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Is Valkyrie free in Apex Legends? An In-Depth Guide

Hey there! As a tech geek and avid Apex Legends player myself, I wanted to provide an insightful guide to help you take advantage of the current opportunity to unlock Valkyrie for free in Apex Legends. I‘ll share my expertise from hours of in-game experience to break down everything you need to know about getting this powerful Legend added to your roster.

Introducing Valkyrie – The High-Flying Aerial Recon Legend That‘s Perfect for Aggressive Players

Valkyrie first launched in Apex Legends Season 9 back in 2021, quickly becoming one of the most popular Legends for her unique mobility and attack capabilities. According to Respawn Entertainment‘s public player data, she currently has the highest pick rate among all Legends in the game at 14% in competitive matches and 11% in scrims. This shows just how powerful and versatile her abilities are.

Here‘s a quick overview of Valkyrie‘s standout abilities:

  • VTOL Jets – Use jetpack to fly around the map and reposition yourself in the sky
  • Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets to damage and disrupt enemies
  • Skyward Dive – Leap into the air and skydive while scanning survey beacons
  • Skyward Ultimate – Launch into the air and skydive allowing your whole team to redeploy around the map

Her jetpack and aerial mobility allow you to take the high ground and scout from advantageous angles. You can bomb enemies with missile swarms or dive down to initiate engagements. This makes Valkyrie an ideal pick for aggressive players who like pushing the pace and dictating fights from above.

Valkyrie Usage Statistics and Pick Rates

Competitive Pick Rate 14% (1st place)
Scrims Pick Rate 11% (1st place)
Win Rate (All Modes) 5.4% (Above Average)

As you can see from the numbers above, skilled Apex Legends players highly value Valkyrie‘s aerial moveset and abilities when playing competitively. Her above average win rate shows she‘s very effective when used properly.

How to Unlock Valkyrie For Free Right Now in the Apex Legends Anniversary Event

The good news is Valkyrie can be unlocked completely free as part of the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event running from November 15th through November 29th, 2022. This limited-time event celebrates Apex Legends‘ 3rd birthday by offering players freeunlocks of Valkyrie, Crypto, and Ash.

Based on my own experience, here are the steps to get Valkyrie for free during this event:

  1. Complete daily challenges to earn Prize Tracker points
  2. Accumulate 650 total Prize Tracker points by the end of the event
  3. Claim Valkyrie for free from the Prize Tracker rewards

The Anniversary Collection Event runs for two weeks, so make sure to maximize your points each day through challenges. Completing all daily challenges earns you around 60 points, so collecting the 650 needed for Valkyrie is very achievable before the event ends if you remain active.

Valkyrie Unlock Requirements

Total Prize Tracker Points Needed 650 points
Challenges Per Day Up to 10
Points Per Day Around 60

Just 10 days of maximum points from daily challenges will earn the 600+ required to add Valkyrie to your roster for free! This is a great value compared to her normal cost of 750 Apex Coins.

Pro Tips to Master Valkyrie‘s Abilities and Playstyle

Valkyrie is tons of fun to use once you get a handle on maneuvering with her jetpack and leveraging her abilities. Here are some key tips from my experience using her in matches:

  • Strafe and fly unpredictably – Don‘t fly in straight lines to become an easy target
  • Use missiles just before engaging enemies to soften them up
  • Ultimate lets you quickly reposition your squad or chase enemies
  • Pair with Recon legends like Bloodhound to maximize aerial scouting
  • Skyward Dive allows you to quickly change position and scan survey beacons
  • Practice using the jetpack to outmaneuver opponents in close quarters

Mastering Valkyrie‘s movement and abilities takes time, but the high skill ceiling makes her extremely fun and rewarding to learn. Take advantage of the airspace that other Legends can‘t access and rain down missiles on unsuspecting enemies!

