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Is VRChat free?

Yes, VRChat is completely free to download and use! There is no cost to access the core social functionality. The only paid option is an optional $9.99/month VRChat Plus subscription that unlocks extra features and customization. But the base experience is 100% free.


Hey friend! My name‘s Wendell and I‘m a total tech geek who loves gaming and hanging out in virtual spaces. Lately I‘ve been having a blast in VRChat, which lets you hop online and meet people from all around the world in cool 3D environments.

Since I know people wonder whether you have to pay for VRChat, I wanted to give you the complete lowdown. I‘ve done tons of research and spent many hours in VRChat to collect all the details on what‘s free, what‘s paid, how to play on desktop or VR, and pretty much everything else you need to know.

Get ready to learn all there is about experiencing this awesome social virtual world on the cheap!

The Free Core VRChat Experience

The amazing thing about VRChat is that the entire core platform is 100% free. You can download the game on both desktop and VR headsets without paying a cent. Here‘s all the great features you get for $0:

  • Access thousands of user-created 3D worlds from medieval castles to anime cityscapes
  • Create a custom avatar to represent yourself however you want
  • Seamlessly hang out and communicate with others from around the globe
  • Attend events and meetups on all kinds of topics
  • Play built-in games and interact with virtual objects
  • Experience it all either on your PC or in full virtual reality

So if your budget is tight or you just want to try it out first, rest assured the full social experience is available completely free. Keep reading to learn more!

VRChat By the Numbers

To show just how much great free content there is, check out some of these sweet stats I dug up:

  • 1 million+ registered VRChat users
  • 500,000+ monthly active users
  • 10,000-20,000 concurrent users online during peaks
  • Thousands of user-made worlds to explore
  • Millions of avatar customization options

With those kind of numbers, you‘ll have endless possibilities for free hangouts and adventures!

VRChat Plus: What‘s Included in the Paid Subscription?

Now, VRChat does offer a premium subscription called VRChat Plus for $9.99/month. But it‘s totally optional – you get the full experience free without it. A Plus subscription adds extra features like:

  • Increased avatar slots for more custom options
  • Priority access to new worlds before general release
  • Subscriber-only private worlds
  • Reduced cooldowns when switching between avatars
  • Exclusive cosmetic items and effects
  • Early access to new features and content

So VRChat Plus is great for power users who want more customization and exclusives. But you absolutely don‘t need it just to enjoy all the core features for free.

One other paid option is purchasing premium avatars, emotes, and cosmetic items created by other players. Again, completely optional for accessing the main experience.

Playing VRChat for Free on Desktop

One awesome thing about VRChat is you don‘t even need a fancy VR headset to play – you can dive in on an average laptop or desktop PC!

In Desktop Mode you explore using keyboard and mouse controls just like traditional first-person video games. It still lets you access the full 3D environments and interact with other players.

Some tips for getting started on desktop:

  • Download the VRChat client for free from
  • Run through the tutorial to learn the controls
  • Customize your avatar without needing a VR rig
  • Join worlds and start meeting people from your keyboard
  • Use VRChat‘s built-in keyboard chat (or plug in a mic to talk)

Desktop Mode opens up the experience even if you don‘t have expensive gear. You get the full social platform free on PC.

How to Play Free on Oculus Quest

For the full immersive experience, VRChat is also available for free on all modern VR headsets like the Oculus Quest 2.

Playing on Oculus Quest only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Create an Oculus / Meta account if you don‘t already have one
  2. Download VRChat for free from the Quest store
  3. Run through the avatar customization process
  4. Start visiting worlds and meeting people in VR!

The VRChat tutorial will teach you how to use your Oculus Touch controllers. Then you‘re ready to start making friends and exploring 3D worlds as if you‘re really there.

The Quest version does have some limitations compared to PC:

  • Simpler avatars and environments optimized for mobile hardware
  • A smaller selection of worlds available
  • No mods or other user-created content

But you still get the full social experience at no cost. And using an Oculus headset lets you see and interact with thousands of users in a much more immersive way compared to desktop.

Chatting with Friends in Private Rooms

While VRChat is great for meeting new people, you can also spend time with friends privately. There‘s a few ways to hang out one-on-one or in smaller groups:

  • Create an Invite+ instance of a public world
  • Build your own private world only accessible by invite
  • Use the "Busy" status when you want to avoid crowds
  • Meet up in less popular worlds for more personal conversations

Having a more intimate experience is totally doable even amidst the constant chaos of public lobbies. VRChat lets you socialize on your own terms.

