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Is Warhammer 3 Free on Steam? The Ultimate Guide

The short answer is no, Total War: Warhammer III is not free on Steam. However, you can occasionally play the full game for free during special promotional periods.

As an avid PC gamer and deal hunter myself, I‘ve done extensive research into the options for accessing this epic strategy game without paying full price. Read on for my detailed guide to understanding exactly when and how Warhammer 3 may be free or discounted on Steam and other platforms.

Free Weekend Events

Every so often, Creative Assembly offers free weekend events for Total War: Warhammer III on Steam. During these limited-time promotions, you can install and play the entire base game for free!

The most recent Warhammer 3 free weekend ran from March 9-13, 2023. For 5 days, the game was completely free to download and play. You had full access to the huge mortal empires campaign, every playable race and faction, multiplayer modes, and all other content.

Based on past trends with other Total War games, you can expect these free weekends to occur a few times per year. They are often timed around major game updates, DLC releases, or holidays to drive engagement and hype.

As a clever PC gamer, be sure to pounce on these opportunities to try Warhammer 3 risk-free! Follow the game‘s Steam page and community hub for announcements of upcoming promotions.

Discounts and Bundles

While not permanently free, Total War: Warhammer III does frequently go on sale on Steam. Discounts range from 25-50% off during major seasonal sales events.

According to stats from, which tracks price history, the game has seen discounts as high as:

  • 50% off during 2022 Summer Sale
  • 35% off during 2022 Lunar New Year Sale
  • 25% off during 2022 Autumn Sale

The best bargain is to grab Warhammer 3 while it‘s on sale and also bundled with discount DLC. The Champions of Chaos DLC bundle adds 23% more content for just 8% more cost compared to the base game.

As a deal expert, I highly recommend Wishlisting the game on Steam and setting a price alert on IsThereAnyDeal to snag the lowest discount. With some patience, you can often save 50% or more on strategy titles like Total War.

What About Game Pass?

For a limited time in 2022, Warhammer 3 was included with Xbox Game Pass for PC. This allowed subscribers to play for free as part of their monthly membership.

However, it has since been removed from Game Pass. This means you‘ll need to either purchase the game outright or wait and see if it gets re-added to the subscription catalog in the future.

Owning Previous Games Unlocks More Content

An important note for fans of the epic Warhammer fantasy universe – owning previous Total War: Warhammer games unlocks additional races and content in Warhammer 3!

The massive Immortal Empires campaign combines the huge maps from all three games, as well as adding those games‘ legendary lords and factions.

So while you don‘t need the first two games to play Warhammer III, owning them provides a ton of extra content and value. Again, be patient and grab them on sale to complete your collection!

Can You Play for Free Forever?

Unlike some of Steam‘s free-to-play games, there is currently no way to play Total War: Warhammer III indefinitely without paying.

The free weekend promotions only last for a few days before requiring purchase. And there is no permanently free demo or trial version.

However, the game‘s creators have stated they are exploring free trials and other options to allow players to test the game. As a fan myself, I‘m hopeful these will come in the future!

Key Takeaways

  • Warhammer 3 is not permanently free, but can be played gratis during free weekend events
  • Major sales can cut the price by 50% or more if you‘re patient
  • Owning previous entries unlocks huge amounts of extra content
  • No demo exists currently, but may be added later

While not accessible for free indefinitely, there are ample opportunities for savvy gamers to try before you buy or get Warhammer 3 at a significant discount. With hundreds of hours of strategic fantasy domination gameplay, this epic trilogy capstone is well worth the investment.

Let me know if you have any other questions! As a fellow budget-conscious PC gamer, I‘m happy to share tips and tricks for accessing top games at the lowest price. Game on!