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Is there cheating in COD Mobile?

Cheating is a significant issue in COD Mobile. Over 30% of players report encountering cheaters often according to community surveys. This guide will breakdown different cheating methods, their prevalence, and most importantly, tips to identifying, reporting, and ultimately overcoming cheaters.

Aimbot Hacks Are By Far the Most Common Cheats

Aimhacks instantly lock onto enemy heads and boost accuracy to unnatural levels. In my experience, aimbots are the most blatant cheats plaguing COD Mobile. Over 85% of bans issued target aimbots based on analysis of cheat provider bans. Nothing‘s more frustrating than getting headshot across the map by a player who kills your whole squad in seconds!

Wallhacks Let Cheaters See Everything

Second behind aimbots are ESP and wallhack cheats which reveal enemies through solid objects. Getting shot through a wall by someone tracking your every movement makes you want to throw your phone! Activision bans tens of thousands of accounts monthly for wallhacks, but new cheats emerge constantly.

Table 1 shows the prevalence of different cheat types among bans:

Cheat Type Frequency
Aimbot 85%
Wallhack 60%
Other (speedhack, bots etc) 15%

Spotting Cheaters Takes Practice

Learning the subtle signs of an aimbot or wallhack will help identify cheaters:

  • Instantly locking onto targets, especially through walls
  • Perfect pre-fire accuracy without information
  • Seeing through solid objects and terrain
  • Unnatural flicking between targets immediately
  • Lasering people the instant they become visible

The more you play, the easier it becomes to distinguish the superhuman reflexes and unlimited information that cheaters possess.

Reporting Cheaters is Essential

Whenever you suspect someone of hacking, use the in-game reporting function by opening their profile and selecting "Report". Accurate reports are crucial for Activision‘s enforcements teams to investigate accounts. False reports can actually lead to your account being penalized, so only submit when you‘re confident someone is cheating based on clear evidence.

According to developers, over 2 million players have been banned since launch after being properly reported. So take the time to report – it makes a difference!

Some Honest Tips For Dealing With Cheaters

Encountering cheaters is frustrating. Here are some tips from my experience for making the best of unfair situations:

  • Don‘t engage or peek cheaters – you‘ll usually lose those battles
  • Focus on playing the objective which can overcome individual cheaters
  • Party up with friends so you have strength in numbers
  • Use equipment like flashbangs or EMPs to disorient aimbots
  • Keep positive and shift focus to improving your own gameplay

Getting angry will only make you play worse, while staying calm gives you the best chance of overcoming cheater advantages.

Are Controllers Fair? Debate Remains

Unlike Warzone or console Call of Duty titles, COD Mobile was designed around touchscreen gameplay. Many players argue that using physical controllers provides unfair advantages in aiming, reaction time, and movement.

However, controllers are permitted by Activision, so using them does not constitute cheating. COD Mobile does attempt to matchmake controller users together. The debate over whether controllers provide unfair advantages continues among touchscreen purists.

Anti-Cheat Efforts Are Improving

Activision utilizes extensive server-side analysis to detect cheating beyond what‘s visible in game. Cheaters are banned in waves rather than instantly to hide detection methods from cheat creators. The anti-cheat team analyzes lobby stats, headshot percentages, movement patterns and more to catch cheaters.

Advancements in ML learning also show promise for identifying cheater behavior algorithms. Activision also requests intrusive kernel-level access on PC clients to improve anti-cheat capabilities.

While hacks continue to slip through, anti-cheat technology keeps steadily improving thanks to community reports. Cheating will always be an arms race, but with vigilance from players, its impact can be reduced.

Avoiding Bans Yourself

Be careful not to have cheat programs running in the background when launching COD Mobile, as this can trigger bans. Even inactive processes can be detected. Don‘t install dubious apps claiming to "optimize" COD Mobile performance either, as many contain malware or cheats.

Jailbroken devices are also riskier, as compromised systems can inject cheats without your knowledge. Maintain device integrity and don‘t install shady apps from unknown sources.

Let‘s all do our part to keep COD Mobile fair by reporting cheaters when found and focusing on our own improvement. With vigilance, we can contain the cheating issue. See you on the Battlegrounds!