Is a Gaming PC Required?

A common misconception is that VRChat requires a high-end gaming PC. This isn‘t true! Here‘s a breakdown of your options:

  • Desktop Mode – Works on nearly any modern Windows PC or laptop made within the past 5-10 years. Allows access to the full VRChat client.
  • Oculus Quest – Completely standalone headset with all processing onboard. No PC needed.
  • PC VR – For the highest quality visuals, a gaming PC allows more advanced avatar and world creation. But still not necessary just to enjoy the core experience.

That‘s one of the coolest things about VRChat – the low barrier to entry for basic access. Nearly anyone with a decent laptop or headset can hop into the metaverse free of charge.

Minimum Desktop System Requirements

If playing on desktop, here‘s the minimum recommended specs:

  • Windows 7 or newer
  • i5-4590 or AMD FX 8350 CPU
  • GTX 970 or Radeon R9 290 GPU
  • 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX 11 compatible
  • 1 GB storage space

As long as your PC meets those requirements, you can run the VRChat client no problem without any fancy gear.

Is There Free Content for Oculus Quest?

Beyond just VRChat, there‘s tons of great free games and apps for Oculus Quest too. Even without spending a dime, you can enjoy:

  • Rec Room – Social space with lounge areas, activities, and user-created rooms
  • Echo VR – Zero gravity multiplayer sport game
  • PokerStars VR – Multiplayer Texas hold ‘em poker with avatars
  • YouTube – Watch 2D and 360 degree YouTube videos
  • Mission: ISS – Explore the space station from NASA
  • Facebook Horizon – Meta‘s social VR world

Oculus Quest has one of the best free content libraries thanks to exclusives unavailable on other platforms. Take advantage of it!

Is VRChat Right for Kids?

This is a good question for any parent whose kid wants to join VRChat. Officially you‘re required to be 13+ to use the platform.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • There is little filtering of inappropriate content
  • No controls preventing access to adult themes
  • Difficult to monitor communications and interactions

Of course, experiences can vary greatly depending on the worlds visited and folks interacted with. But in general, supervision is highly recommended if allowing kids under 13 to use VRChat. Most parents would probably feel more comfortable waiting until their teen years.

Parental Control Options

If you want to allow an under-13 child to explore VRChat, here are some precautions:

  • Turn off voice chat entirely in the settings
  • Disable direct messaging with strangers
  • Explore alongside them to monitor interactions
  • Use a junior account with parental controls active
  • Only visit trusted "safe" worlds meant for younger users

With reasonable protections in place, VRChat can still be enjoyed by some pre-teens under supervision. But use caution!

Is VRChat Safe for Users?

In general, VRChat takes user safety and comfort seriously. They have systems in place like:

  • Block/mute functions to easily ignore abusive users
  • Ability to avoid collision with others‘ avatars
  • Mandatory consent for using full body trackers
  • Staff moderation team investigating reports of harassment
  • Community guidelines prohibiting disruptive behavior

Of course with anonymous internet interactions, nothing is ever 100% guaranteed. But VRChat aims to empower users with customizable safety tools plus provide accountability for reported issues.

As with any social platform, staying vigilant is always smart. But thousands safely enjoy VRChat by taking basic precautions like:

  • Avoiding suspicious links or downloads
  • Securing accounts with strong passwords
  • Backing up avatar data externally
  • Being selective when giving contact info to strangers
  • Protecting identity information

Common sense goes a long way. Overall VRChat succeeds in fostering an open, welcoming environment given the challenges of diverse anonymous users.

Staying Secure

Here‘s a quick checklist of security best practices on VRChat:

  • Use a username that doesn‘t contain personal info
  • Don‘t visit sketchy unofficial worlds with exploits
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Change password frequently
  • Be skeptical of randos asking for social accounts
  • Avoid downloading files or plugins outside the platform


That covers everything you need to know about safely enjoying VRChat for free! With an awesome community of creators and tons of ways to have fun without spending money, it‘s one of the best metaverse hangouts accessible to everyone.

I hope this guide helps you meet people from around the world and explore awesome virtual destinations without breaking the bank. See you in the metaverse, friend! Let me know if you have any other questions.