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Is Triple Axel Hitmontop Worth It in Pokemon GO Battle League?

The season of Adventures Abound has brought new moves and balance changes to Pokemon GO Battle League. One of the fresh moves that Pokemon can learn this season is Triple Axel. Hitmontop, one of the three possible evolutions of Tyrogue, has received this new move. But how good is Triple Axel for Hitmontop and should it replace its old moves?

Hitmontop is a pure Fighting-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO. It is vulnerable to Flying, Psychic, and Fairy-type attacks, but it resists Dark, Bug, and Rock-type moves. When it comes to moves, Hitmontop can learn the Fast Attacks Counter and Rock Smash, and the Charged Attacks Close Combat, Gyro Ball, Stone Edge, Triple Axel, and Return. Hitmontop excels in Defense, with a base Defense stat of 207, Attack stat of 173, and Stamina of 137.

Triple Axel is an Ice-type attack that deals 60 damage and requires 45 energy. The unique aspect of this move is that it raises Hitmontop's Attack stat by one stage. This means that after one or two uses, Hitmontop's Attack becomes really good. Previously, Hitmontop used Close Combat and Stone Edge. Close Combat lowered its defenses, while Stone Edge required a lot of energy. Triple Axel provides a low-energy move that threatens Flying-types and raises Attack, making it a valuable addition to Hitmontop's moveset.

With Counter as its Fast Attack, Hitmontop exerts great offensive pressure on opponents. Its decent defenses allow it to withstand 1-2 moderately powerful Charged Attacks. In battle, Hitmontop can use Triple Axel to bait out shields and increase its Counter Damage, or it can directly hit opponents with a STAB-boosted Close Combat, which usually knocks out most foes in a single blow.

In conclusion, Triple Axel Hitmontop is definitely worth considering for Great League and Ultra League battles. With the ability to threaten Flying-types, raise Attack, and maintain solid defenses, Hitmontop becomes an even stronger contender.

– Sportskeeda