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Is Ubisoft Free to Use? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is yes, you can access and play certain Ubisoft games completely for free. Ubisoft offers a variety of free-to-play titles across PC, console, and mobile. Their Ubisoft Connect service is also free to use along with a 1 month subscription trial. However, most major releases still require purchase. This guide will break down all the ways to enjoy Ubisoft games for free and provide expert advice.

As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve researched all of Ubisoft‘s free offerings. While not every game is free, you can access a surprising amount at no cost. I‘ll share insider tips to maximize your free Ubisoft gameplay.

An Overview of Ubisoft‘s Free Game Options

Let‘s first walk through all the ways Ubisoft allows free access to games:

Ubisoft Connect

Ubisoft Connect, their free desktop app and online platform, lets you access multiplayer features, stats, rewards, and your game library. I use Connect daily and love the convenience it provides as a central hub for Ubisoft titles.

Free-to-Play Games

Ubisoft currently offers 6 high-quality free-to-play games across various genres, including Brawlhalla, Hyper Scape, Trackmania, and Roller Champions. These are completely free and let you earn new characters or cosmetics over time.

Time-Limited Trials

Select major releases like Far Cry 6 have free 6-10 hour trials to demo the game. A superb way to experience AAA titles risk-free.

Free Weekend Events

Owners can unlock multiplayer modes for entire weekends to allow sampling of online play. Keep an eye out for these cool promotions.

Occasional Free Releases

For celebrations like anniversaries, Ubisoft may make a hit game totally free for a few days, like giving away Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla. This is rare but awesome when it happens!

1 Month Ubisoft+ Subscription Trial

Their Netflix-style Ubisoft+ service provides 1 month to try over 100 games free. A terrific value to test the waters before committing.

Let‘s analyze each option in more detail.

Ubisoft Connect – A Must-Have for PC Gamers

[Image: Ubisoft Connect App Interface]

All PC players should install Ubisoft Connect for free access to:

  • Game library management
  • Multiplayer servers
  • Achievements and challenges
  • Chat with friends
  • Rewards and discounts
  • Stats tracking

The sleek interface makes it easy to launch your games while connecting with other Ubisoft players. I run it in the background at all times.

Connect also allows in-game purchases and seamless cloud syncing between devices. If you play Ubisoft games on PC, this free app is extremely useful.

Quality Free-to-Play Titles to Grind for Free

Unlike some publishers, Ubisoft offers several legitimately fun free games. I‘ve sunk hours into these varied standouts:


This free 2D brawler has over 80 unique characters to unlock and battling online is a blast. The optional "Battle Pass" provides cosmetics by playing each season.

Hyper Scape

A polished urban battle royale FPS where matches last under 15 minutes. The quick gameplay makes it easy to drop in for a few rounds during breaks.


An over-the-top arcade racer where you post times on ridiculous stunt tracks. Approachable physics and a thriving custom track scene make this one endlessly replayable.

Roller Champions

Ubisoft‘s new sports game blends roller derby with a puck-passing mode across stadium arenas. Matches are intense competitions to please any fan of multiplayer athletics.

Each free-to-play option has enough depth to enjoy for dozens of hours. They provide a lot of entertainment value at zero cost.

Estimated Hours of Free Gameplay from Ubisoft‘s F2P Lineup

Game Est. Hours
Brawlhalla 70+
Hyper Scape 30+
Trackmania 100+
Roller Champions 50+

Testing Triple-A Titles through Free Trials

Ubisoft now grants 6-10 hour trials for new premium releases like Far Cry and Rainbow Six Extraction.

According to Ubisoft‘s 2022 annual report, these free trials have converted to sales at an average rate of 30%, demonstrating their effectiveness.

As an avid gamer, I love trying before I buy. You can experience many hours of flagship content for free through these generous demos. Ubisoft even allows you to carry over your progress if you decide to purchase the full game later.

It‘s a win-win for players and publisher. Make sure to take advantage of new trials when available.

Multiplayer Free Weekends Galore

[Image: Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend Promo Graphic]

For games like Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft will periodically unlock multiplayer access for entire weekends. This allows new players to test the online modes that normally require purchase.

As a streaming fan, these free weekends are a perfect opportunity to showcase popular Ubisoft titles for my audience. The temporarily free multiplayer provides hours of content to stream and preview.

Ubisoft runs multiple free weekends per year, so keep an eye out for your favorite franchises. Just having the base game installed allows you to participate when unlocked.

Claiming Titles Like Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla for Free

On rare occasions, Ubisoft gives away hit games completely free for a limited time. For example, in 2022, players could download and keep Assassin‘s Creed Valhalla at no cost on PC. This celebrated the franchise‘s 15th anniversary.

These surprise free releases don‘t come around often, but provide insane value when they do. Be sure to watch gaming news sites to catch them right away before the promotion ends.

Adding a $60 AAA title like Valhalla to your library permanently for free is an incredible deal. Here‘s hoping Ubisoft offers similar promotions during other milestone events.

Evaluating 100+ Games through Ubisoft‘s Subscription Trial

Ubisoft recently launched a Netflix-style subscription service called Ubisoft+ on PC. It grants access to over 100 games for a monthly fee.

The service is fantastic, but the ability to try it for free is even better. Ubisoft offers new users a full 1 month trial with no payment upfront.

This gives you plenty of time to test the library and see if the subscription is worth it for you. Download and play any title, new or old, no restrictions.

According to Ubisoft‘s reporting, over 50% of trial users have converted to paid subscribers. This demonstrates the effectiveness of letting players experience it risk-free.

I highly recommend new players sign up through Ubisoft Connect and enjoy a month of unlimited access. Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends if you don‘t want to continue the membership.

Maximizing Your Free Ubisoft Gameplay: Pro Tips from an Insider

As someone constantly seeking out deals on games, here are my top professional tips:

– Prioritize the lengthy free trials for new releases. You can essentially demo 10+ hour experiences completely free – take advantage!

– Grind the free-to-play games first. No reason to pay upfront when F2P titles offer dozens of hours of enjoyment out of the gate.

– Bookmark the Ubisoft+ trial. Even if you aren‘t ready to try it yet, claim the free month so it‘s ready when you are.

– Follow gaming news for occasional free game giveaways. Watch for your chance to score a AAA release completely free during celebrations.

– Install multiplayer games to participate in free weekends. You don‘t want to miss out when online play unlocks free for a few days.

– Use in-game currency rewards to purchase items. Time-limited boosters can enhance progression in Ubisoft‘s F2P games.

– Grab ALL limited-time offers when available. It‘s not often you get AAA games for free or trial periods without payment.

Hopefully these tips from a dedicated deal-hunter help you get the most fun from Ubisoft‘s free programs. Take it from me – you can enjoy tons of amazing Ubisoft experiences without spending a dime if you play it smart.

Ready to maximize your free gameplay? Let‘s dive in!