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Is WWE Still Free in 2023? A Guide to Streaming WWE Online for Free

The Short Answer: Yes, WWE Still Offers Free Streaming Options

While paid services like Peacock Premium provide the most complete WWE streaming experience, there are still ways to enjoy WWE content for free in 2023 through trials, clips, and replays. Read on for a detailed overview of all your options as a wrestling fan.

As a long-time passionate WWE fan and expert streamer, I‘ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help fellow fans maximize free WWE streaming content. With the right tools and strategies, you can stay on top of WWE storylines, matches, and classics without paying a dime.

Free WWE Content on Peacock‘s Base Tier

Since WWE Network migrated exclusively to Peacock in 2021, the streaming service has become the central hub for WWE programming online.

Fortunately, Peacock still offers a free, ad-supported base tier that provides access to some WWE content at no cost. As of 2023, the Peacock free tier includes:

  • Select original WWE documentaries and series – A rotating selection of 7-10 titles available on-demand
  • Recent episodes of exclusive WWE news programs – Like WWE‘s The Bump, with analysis of the latest storylines
  • Clips and highlights from Raw, SmackDown, and PPV events – Typically 30-60 minutes of snippets from the past month‘s programming

While the free base tier only provides a limited sampling of WWE programming, it‘s a great starting point for casual fans to stay updated without paying.

According to Peacock, the free base tier contains about 15,000 hours of content in total across WWE, movies, and other programming. However, only a tiny fraction is WWE – likely less than 50 hours.

Trial Peacock Premium for Full WWE Library Access

To unlock Peacock‘s full WWE archive, you‘ll need to upgrade to a paid Premium tier. But new users can access it all for free via a 7-day Peacock Premium free trial.

This free trial provides temporary full access to:

  • Live 24/7 streams of WWE Network
  • Full replays of Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and PPVs
  • An extensive on-demand library with thousands of hours of WWE programming
  • Original series, documentaries, and grapplers‘ biographies
  • Archives of classic WWE, WCW, ECW, and more

I recommend using your 7-day Peacock Premium free trial to watch upcoming PPV events like WrestleMania 39 for free live or on replay. After the trial, downgrade back to the free tier – or keep Premium if you want to continue unlimited WWE access.

Watching WWE Content on YouTube For Free

WWE posts select videos and match highlights on their official YouTube channel, which has over 85 million subscribers as of 2023. This content is completely free with no account required.

WWE‘s YouTube channel offers:

  • Condensed 15-30 minute versions of Raw and SmackDown highlighting main events
  • Excerpts of PPV matches and surprise returns/debuts
  • Original weekly recap shows like WWE Now and The Bump
  • Documentaries and "Top 10" videos on legends, championships, and moments
  • Interviews, promotional clips, and extras from current WWE stars

According to YouTube statistics, WWE‘s channel averages 200-500k views per video. Their most popular clips, like surprises and PPV highlights, can draw 10+ million views each.

YouTube is a great destination for keeping up with storylines and seeing snippets of matches for free. However, it lacks full episodes and live streaming access.

Other Free WWE Content on Social Media

Beyond YouTube, WWE promotes content across TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These social accounts feature very short match clips, memes, polls, GIFs, and exclusive "behind the scenes" footage.

WWE has over 30 million followers combined on these social media platforms. Short clips do well across all channels, especially TikTok, where WWE has over 11 million followers. Their most viral moments can get 50+ million views.

Social media should be part of any WWE fan‘s free streaming toolkit. While it lacks full events, there are lots of extra moments not posted elsewhere.

How to Stream WWE Raw, SmackDown, and PPV Replays for Free

Live WWE programs like Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and PPVs require a paid service like Peacock Premium. However, there are ways to watch past broadcasts for free with trial offers.

Stream WWE Replays on Hulu

Hulu offers next-day on-demand replays of Raw and SmackDown with a 30-day free trial of their SVOD service. While live viewing requires a paid TV subscription, the replays are accessible free on Hulu with the trial.

To watch, create a free Hulu account and use your email or Facebook to sign up quickly. Cancel before the month ends and you won‘t pay a penny.

Hulu also has some WWE Network specials and reality shows like Total Divas on-demand for free trial users.

Watch with a Free Trial of Sling TV

Another option is signing up for a free 3-day Sling TV trial. Sling‘s base Blue tier offers Raw and SmackDown replays.

Similar to Hulu, create a free Sling account with your email. Cancel before day 3 and you can stream dozens of hours of WWE replays for free.

Occasionally, live local channels may also replay recent WWE events. Check your area‘s TV listings for any specials.

Using Free Trials to Unlock WWE Archives

In addition to live streaming and replays, free trials open up WWE classics and original programming in the Peacock Premium and WWE Network archives.

Some of the content you can watch free with a 7-day Peacock Premium trial includes:

80s/90s Pay-Per-Views Relive WrestleManias, Royal Rumbles, Survior Series events, and more
Attitude Era Raw/SmackDown Experience Stone Cold, The Rock, DX, Mr. McMahon, and all the craziness
Original Documentaries Biographies on legends like Steve Austin, Bret Hart, The Ultimate Warrior, and more
WWE Network Exclusive Shows Original series like Ride Along, Table for 3, Photo Shoot, and WWE Break It Down

With so much content available for free during a Peacock Premium trial, it‘s easy to binge hours of classics. Just be sure to set a reminder to cancel your subscription within 7 days if you don‘t plan to continue.

Limitations of Free WWE Streaming Options

While the free options outlined above provide a lot of content access, paying fans get far more, especially:

  • Live streams – Only Peacock Premium has live Raw, SmackDown, NXT, and PPV event streams. Free options are limited to replays or clips.
  • Full episode replays – Free trials of Hulu and Sling offer replays but only last a few days. Peacock Premium has unlimited replays.
  • Depth of archives – Free trials provide temporary access to classics. But Peacock Premium has the deepest WWE vault.

Essentially, free WWE streaming gives you limited samples while paid access brings unlimited, instant, and complete WWE programming. Let‘s compare some of the key pros and cons:

Free WWE Streaming Paid WWE Streaming (Peacock Premium)
– $0 cost

– Clips and segments of events
– Replays with trials
– Original docs and legends bios
– Live streams of everything
– Full episodes and PPV replays
– Entire archive available 24/7

– Original series and documentaries

– No live viewing
– Trials expire quickly
– Missing full episodes
– Small fraction of total content
– $5-$10 monthly cost
– Must maintain subscription

– No ownership of content

So is paying for WWE streaming worth it? For diehard fans who watch weekly, the unlimited accessibility of Peacock Premium is likely worth the cost. But casual viewers can still keep up with enough free content.

Roundup of the Best Free WWE Streaming Options by Platform

To summarize, here are my recommendations on the best free streaming options for WWE fans, broken down by platform:


  • WWE‘s official channel for highlights, clips, recaps, documentaries

Social Media

  • WWE‘s TikTok, Twitter, Facebook for extra clips, GIFs, polls, etc


  • Free tier for limited originals, docs, some PPV highlights


  • 30-day free trial to watch next-day Raw and SmackDown replays

Sling TV

  • 3-day free trial to access Raw and SmackDown replay episodes

Local TV

  • Check local listings for any special WWE programming or replays

With the right mix of these free options, you can stay in the loop with key WWE moments and matches without an ongoing subscription. Combine free sampling with extended free trials of premium services to maximize your access.

As a dedicated WWE fan myself, I still pay for a full subscription due to my avid viewership. But more casual fans can get their dose of WWE action using the multitude of free avenues above. I hope this guide helps you unlock WWE streaming tailored to your fandom!