, and the Vow of the Disciple raid. It also kicked off Year 5 of Destiny 2.

Here‘s a quick overview of the major features:

New Campaign

  • Around 7-8 hours of story content
  • Introduction to Savathun‘s Throne World destination
  • Learn more about the history of the Hive and witness an ominous "Ritual"
  • Cool set-pieces like infiltrating Savathun‘s fortress

Weapon Crafting

  • Lets you level up and customize your own weapons
  • Unlock perks, shaders, stats, and more on certain weapons
  • Adds replayability through shaping your perfect roll

Glaive Weapons

  • An awesome first-person hybrid melee/ranged weapon
  • Three types: Arc, Void, Solar
  • Unique new playstyle for strikes, raids, and patrols

Vow of the Disciple Raid

  • Challenging six player endgame activity
  • Takes place in Savathun‘s Pyramid buried in marshes
  • Introduces craftable raid weapons and armor with raid-specific perks

Season of the Risen

  • First season of Year 5, ran from Feb to May 2022
  • Continued Witch Queen storyline with activities focused on Nightmares of Savathun
  • Added PsiOps Battlegrounds activity and more

The Witch Queen is a pretty awesome expansion overall. But you‘re probably wondering – how do I get that new Duality dungeon?!

What Is The Duality Dungeon in The Witch Queen?

Duality is the brand new dungeon that released alongside The Witch Queen expansion in February 2022.

Dungeons are 3 player cooperative activities focused on mechanics-driven boss encounters. Unlike 6 player raids, they offer a middle ground between strikes and raids in terms of difficulty.

Here‘s an overview of Duality:

  • Takes place within Calus‘s Leviathan
  • Explores nightmares and psychedelic environments
  • Has some cool jumping puzzles and secrets
  • Unique boss encounters to master
  • Rewards include craftable weapons, high stat armor, and the Collective Obligation exotic pulse rifle

Based on my experience with dozens of dungeon completions, it‘s an extremely fun and rewarding activity. But there‘s no way to access it for free, unfortunately.

Is The Witch Queen Dungeon Free?

Duality and future Year 5 dungeons are not free content. Unlike raids and seasonal activities, they are monetized separately. Here are the two ways to gain access:

1. Buy The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition

This upgraded edition bundles the expansion with the first 4 seasons of Year 5 content. It also includes the Year 5 Dungeon Key granting access to Duality and the dungeon in Season 19.

  • Price: $79.99
  • Includes Seasons 16 through 19
  • Also unlocks 2 new dungeons as they release

So the Deluxe is the best value if you plan on playing through all the Year 5 seasons.

2. Purchase the Dungeon Key on Eververse

You can buy The Witch Queen Dungeon Key separately from the in-game Eververse store:

  • Costs 2000 Silver (~$20)
  • Grants access only to the dungeons
  • Does not include seasonal content

This is for players who just want the dungeon experience. But buying the Deluxe Edition is much more cost effective if you want the full year of content.

Let‘s take a quick look at pricing across both options:

Content Deluxe Edition Dungeon Key
Seasons 16-19
2 Dungeons
Price $79.99 $19.99

As you can see, the Deluxe Edition unlocks way more content for the cost. But the Dungeon Key is a nice à la carte option.

The key takeaway – no matter what, you need to purchase access if you want to play the Duality dungeon from The Witch Queen expansion.

What Destiny 2 Dungeons Can Be Played For Free?

If you don‘t want to spend extra for the dungeon, there is one free option:


Released during Season of Arrivals, this dungeon does not require any expansion ownership or season pass. It‘s available for all players.

You can access it from the Legends node in the Tower director. It takes place within the Nine realms and features some cool combat arenas and jumping challenges leading up to the Kell Echo boss.

The loot pool includes:

  • High stat seasonal armor
  • Premonition pulse rifle
  • Death Adder SMG
  • Plus materials, upgrade modules

So jumping into Prophecy is a great way to try out Destiny 2‘s dungeon experience at no cost. It provides a solid few hours of gameplay for fireteams looking to take on the challenges.

Tips for Conquering The Witch Queen Dungeon

Once you gain access to Duality, here are some tips to start mastering the dungeon:

Recommended Power Level

  • 1590 Power is recommended for Duality
  • Use your best weapons and high stat armor
  • Infuse and level up gear with Upgrade Modules


  • Communication is key, especially for puzzles and encounters
  • Call outs enemy locations and boss mechanics
  • Coordinate supers and heavy ammo usage


  • Bring champion mods on armor for Barrier and Unstoppable
  • Mix of close and long range weapons
  • Use Grenade Launcher or Gjallarhorn for heavy


  • Be patient and persist through wipes
  • Study guides and videos to prep for encounters
  • Pay attention to audio cues and symbols

With good preparation, loadouts, and communication – you‘ll be clearing Duality‘s bosses in no time! The sweet loot will make it all worthwhile.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to offer more Destiny 2 tips and guides for getting the most out of the expansions.