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Is Warhammer Plus Free? A Detailed Guide

Is Warhammer Plus Free?

No, Warhammer Plus is not a free service. It requires a paid subscription to access the content. The subscription costs $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. There is no free trial available.

Overview of Warhammer Plus

Warhammer Plus is a new premium video streaming service launched in August 2021 by Games Workshop, the creators of the popular Warhammer fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 (40k) franchises. The service provides subscribers with access to a catalog of animated shows, lore videos, painting tutorials, and more – all based in the Warhammer universes.

Some key things to know about Warhammer Plus:

  • Requires a paid subscription – no free tier is available
  • Launched August 2021
  • Owned and operated by Games Workshop
  • Provides video content for Warhammer fans
  • Includes animated shows, painting tutorials, lore videos and more

Warhammer Plus enters a competitive space, as many services like Netflix and Disney+ also vie for consumers‘ streaming budgets. However, as a niche service catering specifically to Warhammer fans, it hopes to carve out a subscriber base willing to pay for premium Warhammer content.

Warhammer Plus Subscription Options and Pricing

Warhammer Plus offers two subscription tiers:

  • Monthly Plan: $5.99 per month
  • Annual Plan: $59.99 per year (saves $12 vs monthly plan)

There is no option to access Warhammer Plus for free. Subscribers must maintain an active membership to watch content on the service.

Warhammer Plus does not currently offer any discounted bundle pricing with other Games Workshop products or services. The subscription is standalone.

Compared to major streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, Warhammer Plus is priced competitively at $5.99 per month. However, its content library is focused on a niche audience, while Netflix and others provide broader appeal.

Supported Devices and Platforms

At launch, Warhammer Plus offered support for:

  • Web browser on PC and Mac
  • iOS devices via the App Store
  • Android mobile devices via Google Play
  • Roku streaming devices
  • Apple TV

Notably absent from the initial device support was gaming consoles like Xbox and PlayStation. Games Workshop has indicated console apps are planned for the future, but has not provided any concrete timeline.

Compared to most major streaming platforms, Warhammer Plus has relatively limited device support. Services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and others support all of the major smartphone, TV, console and streaming platforms.

However, Games Workshop likely prioritized web and mobile given the niche nature of Warhammer Plus. Expanding to consoles and other TV platforms will come in time.

Content on Warhammer Plus

As a service targeted at Warhammer fans, the content on Warhammer Plus unsurprisingly focuses heavily on the two main Warhammer franchises:

  • Warhammer 40,000 – science fiction setting
  • Warhammer Age of Sigmar – fantasy setting

At launch, Warhammer Plus offered the following types of content:

  • Animated Shows – Multiple Warhammer series featuring storylines and characters from the games.
  • Painting Tutorials – Instructional videos teaching techniques for painting Warhammer miniatures and scenery.
  • Lore Videos – Cinematic videos that immerse fans in the history and stories of the Warhammer universes.
  • Battle Reports – Videos documenting tabletop Warhammer gameplay between players.

In the first few months, Warhammer Plus expanded its content catalog to also include:

  • Podcasts – Audio series focused on Warhammer lore, painting, games, etc.
  • Mini-documentaries – Short form docs covering events, characters and more.

Warhammer Plus seems to be steadily expanding its content library. It has announced plans for several new animated series to come in 2022 and beyond.

The service got off to a bit of a rocky start, with only a handful of original shows at launch. But it is now starting to better flesh out its lineup with more shows, videos, tutorials and podcasts. For diehard Warhammer fans seeking a constant drip of new official content, Warhammer Plus aims to deliver.

Notable Animated Series

The animated shows are a major selling point of Warhammer Plus. Some of the most notable shows available include:

  • Hammer and Bolter – Anthology series telling different stories across the Warhammer universes.
  • Angels of Death – Follows an elite Space Marine squad undertaking deadly missions.
  • Interrogator – An inquisitor rooting out heresy across the Imperium.
  • Aeldari – Upcoming series covering the mysterious Aeldari race.

Most Warhammer Plus animated series consist of 10-20 minute episodes released weekly or bi-weekly. The animation quality ranges from decent to very impressive for the niche genre.

While the shows appeal heavily to existing Warhammer fans, they aim to tell compelling stories that those unfamiliar with the games can still enjoy. Notably, Angels of Death provides a strong introduction to the Warhammer 40k universe for newcomers.

Warhammer Plus vs. Major Streaming Services

As a niche streaming service, Warhammer Plus differs significantly from leading platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+. Some key differences and similarities:

Content Library

  • Warhammer Plus has a much smaller, focused content library catering to Warhammer fans.
  • Major services have large, diverse catalogs appealing to many audiences.

Warhammer Plus will never compete with Netflix‘s quantity of titles. But for Warhammer fans, it offers more relevant and appealing content.

Original Content

  • Warhammer Plus is creating many original animated series but has fewer high budget productions compared to leading platforms.
  • Netflix, Amazon, Disney etc. release many big budget original shows and movies.

Don‘t expect Warhammer Plus to make content on the scale of Stranger Things. But within its niche, Warhammer Plus provides original stories and lore fans won‘t find anywhere else.


  • Warhammer Plus costs $5.99 per month, in line with competitors.
  • Most other major services are priced competitively around $5-$15 per month.

Warhammer Plus‘s monthly subscription cost is reasonable compared to alternatives. Its content is more niche, but the price point matches competitors.


  • Warhammer Plus is ad-free, like Netflix and most competitors.
  • Services like Hulu offer ad-supported plans for a lower monthly cost.

Paying subscribers don‘t have to worry about ads disrupting their Warhammer Plus viewing experience.

The Bottom Line

Warhammer Plus offers a niche streaming service targeted squarely at Warhammer fans. While its content scope is limited, it provides a focal point for animated stories, lore, gaming content and more based on Games Workshop‘s popular intellectual properties.

For existing Warhammer fans, especially those already buying miniatures, books or video games, the service offers plenty of appealing video content worth the reasonable $5.99 monthly fee. Even casual fans may find it provides their fix of compelling Warhammer stories and painting guides.

However, for non-Warhammer audiences, services like Netflix or Hulu provide wider appeal. Warhammer Pluspurposefully doesn‘t cater to general audiences.

As with any streaming service, check out the available titles before subscribing. But for Warhammer lovers hungry for animated series and video content, Warhammer Plus hits the spot. The all-you-can-eat buffet of Warhammer entertainment starts at just $5.99 per month.