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Is there a PlayStation Plus extra free trial?

No, there is currently no free trial offered for the PlayStation Plus Extra membership tier specifically. However, new PlayStation Plus subscribers can access a 7-day free trial of PlayStation Plus Premium, which will grant full access to all the Extra benefits and games catalog during the trial period.

PlayStation Plus underwent a major revamp in June 2022, splitting into three membership tiers. PlayStation Plus Extra sits in the middle, providing great value with a large catalog of on-demand PS4 and PS5 games to download.

This detailed guide will cover everything you need to know about PlayStation Plus Extra, including:

  • How the PS Plus Premium free trial can give you access to Extra
  • Breakdown of the huge 400+ game catalog
  • Whether the $14.99 monthly price is worth it
  • What happens if you cancel Extra subscription
  • How Extra compares to other PS Plus tiers
  • Tips to maximize your Extra membership
  • And lots more about PlayStation Plus!

Let‘s dive in…

Access PlayStation Plus Extra with the Premium free trial

While there is no standalone free trial for PlayStation Plus Extra itself, new PS Plus users can test it out via the free 7-day trial of PlayStation Plus Premium.

This highest tier plan combines the benefits of Extra with an even bigger 700+ game catalog spanning various PlayStation eras. By selecting Premium for your free trial, you can fully experience the entire Extra game library before deciding whether to subscribe.

According to the PlayStation Blog, the Premium free trial provides:

  • Full access to the 400+ PlayStation Plus Extra game catalog
  • Full access to the 340+ additional Premium retro and classic games
  • Limited game trials for select new releases
  • Cloud game streaming for original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games
  • All PlayStation Plus Essential tier benefits too

After your 7 days, you can choose to subscribe to Extra or any PS Plus tier you want, or simply cancel. It‘s a great way to evaluate if PlayStation Plus Extra gives you enough value to justify the $14.99 monthly cost.

Inside the massive 400+ game PlayStation Plus Extra catalog

The PlayStation Plus Extra game catalog is the real star of the show here. Subscribers gain unlimited access to download and play over 400 PS4 and PS5 game titles spanning Sony‘s first-party games, third-party blockbusters, and beloved indies.

New games are added regularly too. Here is just a sample of the high-quality titles you can expect to find in the Extra catalog:

PlayStation Exclusives Third-Party Hits Indie Gems
The Last of Us Remastered Red Dead Redemption 2 Hollow Knight
Uncharted 4 Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla Celeste
Ghost of Tsushima Control Enter the Gungeon

The variety and depth across genres is excellent. From iconic PlayStation exclusives to critically acclaimed third-party games, the Extra catalog has something for all types of gamers.

Compare it to the 340 additional classic games offered in the Premium tier, like Jak & Daxter, God of War III Remastered, and the Ratchet & Clank series. While great, Extra serves up more modern blockbuster hits.

Breaking down the value of PlayStation Plus Extra

At $14.99 per month, is PlayStation Plus Extra worth the upgrade from the Essential tier? For most gamers, it represents great value and is the PS Plus sweet spot.

When you factor in online multiplayer access, monthly free games from Essential, and the huge on-demand game catalog, Extra shapes up to be a pretty sweet deal.

According to PushSquare, Extra offers perhaps the best value of the new PlayStation Plus tiers:

"The 400-odd games available via the Extra tier represent astonishing value on their own, but when you combine this service with online multiplayer and monthly giveaways, you have a package that no other subscription service on PlayStation really compares to."

Of course, evaluate the actual Extra game catalog first – browse the list of available titles in genres you enjoy and research reviews. Download and test games yourself during the 7-day Premium trial period to ensure there‘s enough you‘d want to play regularly to justify the recurring $14.99 monthly subscription cost.

But for most PS4/PS5 gamers, PlayStation Plus Extra represents a tremendous value.

What happens if you cancel your Extra subscription?

Like all membership tiers, PlayStation Plus Extra is an auto-renewing subscription. Once subscribed, you‘ll be billed $14.99 monthly until you cancel.

