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Is Unity Free to Use? The Ultimate Guide

Hey friend! As a fellow game developer, I know one of the first questions you probably have is "Is Unity free to use?" Well, I‘ve got good news and bad news. Let me walk you through everything in this complete guide.

The Short Answer

Unity does offer a free Personal Edition. But it has revenue and feature limitations. For full access, you‘ll need a Plus or Pro subscription. But you own your games no matter what!

Unity Personal – Free With Limits

Let‘s start with Unity Personal since I know you‘re eager to dive in. This free version gives you access to the full Unity engine with no royalties or licensing fees. You can create and publish your games to multiple platforms completely free!

However, Unity Personal has some major limitations:

  • Maximum revenue of $100K in the last 12 months
  • Mandatory Unity splash screen
  • No access to source code
  • Limited custom build options
  • Less powerful pro features locked

The revenue limit is the big one. Once you hit $100K, you‘ll need to upgrade. But overall, Personal is an amazing starting point for hobbyists and indie developers to learn Unity and start creating games.

Over 47% of all mobile games are made with Unity, and many started with the Personal Edition before upgrading later. You‘re in good company!

Unity Personal Usage Stats

  • 47% of all mobile games made with Unity
  • 93% of Augmented Reality content created with Unity
  • 71% of Virtual Reality content powered by Unity
  • 50% of games at GDC made using Unity

With those usage numbers, it‘s safe to say Unity Personal opens the door for you to create almost any type of game imaginable.

Unity Plus – Unleashing Your Potential

Once you‘re ready to take things up a notch, Unity Plus unlocks pro-level tools, revenue potential and customization. Pricing starts at $25/month per seat.

Here are the key benefits unlocked with Plus:

  • Remove mandatory splash screen
  • Access source code for customization
  • Additional platform support
  • More powerful professional features
  • No revenue limit
  • Higher priority cloud builds

Plus blows the doors wide open in terms of capabilities and monetization. For indie developers doing commercial releases or anyone with more advanced needs, Plus is the perfect fit.

According to Unity‘s own survey data, Plus increased team productivity by 29% compared to Personal. That time saving really adds up!

Top Reasons Developers Upgrade to Plus

  • 62% remove mandatory splash screen
  • 55% enable advanced graphics and tools
  • 52% customize with source code access
  • 49% expanded platform support
  • 44% increased team productivity

With Plus, you can take your game dev career or studio to the next level.

Unity Pro – Going Pro

For large development teams and studios working on high-end 3D games, Unity Pro is the top tier solution. It provides the most advanced and customizable tools optimized for AAA game creation.

Pro pricing starts at $125/month per seat, but also offers enterprise solutions.

Let‘s look at what Pro brings to the table:

  • Visual scripting framework
  • Advanced 3D rendering and lighting
  • Predictive networking
  • Team license management
  • Unlimited cloud builds
  • Priority support and service

Pro is built to handle the demanding needs of large production teams. You get incredible optimization, customization and premium services.

Top games built with Unity Pro include Call of Duty: Mobile (100M+ downloads) and Pokemon Go (1B+ downloads). That caliber of success is possible!

Comparing the Unity Editions

Let‘s summarize the key differences between the Personal, Plus and Pro Editions:

Personal Plus Pro
Pricing Free $25+/month (per seat) $125+/month (per seat)
Revenue Limit $100K None None
Platform Support Limited Expanded All Major
Publishing Control Mandatory Splash Customizable Fully Custom
Advanced 3D Features Locked Some Access Full Access
Team Size Individuals & Small Teams Indie Studios Large Studios & AAA

This really shows how each tier scales based on your team size and project needs.

Is Unity Completely Free? Wrap Up

So in closing, here are the key points about Unity‘s pricing:

  • Personal Edition is free but limited
  • Plus and Pro require a subscription for full access
  • You own the games you make at all tiers
  • Cost scales based on studio size and needs

While not entirely free, Unity grants amazing access for anyone to get started. Then build up from there.

I hope this guide gives you a clear picture so you can choose the right Unity edition for your goals! Let me know if you have any other questions my friend. And happy game development!