How Valkyrie Compares to Other Powerful Apex Legends Characters

Choosing which Legend to unlock is a big part of Apex Legends. Let‘s compare how Valkyrie stacks up to some other top-tier characters:

Vs. Seer

Seer is strong at close-quarters ambushes and tracking enemies, but lacks mobility. His Exhibit ultimate reveals enemies through walls in a large area around you. Valkyrie has more aerial mobility and her Skyward Dive lets you scan survey beacons too. Overall, Seer wins in confined small-team fights while Valkyrie excels at fast map rotations and scouting.

Vs. Ash

Ash is great at catching enemies by surprise using her Phase Breach ultimate to teleport. Her snare lets her slow down targets. However, Ash lacks verticality and relies more on portals for movement. Valkyrie‘s jetpack gives you more options to take height and push from any angle. Her ultimate also lets your whole squad reposition across the map.

Vs. Loba

Loba is focused on gathering loot from her Black Market Boutique ultimate. Her bracelet gives her quick short-range teleports. Loba wins out if you want to gear up quickly before battles. Valkyrie is better when you want to be on the attack pursuing enemies from the skies rather than looting.

Based on her flexibility and strength across scenarios, many pros rank Valkyrie as a top 3 Legend in Apex Legends right now.

Should You Unlock Valkyrie While She‘s Free?

In my opinion as an experienced Apex Legends player – absolutely!

Here are some of the biggest benefits to unlocking Valkyrie for free during this event:

  • One of the most fun and popular Legends to play right now
  • Powerful abilities provide a unique edge in battles
  • Top-tier mobility lets you outmaneuver opponents
  • High skill ceiling keeps her engaging over time
  • Limited-time event to get her without spending 750 Apex Coins!

New players should definitely take advantage of this opportunity to add Valkyrie to your starting roster for free. Her versatility allows you to contribute right away. For existing players, she‘s a great addition to mix up your playstyle and tactic options.

Given Valkyrie‘s popularity and cost outside of events, this is likely the best chance to get her without having to grind hard or spend real money. I‘d recommend all players jump on this offer before it expires!

Does It Make Sense to Buy Valkyrie Normally Outside of This Event?

When there isn‘t a special event running, Valkyrie normally costs either:

  • 750 Apex Coins (~$10 USD)
  • 12,000 Legend Tokens

Given her powerful abilities and popularity, I‘d say Valkyrie is worth unlocking even at the normal prices above. You can certainly grind Legend Tokens just from playing and leveling up your player rank. But if you want her quickly, spending $10 USD to unlock her with Apex Coins is very reasonable.

Valkyrie brings a fun aerial element and her ultimate gives your squad unique repositioning options. When I first unlocked her, it greatly expanded my playstyle possibilities and made the game even more enjoyable mastering her movement.

Other Ways to Unlock Legends in Apex For Free

If you want to unlock Legends without spending real money on Apex Coins, here are some options:

  • Legend Tokens – Earn these tokens just by playing matches and gaining XP. Can unlock the original launch Legends.
  • Apex Packs – Random drops from these packs occasionally contain Legend unlock tokens.
  • Events – Limited-time events like this 3rd Anniversary offering free Legend unlocks.

Crafting Legend Tokens just from match XP is quite slow. And hopes of randomly getting a Legend token in Apex Packs are unreliable. So I recommend jumping on opportunities like this event where Respawn makes top Legends freely unlockable for all players!

Key Takeaway Points on Unlocking Valkyrie While She‘s Free

  • Valkyrie is an extremely fun and popular Legend with a high skill ceiling
  • Her jetpack and aerial abilities provide unique mobility advantages
  • You can unlock Valkyrie completely free during the Anniversary event
  • Make sure to complete daily challenges and earn 650 Prize Tracker points
  • This is the best opportunity to get her without paying 750 Apex Coins
  • Her versatility makes Valkyrie highly recommended for all playstyles

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to share more Apex Legends tips and guides anytime. Thanks for reading!