If you do cancel, you immediately lose access to several key PlayStation Plus benefits, including:

  • No more games from the Extra catalog – Any claimed games will be locked and unplayable until you resubscribe
  • Monthly PS Plus games locked – You lose access to free monthly games from Essential too
  • Online multiplayer restricted – You cannot play online without an active PS Plus membership

However, you keep any PlayStation avatars, themes or content purchased at a PS Plus discounted price permanently.

Downloaded Extra catalog games also remain tied and locked to your account when canceling. If you resubscribe, you regain instant access to any games you previously claimed.

So only cancel Extra when you are ready to forfeit access to those great benefits. Once gone, you‘ll have to wait out any remaining prepaid period or repay to unlock everything again.

PlayStation Plus tiers comparison

Here is a helpful comparison chart summarizing the major PlayStation Plus tiers after the revamp:

Tier Price Key Benefits Game Catalog
Essential $9.99/month Online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts N/A
Extra $14.99/month All Essential benefits + Game catalog of 400+ PS4/PS5 games 400+ PS4/PS5 games
Premium $17.99/month All Extra benefits + retro classics catalog + game trials + game streaming 700+ games including PS1, PS2, PSP

As we can see, PlayStation Plus Extra sits right in the middle, offering a great mix of modern PS4/PS5 games to complement the Essential tier benefits.

For most gamers, it strikes the ideal balance between affordability and features. But investigate which tier fits your needs best.

Tips to maximize your Extra subscription value

Follow these tips if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus Extra to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Claim every monthly Essential PS Plus game – even if you don‘t plan to play immediately. You never know when you may want to revisit later.
  • Download your most wanted Extra catalog titles early in your membership. The available games can change month-to-month.
  • Check back often for new game additions to the Extra and Premium catalogs and claim ones you‘re interested in.
  • Take full advantage of exclusive member discounts on games, DLC add-ons, and more. The savings add up.
  • Set a calendar reminder ahead of renewal to re-evaluate if you‘re still playing enough Extra games to warrant the ongoing subscription cost.
  • Follow PlayStation social media and blogs for announcements of major game catalog drops or free guest trial weekends.
  • Revisit games you started but didn‘t finish playing – give them another chance since you already have access.

Maximize your Extra subscription by downloading games you think you‘ll enjoy quickly and taking full advantage of all the included benefits.

Extra game trials allow extended demos

An underrated benefit of PlayStation Plus Extra is that subscribers can unlock extended time-limited game trials of certain new releases before buying them.

For example, according to PushSquare, PS Plus Extra members got access to a 5-hour trial of Horizon Forbidden West shortly after launch, allowing them to experience a sizable chunk before purchasing.

These special timed trials give you a great sneak peek to inform your buying decision on major new game releases. Keep an eye out for availability of future trials.

Can you share PlayStation Plus benefits?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly share your PlayStation Plus membership benefits or games catalog access with others.

According to the PlayStation website, PS Plus benefits and games can only be shared between accounts on a primary PS4 console and one PS5 console (with console sharing enabled).

So you and a friend cannot combine into one membership. You would each need your own PlayStation Plus Extra membership to access the game catalog and online multiplayer.

However, there are options like Share Play that let you collaboratively play games together online with only one owning the title. So check for alternative workarounds that may suit your needs.

In closing

While there is no free trial specifically for PlayStation Plus Extra itself, new members can effectively sample it via the 7-day PlayStation Plus Premium trial.

This grants full access to the huge 400+ game PlayStation Plus Extra catalog. Combined with Essential benefits, it offers tremendous value at just $14.99 monthly.

Evaluate the available PS4 and PS5 game libraries to decide if the Extra tier suits your gaming needs. Then maximize your membership by claiming free games monthly and taking advantage of exclusive discounts and benefits.

Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of amazing PlayStation games for a great price! Upgrade to Extra and unlock a world of gaming.