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Is Ultimate Team free in FIFA 23?

The short answer is yes, Ultimate Team is free to play in FIFA 23. You can access FUT, build squads, play matches, and compete in all modes without spending any money. However, spending money on FIFA Points can fast track your progress by allowing you to buy packs and obtain high-rated player cards quicker.

Getting Started with FUT as a Free Player

Hey there FIFA fan! As a fellow football gaming enthusiast, I know getting into Ultimate Team can be daunting, especially if you don‘t want to spend money. But it‘s definitely possible to play FUT for free and still build an awesome squad over time through the right approach. Let me walk you through it step-by-step:

1. Starting Squad and Objectives

When you first launch FUT 23, you‘ll get a starter squad of low rated gold players. Not flashy, but enough to complete some of the intro objectives like the Manager Tasks. Doing these will earn you welcome packs, coin boosts and limited loan players to try out.

The key Two Rare Gold Player Pack from starter objectives can give you a couple solid early cards to build around if you‘re lucky. But don‘t worry if not, there are lots of opportunities ahead!

2. Leveraging the Transfer Market

The transfer market is where you can buy, sell and search for players to improve your squad. Early on, I‘d recommend searching for bargain quality players that you can re-sell for profit. Maintaining coins through smart trading is crucial as a free player. Here are some of my transfer market tips:

  • Search for meta gold cards that are in demand but listed below value and flip them.
  • Snipe special cards right when they are listed for lower than their normal price.
  • Sell valuable meta cards from your club when prices spike, like on WL sell-off days.
  • Don‘t overspend on new purchases, monitor prices and bid at good times. Those coins can be used to enter Draft.
  • Chemistry is key! Buy leagues/nationalities that link for hybrid squad building.

3. Completing Profitable SBCs

Squad Building Challenges allow you to submit squads meeting certain requirements in exchange for lucrative rewards. As per the FUTGuide Wiki, some of the best starter SBCs for value include:

  • Hybrid Nations – Returns jumbo rare players pack worth 45k coins.
  • League & Nation Hybrid – Gives a prime electrum players pack valued over 35k.
  • Marquee Matchups – Rewards 4 packs totaling over 50k value.

When doing SBCs, always calculate if the reward value exceeds the squad cost. I advise crafting SBC squads from untradeable cards in your club to avoid spending.

4. Season Objectives & Milestones

Completing objectives and milestones over the FUT season will earn you tons of packs, coins and players.

  • Daily Objectives – Easy to complete for small rewards that add up.
  • Foundation Objectives – Start here to unlock starter pack rewards.
  • Season Milestones – Track your progress in modes like Rivals and FUT Champs.
  • Limited Time Objectives – Huge value around promos, make sure to grind these out!

5. Making the Most of FUT Modes

While the elite tiers will be difficult initially, you can still earn rewards from Rivals, FUT Champs, Draft and Live Friendlies:

  • Division Rivals – Take untradeable rewards each week to build club depth. Just don‘t progress divisions too fast.
  • FUT Champions – Play qualifiers and stop once you hit a rank where you can consistently earn the rewards.
  • Draft Mode – Use 15k coins to enter and try to win 3-4 games for pack rewards. Good way to try top players.
  • Live FUT Friendlies – Knock out objectives here that offer lucrative one-time rewards.

6. Leverage the Companion and Web App

Make sure to use the Companion App and Web App for access to your FUT club on the go. You can bid on players, sell items and complete SBCs while not on console. I probably spend equal time managing my club on the apps as I do playing matches!

Evaluating Packs, Players and Squad Building

Packs are the lifeblood of building your Ultimate Team. Here is a breakdown of the best packs to target as a free player and tactics for maximizing their value:

Pack Type Odds of 83+ Player Average Value
Gold Players Premium 45.5% 25k
Prime Electrum Players 41.1% 30k
Rare Mega 39.1% 35k
Ultimate 91.6% 150k

As you can see, premium packs like Rare Mega and Ultimate have the best odds and value. But you likely won‘t get those until deeper in the season. Here are some quick tips:

  • Take untradeable packs when possible to build club depth, especially Electrum and Gold Players.
  • Save packs for big promos when new special cards are in packs.
  • Do pack opening rituals like skipping animations to feel luckier!

When evaluating players, keep an eye out for ones that link across leagues/nations to enable effective hybrid squad building. Pace and mediocre skills/weak foot are dealbreakers for top meta cards.

I‘d also recommended checking FUTBin and r/FIFA for player reviews and ranking to know which budget beasts and skillers give the best bang for your buck.

Coins, FIFA Points and When to Spend

Accumulating coins through matches, rewards and trading is crucial for making upgrades. I always try to maintain a buffer of around 50k-100k for investments.

As a guideline, here are some typical costs for upgrades:

  • Budget Meta Gold Cards – 10k-30k coins
  • Usable Informs – 30k-80k coins
  • Mid-tier Meta Special Cards – 100k-300k coins
  • Top TOTW/Promo Cards – 500k-millions of coins

FIFA Points allow you to buy packs directly with real money. While tempting, I‘d caution overspending here as pack odds are generally poor:

FP Bundle Cost Pack Value
750 FP $5 ~15k
2200 FP $15 ~45k
4600 FP $30 ~95k
12,000 FP $100 ~250k

As you can see, the larger bundles provide slightly better value, but spending $100 would only yield about 250k coins worth of packs on average.

Personally, I only spend during big lighting rounds or promos like TOTY where pack weights are juiced. The early game is definitely not worth spending FP on in my opinion.

Competing as a Free Player in FUT Champs and Rivals

While hitting elite FUT Champs ranks or climbing to Division 1 in Rivals will be extremely difficult as a free player, you can definitely compete at casual levels of these modes with a decent starter squad.

Here are some tips:

  • Build fitness and budget skill squads to rotate each match and save coins.
  • Play slower, possession-based styles. Skilling is tough with low rated players.
  • If on a losing streak, stop playing to avoid tilt. Come back later with a fresh mindset.
  • Analyze opponents‘ tactics and adjust yours accordingly to counter them.

I usually reach Silver 1 or Gold 3 in FUT Champs with 14-16 wins using my starter Serie A and Bundesliga squads, which provides great rewards. For Rivals, I‘d aim for Div 5-6 and stop there. You want to find your skill ceiling and earn maximum rewards without getting outmatched.

Final Thoughts on Succeeding as a Free FUT Player

Ultimate Team can definitely feel daunting as a new free player seeing all the insane squads out there. But take it from me, by following the tips in this guide, you can craft awesome squads, compete in top modes, and have a blast without spending a dime.

The keys are being patient in building your club over time, leveraging all the available rewards, learning the transfer market, and finding enjoyment in the squad building journey itself. Avoid overplaying so it never feels like a grind.

Well, those are all my hard-earned tips for dominating FUT as a free baller! Let me know if you have any other questions, and I hope this gives you the confidence to get out there, take on any God Squad, and build your Ultimate Team on the path to FIFA glory!