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Is War Thunder Free on PS?

Yes, War Thunder is completely free to download and play on PS4 and PS5. There are no hidden fees or PS Plus requirements.

As an avid gamer and streaming enthusiast, I‘ve done extensive research into War Thunder‘s free-to-play model across platforms. In this guide, I‘ll provide a comprehensive overview of playing War Thunder for free on PlayStation, so you can jump in without worry.

Getting Started with War Thunder on PS4/PS5

Downloading War Thunder on your PlayStation console only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Open the PlayStation Store on your PS4 or PS5.
  2. Search for "War Thunder" using the store search bar.
  3. Select the War Thunder application from the search results.
  4. Choose the "Download" button on the War Thunder store page.
  5. Once finished, War Thunder will appear on your home screen ready to launch.
  6. On first boot, create a new War Thunder account or sign-in.
  7. After signing-in, start playing for free!

The initial download is around 17 GB. If you have a stable internet connection, it should only take 15-30 minutes depending on connection speed.

According to the developers at Gaijin Entertainment, over 7 million players have downloaded War Thunder on PlayStation 4 already. With the game being fully free and the install process quick and painless, it‘s easy to see why the player base keeps growing strong on PS4 and PS5.

What‘s Included for Free?

As a military vehicle combat game, the core of War Thunder is its vehicles. The good news is that all 1,700+ vehicles across aviation, ground forces, and naval warships can be unlocked without paying anything. Here‘s an overview:

  • Aviation – Over 300 playable aircraft from early biplanes to jet-powered fighters and bombers. Major countries include USA, Germany, USSR, Britain, and Japan.
  • Ground Forces – Over 600 armored fighting vehicles from light tanks to heavy hitters like the Maus super-heavy tank. Play as the USA, Germany, USSR, Britain, Japan, Italy, France, Sweden, China, and more.
  • Naval Forces – Over 300 naval vessels ranging from small patrol boats to cruisers and destroyers. Take control of fleet forces from the USA, Germany, USSR, Britain, Japan, Italy, and France.

Additionally, progression through all eras of military technology from the 1930s to the 1990s is free. You‘ll start with early World War II vehicles, then unlock more advanced Jet Age and Cold War machines as you play.

In terms of gameplay variety, War Thunder delivers here as well:

  • PvP battles with cross-platform multiplayer
  • Multiple gameplay modes like conquest, assault, and domination
  • Customizable controls and graphics settings
  • Regular free content updates with new vehicles, maps, and modes

So in summary, the core War Thunder experience is completely free on PS4 and PS5. All vehicles, progression, game modes, and future content can be unlocked just by playing without spending money.

What are the Optional Paid Upgrades?

War Thunder does offer some optional paid upgrades and bonuses for players who choose to invest in the game. However, none of these paid items give any direct combat advantages over free players.

Here are the main paid offerings:

  • Premium Vehicles – Around 100 special rare vehicles that offer bonuses like increased rewards and research speed. Price ranges from $10-$50 depending on the vehicle‘s rarity.
  • Premium Account Time – A premium account gives 50% more rewards and research speed from battles. Available in packages from 1 day ($1.29) up to 1 year ($49.99).
  • Golden Eagles (in-game currency) – This currency allows you to research vehicles faster, purchase premium vehicles/time, etc. Price is 500 GE for $4.99 up to 15,000 GE for $99.99.

So in summary, everything that affects combat performance in War Thunder can be unlocked without paying by investing play time. Paid options offer faster progression, but free players won‘t be behind in firepower.

No PS Plus Required for Online Multiplayer

One amazing perk about War Thunder on PlayStation is that it does not require PlayStation Plus for online multiplayer access. You can engage in PvP battles without a PS Plus subscription.

Compare this to other popular free-to-play games on PS4/PS5 like Call of Duty Warzone, Apex Legends, or Fortnite which still require paid PS Plus memberships for online play.

Not needing PS Plus makes War Thunder stand out as a truly free experience on PlayStation. No catches or hidden subscription costs as you enjoy online cross-platform combat between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

According to the developers, this aspect remains crucial to keeping War Thunder easy to access. And it‘s clearly working based on the game‘s continued growth.

Is War Thunder Well-Optimized on PlayStation?

As an avid gamer, optimization and smooth gameplay performance are big factors I research in any multiplayer title. The good news is that War Thunder runs and handles excellently on both PS4 and PS5.

In terms of visuals, War Thunder on PlayStation delivers detailed vehicle models, destructible environments, weather effects, and solid draw distances to spot enemies. Reviewers praise the realism and immersion the graphics provide, especially in VR mode if you have a compatible headset.

The gameplay performance is also rock solid according to tests, hitting 60 FPS consistently on PS5 and only dipping on PS4 in extreme scenarios with tons of explosions and vehicles on-screen at once. Overall, it‘s clear the developers have finely tuned War Thunder to run smoothly across PlayStation consoles.

Play Anywhere with Cross-Platform Progression

One last major perk of War Thunder is that your progression and unlocks carry over across all platforms. PlayStation, Xbox, PC – it doesn‘t matter where you play as long as you use the same War Thunder account.

This means you can play War Thunder on PS4 at home, hop on PC at work on lunch break to squeeze in a quick battle, then log back in on PS5 in the evening to kick back on the couch and play. All your vehicles, upgrades, stats, and progression stay synced.

Cross-platform support adds even more value, knowing you can switch between PlayStation and other devices anytime. Your work carries over so you can keep advancing.

Final Verdict: Absolutely Worth Playing for Free

After extensively researching War Thunder‘s free-to-play model on consoles, I can confidently say War Thunder on PS4 and PS5 is absolutely worth downloading and playing at the free-to-play level.

The core gameplay remains fully intact without paying – all vehicles, progression, modes, and online play available to free players. Paid elements are limited to optional shortcuts and bonuses. Combined with excellent optimization and cross-platform support, War Thunder offers a complete AAA multiplayer experience without mandatory costs.

For military vehicle lovers looking for their next addictive PvP game, I strongly recommend giving War Thunder a shot on PlayStation. The steps to start playing are quick and easy. Simply download for free from the PS Store, make an account, then enjoy this deep and expansive game across aviation, ground forces, and naval battles.

Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, War Thunder provides the ultimate free combat experience on PS4 and PS5. Download today and take control of your favorite planes, tanks, and warships. I‘ll see you on the battlefield!