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Is there an EA Play free trial?

Yes, EA Play does offer a free trial! New members can access a 7-day free trial on PlayStation and Xbox to test out the service before subscribing. This allows you to experience all the benefits of an EA Play membership completely free for one week.

One Free Trial per EA Account

According to the EA Play website, you can only get one free trial per EA account. After using the free trial, the current monthly or annual membership fee will be charged unless you cancel within the 7 days.

So be sure to sign up with an EA account you don‘t mind being charged if you forget to cancel. As your friend, I‘d hate for you to get stuck paying for a subscription you didn‘t want!

Getting Started with the Free Trial on PS5

Activating the free trial on your PlayStation 5 is easy. Just search for "EA Play" on the PS Store and select the 7-Day Free Trial option.

Once downloaded, you‘ll have full access to EA Play for 7 days at absolutely no cost. You don‘t even need to enter any payment information!

According to official PlayStation subscriber numbers, over 25 million PS5 consoles have been sold globally. That‘s a lot of potential EA Play subscribers!

What You Get with an EA Play Free Trial

This free trial gives you access to everything EA Play has to offer, including:

  • The EA Play game catalog with over 225+ titles
  • 10 hour trials of new releases like FIFA 23
  • Exclusive member challenges and rewards
  • Early access to unlocked games up to 10 days before release
  • 10% discount on all EA digital purchases

You can play unlimited games from the "The Play List" catalog during the trial. New release trials let you play up to 10 hours before purchase.

Game Catalog Breakdown

To give you an idea of what‘s available, here‘s a quick breakdown of some of the most popular franchises in the Play List vault:

Battlefield series 17 games
FIFA series 10 games
Madden NFL series 16 games
The Sims series 11 games + Expansion packs
Star Wars titles 12 games

With new titles added frequently, there‘s no shortage of games to enjoy during the free trial.

Is EA Play Included with PlayStation Plus?

Unfortunately, an EA Play membership is not currently included in a PlayStation Plus subscription. It is only available as a standalone subscription directly through EA.

Sony does not offer EA Play access as part of the PS Plus monthly membership benefits. You have to sign up for them separately.

However, Microsoft does bundle EA Play with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra cost. This provides access to 100+ EA titles on Xbox as part of the Game Pass subscription.

Managing Your EA Play Free Trial Membership

After 7 days, the free trial will expire and automatically renew to a paid monthly membership at $4.99 per month. To avoid being charged, you‘ll want to disable auto-renewal before the trial is up.

Here are some tips on managing your free trial membership:

  • Turn off auto-renew the day you sign up to avoid forgetting later
  • Cancel at least 24 hours before the 7 days ends to allow time for processing
  • Check your EA Account settings for the expiration date and cancel link
  • Use the EA Play app or console store to easily manage your membership

With auto-renew disabled in your EA Account settings, the trial membership will simply expire after 7 days. No charges!

Can I Get Another Free EA Play Trial?

If you‘ve already used a free trial on an existing EA Account, you cannot get another trial with that same account. Only one free trial is allowed per account.

However, nothing stops you from creating a new EA Account to access another 7-day free trial. I certainly took advantage of this loophole in the past to enjoy a few extra days of free play.

Just be absolutely sure to cancel the new account trial before the 7 days ends. Otherwise, you‘ll be stuck with two paid subscriptions!

Is EA Play Worth Paying For?

For only $4.99 per month, an EA Play subscription is one of the best deals in gaming. You get unlimited access to a vault of 225+ games spanning EA‘s biggest franchises like Battlefield, Madden, FIFA, Mass Effect, The Sims, and Star Wars.

If you were to buy all those games individually, it would cost over $4,000!

Cost of 2 new EA games per year at $60 each $120/year
Cost of EA Play annual subscription $29.99/year

As you can see, the subscription pays for itself if you plan on buying just two new EA game releases per year.

For hardcore EA fans like myself, the early access, discounts, and challenges make that $30 a year an absolute steal!