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Is There a Free Solitaire App Without Ads?

The short answer is yes! There are several great options for enjoying solitaire on your phone or computer without annoying ads interrupting your gameplay. In this comprehensive guide as an internet geek and avid gamer, I‘ll walk you through the best ad-free solitaire apps and tricks to get the most seamless experience.

Why Ad-Free Solitaire Matters

As a fellow gaming enthusiast, I know how frustrating it can be when ads constantly pop up in the middle of an intense solitaire round. They not only break your focus but also cheapen the overall experience.

According to a survey by Adjust, over 64% of mobile gamers feel ads disrupt their gameplay. And I fully agree!

That‘s why having access to an ad-free solitaire option is so valuable. You can actually relax and enjoy playing rather than constantly battling annoying ads. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in game satisfaction.

Clever Ways to Block Mobile Gaming Ads

Before we get into the best ad-free solitaire apps, I want to share some clever techniques to remove ads from mobile games in general. This will ensure you can enjoy your favorite titles distraction-free.

Use AdLock on Android and iOS

One of my top recommendations is using an ad blocking tool like AdLock. The great thing about AdLock is that it works seamlessly in the background on both Android and iOS to block ads across all your apps and games.

Once you install AdLock, it prevents ad code from even loading in the first place. This means you‘ll never see another intrusive ad while gaming again. And it requires no technical know-how – just flip on the switch and optimization is done for you automatically.

Over 15 million people already use AdLock to enjoy ad-free mobile gaming. I highly suggest giving it a try yourself.

Adjust App Permissions

Another simple trick is to adjust app permissions on your phone to limit tracking and access to ad identifiers.

On Android, go to Settings > Apps > [App Name] > Permissions and toggle off permissions for Location, Contacts, Storage, etc.

On iOS, go to Settings > Privacy > Advertising and limit ad tracking and Apple ad services.

Doing this for gaming apps blocks their ability to serve targeted ads.

Use a Gaming Phone

Interestingly, some gaming phones like the ROG Phone 5 have built-in functionality to block mobile ads and pop-ups while gaming. This happens at the device level, so works for all your games.

If you‘re a serious mobile gamer, grabbing one of these phones ensures ad-free bliss. A worthy investment in my opinion for uninterrupted gaming!

Best Ad-Free Solitaire Apps

Alright, now onto the good stuff – my personal recommendations for solitaire apps across platforms that don‘t show a single ad!

Free Solitaire for Android

Android has some great ad-free classic solitaire options. Here are a few favorites:

  • Solitaire (by Brainium) – Just good ol‘ Klondike solitaire without the ads or gimmicks. Clean, smooth gameplay.
  • Solitaire City – Fun version with both Klondike and Spider solitaire. No ads is a premium feature but well worth it.
  • Solitaire Collection – Made by Tesseract Mobile, this one has 10 solitaire games in one ad-free app. Great variety!
  • Classic Solitaire – True to its name, provides a classic no frills solitaire experience without ads getting in the way.

Ad-Free Solitaire for iPhone & iPad

For iOS users, these are some excellent choices to consider from the App Store:

  • Solitaire City – Same as the Android version above but optimized for iPad and iPhone. Provides lag-free ad-free play.
  • Solitaire by MobilityWare – One of the top-rated solitaire apps for Apple devices. Ad-free play available via in-app purchase.
  • Solitaire: Decked Out – Cool neon-themed solitaire that looks great on an iPhone. Pay once to remove ads.
  • Pretty Good Solitaire – Features challenging daily solitaire quests and keeps stats on your wins. No ads interferes with the fun!

Free Solitaire Apps for PC

If you prefer gaming on a laptop or desktop, these ad-free solitaire options for Windows deliver:

  • Microsoft Solitaire Collection – The classic Klondike and Spider solitaire you know and love. Over 35 million monthly users on Windows 10 without ads.
  • PySolFC – Open source solitaire game with over 1000 variations! Completely free (no ads) for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • SolSuite Solitaire – Called the "world‘s most complete solitaire collection". Over 300 ad-free solitaire games available.
  • Pretty Good Solitaire – One of the best rated solitaire apps on Steam. Ad-free version available. Challenging gameplay and features.

Advice for Picking the Right Ad-Free Solitaire App

With so many solid options out there, choose the ad-free solitaire game that‘s right for you based on:

  • OS – Make sure the app is compatible with your Android, iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac device.
  • Game styles – Select solitaire apps that offer your preferred games like Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, etc.
  • Features – Some apps provide stats, challenges, themes and other useful features to enhance gameplay.
  • Cost – The best ad-free solitaire apps only charge a small fee or are 100% free. Well worth it for uninterrupted enjoyment!

Key Takeaways for Ad-Free Solitaire Bliss

To recap, the key tips I have for you are:

  • Use a global ad blocker like AdLock to remove ads from all mobile games and apps. It‘s the easiest set-and-forget solution.
  • Adjust gaming app permissions on your phone to limit ad tracking and identifiers.
  • Opt for a gaming phone that blocks mobile ads at the device level across all games.
  • Download one of the excellent free or paid ad-free solitaire apps suggested above for your platform of choice.

With the right app and tricks, you can finally enjoy all the solitaire you want without annoying ads getting in the way! Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy ad-free gaming!