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Is Uno Free? Let‘s Take a Deep Dive

In short – the classic Uno card game is free to play, my friend! But modern online and console versions often have limitations or require payments.

Let me walk you through the various ways to play Uno for free in 2023 so you can enjoy this iconic family card game at zero cost.

A Brief History of Uno

Before we dive in, let me give you some background on Uno. This will help you appreciate just how popular and widespread this game is today.

Uno was invented in 1971 by barbershop owner Merle Robbins from Cincinnati. He created it to play a faster version of Crazy Eights with his family. Its name comes from the Spanish word for "one" – you have to yell "Uno!" when you‘re down to your last card.

After refining the rules, Robbins sold over 5,000 copies of Uno out of his barbershop in 1972. It became a grassroots hit, spreading across Cincinnati. Mattel purchased the rights in 1992 and helped Uno go global.

As of 2022, Uno has sold over 150 million decks worldwide and is available in 80 countries! It‘s one of Mattel‘s best-selling games ever.

Free In-Person Uno Options

Let‘s start with the traditional way most people enjoy Uno – in-person with family and friends. This form of Uno is completely free!

You simply need to buy a deck of Uno cards in stores or online for $5-10. This buys you unlimited, endless Uno fun with no strings attached. You don‘t need anything else – just friends and that Uno deck!

According to Mattel, over 25 million decks of Uno cards are sold per year. So lots of households already own the game. Ask around to save money.

If you want a free Uno deck and don‘t mind basic cards, search online for "free printable Uno cards". Many sites offer printable Uno decks to cut out and play. The paper won‘t last as long but it‘s perfect in a pinch.

That‘s right – unlimited classic Uno fun for just $5-10. Share a deck with your family or friends and enjoy for free forever. It doesn‘t get cheaper than this!

Free Online Uno Games

Of course, you can also play Uno online for free if you prefer video games or want to play remotely with others. Here are your best options:

Uno Online

My personal favorite free online Uno. It‘s web-based so nothing to download, works on any device. You can play with 2-4 people and it has lobby chat, different game modes, and customization like points limits.

Over 1 million games of Uno are played here every year! The ads are reasonably unobtrusive. Definitely the most full-featured free online Uno.


Another great free browser-based Uno. Slick animated graphics and music make it feel modern. Gameplay is lightning fast against 1-3 computer or online players.

Fewer options than Uno Online but much flashier presentation. If you want fast-paced Uno with flair, CardzMania is a blast.


More basic graphics but supports up to 6 players online. Also has an offline Solitaire mode to practice against yourself. Nice simple option for free online Uno.

So play on any of these sites to enjoy free multiplayer Uno from your phone, desktop, laptop, or any device with a web browser!

Free Uno Apps

On mobile and tablets, simply download the Mattel UNO app for free Uno on iOS or Android devices.

The base app is free with ads between games – a very reasonable tradeoff. You get full Uno with online play against anyone. The ads are limited to 30 seconds.

There are also great free generic Uno apps like Simple Uno HD. No ads at all but fewer features.

Based on 500 million total downloads, the Uno app is clearly a fan favorite for mobile Uno. Give the free version a shot before paying $2 to remove ads.

Uno on Game Consoles

This is where things get a bit tricky. Technically Uno is available for free on Xbox and Nintendo consoles, but there are some catches. Let‘s break it down:

Xbox One

On Xbox One, Uno is free with an Xbox Live Gold subscription as part of Games with Gold. This gives you the full game free as long as you maintain a paid Gold membership.

You can also purchase it outright on the Xbox store for around $10. Either way, easy to access Uno on Xbox.

Nintendo Switch

This one is free-to-start. Uno comes included free with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. But there‘s a catch – only the basic game is free.

Additional themed decks (over 40+ available) must be purchased separately for $1-3 each. Or you can slowly earn them through gameplay.

So you can definitely play free Uno on your Switch. But expect to pay up if you want more than the starter decks.

Key Takeaways

Let‘s recap so you know exactly how to play Uno for free:

  • For unlimited free play, buy a physical deck of cards for $5-10 or print free Uno cards online
  • Browser-based websites offer full free online Uno with 2+ players and various options
  • Mobile apps like the ad-supported Mattel UNO give free on-the-go Uno
  • On Xbox One, Uno is free through Games with Gold (with a paid subscription)
  • It‘s free-to-start on Nintendo Switch but you‘ll need to pay for more decks

While console and app versions can be limited, countless free options exist. Now get out there and yell "Uno!"

Have fun and let me know if you have any other questions!