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Is There Split-Screen Multiplayer in The Crew Motorfest?

The latest installment in The Crew franchise, The Crew Motorfest, has brought new vehicles, terrain, and challenges to PS5, PS4, Xbox, and PC players. However, when it comes to local multiplayer or split-screen, there have been some changes.

Unfortunately, The Crew Motorfest does not seem to offer split-screen multiplayer. Similar to its predecessors, The Crew and The Crew 2, local multiplayer is not an available option. If you want to play with friends, it can only be done through online play across various platforms.

On the bright side, there is an online multiplayer mode in The Crew Motorfest that allows you to play with family and friends. This mode supports crossplay and can accommodate up to four players, so you can team up with friends on different consoles or PCs.

Although playing together in the same room is not possible, online gaming offers a seamless experience with the ability to use headphones for communication. It may not be the same as sitting on the couch next to your friends, but it still provides an enjoyable multiplayer experience.

In the broader landscape of racing games, the trend is leaning towards online multiplayer modes, leaving behind split-screen and local multiplayer options. Some racing games, such as Gran Turismo 7, still offer local multiplayer as an unlockable feature. Other popular titles like Forza Horizon 5, Need for Speed Unbound, and Forza Motorsport do not include local multiplayer support.

In conclusion, The Crew Motorfest currently does not have split-screen multiplayer. However, there is plenty of other content to explore in the game and various racing games available for those looking for different multiplayer options.


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