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The Ultimate Guide to Getting COD Points for Free in Call of Duty

Yes, there are legitimate ways to earn Call of Duty: Cold War COD Points for free without buying them. While purchasing COD Points is still the main method, you can acquire some free COD Points through gameplay and promotions. This comprehensive guide will walk you through maximizing your free COD Points earnings.

Summary of Free COD Point Sources

Here is a quick overview of the main legitimate ways to get free COD Points in Cold War and Warzone:

  • Earning up to 400 free COD Points by completing missions in the free Battle Pass system
  • Limited-time bonus gifts of free COD Points during special events or promotions
  • Small COD Point rewards earned through standard multiplayer gameplay level-ups and weapon camo completions
  • Getting the full 1,400 COD Points by leveling up the premium paid Battle Pass
  • Buying COD Point packs when they are discounted during seasonal sales

How to Strategically Earn Free COD Points

While free COD Points may be limited compared to buying, you can optimize your earnings through strategic play:

Maximize Battle Pass Earnings

Focus first on completing as many daily and seasonal challenges listed within the Battle Pass menu. Each one awards a small amount of XP and free COD Points.

Daily challenges 10-50 XP + 5-10 COD Points
Seasonal challenges 500-1000 XP + 15-20 COD Points

In the free track, you can earn 300 COD Points total. If you choose to buy the premium pass, you can earn up to 1,400 total COD Points from all 100 tiers.

Complete Weapon Camos Challenges

Finishing all camo challenges for one weapon (e.g. getting 50 kills prone) will award a camo skin and 10-20 COD Points. Get these passively while playing regular multiplayer.

Maximize Play Time During Events

Limited-time events and Operations may have COD Point bonuses or gifts. Be sure to play during these events to get any available free Points.

Only Upgrade When You Have Enough Points

When buying COD Points, don‘t upgrade to a new Battle Pass tier until you have the full amount needed. This avoids wasting any leftover partial Points each time.

Purchasing COD Points

While you can earn some COD Points for free, you may need to purchase more if you want premium rewards like Battle Pass bundles or legendary cosmetic packs. Here are tips for getting Points at a discount:

  • Watch for sales during seasonal events or holidays where COD Point packs may be 10-30% off.
  • Buy the largest COD Point packs you can afford, as they offer more bonus Points per dollar spent. The 8,000 (+1,000 bonus) pack gives the most value.
  • Only use first-party stores like the PlayStation Store or Shop. Unauthorized key resellers often sell fraudulent or stolen COD Points.

COD Point prices in Cold War (and Warzone) are:

100 Points $1
500 Points $5
1,100 Points $10
2,400 Points $20
5,000 Points $40
11,000 Points $100

As you can see, the larger COD Point packs offer more bonus Points compared to smaller packs.

Avoid "Free" COD Points Scams

There are many scam videos and websites claiming to offer free COD Points through generators or other hacking tools. These are fraudulent and will either steal your account information or get you banned. Only earn free Points through legitimate gameplay and promotions.

Some warning signs of a scam site include:

  • Asking for personal information like account credentials
  • Promising unlimited free COD Points
  • Requests to download suspicious files or softwares
  • Typos, grammatical errors, or other unprofessional design

Play Responsibly Within Your Budget

COD Points can quickly add up, so be sure to set a reasonable budget for your gameplay purchases. Remember that COD Points are for optional cosmetics only and don‘t impact gameplay or stats. Earning free COD Points through some gameplay time is a great way to enjoy rewards without overspending.

Prioritize spending COD Points on rewards you really want like the Battle Pass over temporary bonuses. Avoid buying Points while emotional or impulsive. Take breaks from COD when needed.

You Can Enjoy COD Without Spending Money

At the end of the day, remember Call of Duty games are fully playable and fun without ever spending money on COD Points. Free rewards may be limited, but focus on skill improvement and enjoying time with friends rather than cosmetics.

Use this guide to strategically earn and spend your COD Points. But don‘t feel pressured to buy Points if you‘d rather not. See you online!